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The Retrospect’s Nashville History Map features the 1908 map of downtown Nashville highlighted with 25 vintage photos and colorized postcards from that era. The reverse side features a self-guided walking tour of downtown. Read fascinating historical stories with photos, all connected to a map showing you 20 sites where the events took place. Great for fans of local history and for visitors wanting to get a historical perspective on Nashville. This folded, full-color map is 30” x 22” when unfolded. To see the map, click here.


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4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring Baby Boomer memories by columnist Tom Henderson, including: downtown Christmas shopping, going to the YMCA, swimming at local pools, and watching TV horror host Dr. Lucifur.
4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring weather calamities, including: the blizzard of ’51; the biggest floods in city’s history; the record-breaking snow storm of 1964; and the “bouncing tornado” of 1957.
4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring stories about the Opryland USA amusement park, including: remembering Opryland rides (like Floom Zoom and Grizzly River Rampage), coverage of the preview opening in 1972; photo of mascots Yancy Banjo and Freddie Fiddle (1980); and Paul McCartney’s visit in 1974.
4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring true-crime stories by reporter Larry Brinton about infamous Nashville murders, including: Dave “Stringbean” Akeman (1973); Janet March (1996); Paula Herring (1964); and the Samurai sword case (1963).
4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring pivotal moments in the civil rights movement, including: Columbia race riots (1946); Hattie Cotton school bombing and the first days of school integration (1957); Morrison’s Cafeteria demonstrations (1964); and the city’s reaction to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (1968).
4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring original newspaper coverage of some of Nashville’s worst disasters, including: the Dutchman’s Curve train wreck (1918); the East Nashville fire (1916); the Fair Grounds fire (1965); and the Eighth Avenue reservoir break (1912).
4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring stories and photos of Music City USA legends, including: the Johnny Cash Christmas special (1976); memories of the Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium; Chet Atkins (1971); and Ray Stevens and Hank Williams Jr. (1966).
4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring strange and thrilling tales, some of which might even be true, including: Schnell’s ‘Haunted house’ (1974); ‘Fire-eating monkey escapes night club’ (1979); ‘Shower of Flesh and Blood’ (1841), ‘Lady Buried Comes to Life Again’ (1868); and lover ‘kidnaps’ girl’s body (1868).
CIVIL WAR Sampler Set
4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring original newspaper articles and new essays about pivotal moments in the Civil War, including: “The Great Panic” caused when Nashville surrendered to federal troops (1862); the construction of Fort Negley; the Battle of Nashville (1864); the Sultana steamboat disaster in Memphis (1865); and the assassination of President Lincoln (1865).
4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring the headline-making losses of local and national celebrities, including: Elvis Presley (1977); Patsy Cline (1963); Deford Bailey (1982); and Cousin Jody (1975).
4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring articles by historian Paul Clements about the dangerous settlement era of Nashville’s past, including: founder James Robertson (Part I); founder John Donelson (Part I); the Battle of the Bluff; and frontiersman Hugh Rogan.
4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring stories about Native Americans in Middle Tennessee and the surrounding area, including: the prehistory of the Cumberland River region; ‘Indian Village Uncovered’ in Nashville (1973); ‘Native Indians Return’ (1972); and the Creek Indian War during the War of 1812.
4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring amazing stories of tragedy, bravery. and sometimes sheer luck, including: the Christmas Eve river rescue (1956); a baby falls from the Hermitage Hotel (1927); a car plunges into the Centennial Park lake (1963); and young man gets trapped in cave (1966).
4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring some of Nashville’s edge-of-your-seat sports stories, including: Dixie Flyers win hockey title (1966); Nashville Kentucky Derby winner (1910); West High wins fourth football championship (1954); Vanderbilt plays first ever college basketball game in 1893 (by Bill Traughber).
4 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect featuring stories about visits by U.S. presidents (and one future president), including: Theodore Roosevelt (1907), Sen. Richard Nixon (1952), Jimmy Carter (1978), Lyndon Johnson (1968), and Ronald Reagan (1982).


CIVIL WAR Complete Back Issues Set
53 back issues of The Nashville Retrospect (Dec. 2010 to May 2015) with reprinted Civil War news as seen in city papers of the time, from December 1860 to May 1865.


MYSTERY BOX of Back Issues
24 randomly-selected back issues of The Nashville Retrospect from over 10 years, PLUS one copy of the July 2009 PREMIERE ISSUE (while supplies last).


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August 2020

VOL. 12, No. 2 --“Well Fabricated Story” (1808); “American Antiquities” Aztalan (1837); “Chattanooga Dons Influenza Masks” (1918); “First Passenger Carrying Airplane” (1919); “Sidewalks Obstructed” (1870); “Large Brewery Improvement” (1870); “Jubilee Singers’ Concert” (1899); “Below the Standard” (1899); “Burn Changed Vote On Advice Of His Mother” (1920); “Jaw Bone Broken By Kick Of Horse” (1907); “Wife Slayer Put to Death In Chair Here” (1937); “Husband-Stealers Are Heartless” Dorothy Dix (1934); “State To Repair Statue” (1974); “Abortion petition unveiled” (1990); “Cash Wears Bicentennial Suit” (1975); “Artifacts: Anti-suffragist pamphlet” by Clinton J. Holloway “Egg in the Mails Fails to Daunt Post Office” (1961); Volunteer Jam ’75 advertisement (1975); “Doo-Wah-Ditty City, Part II” by Bill Carey: “The Election Yesterday” (1870); “Champion Snake” (1870); “Instruction for Colored People” (1870); “A Mixed Fight” (1870); “A Man Falls from a Church Roof” (1870); “The Railroad Excursion, Barbecue and Bran Dance” (1870); “Shocking Accident” (1870); “Escape of Convicts” (1870); “Death of an Old Citizen” (1870); “Base Ball” (1870); “Concealed Weapons” (1870); “Funeral of Admiral Farragut” (1870); “Some Idea of the Elevator” (1870); “Old Shelby Medical College” (1870); “Very Much Improved” (1870); “A Bloody Fight” (1870); “Shot Dead” (1870); “Sad Accident” (1870); “Hermitage School” (1870); “The Stricken City, Part III” by Ed Huddleston (1955); “See! See!!” (1824); “Forty Dollars Reward” (1816); “Ratified! Tennessee Women and the Right to Vote” by Tennessee State Museum; “Dizzy Dean Sang at the Dell” by Bill Traughber; “Need Cited for Microfilming Old Newspapers in City Library” (1947); “Tariff Law” (1846); “Flu Increases; All Mush Wear Masks” (1918); “Epicenter of the Fight For Woman Suffrage: Hermitage Hotel” by Tom Vickstrom; “Rehearsals hurt Opry’s ‘naturalness’” by Sarah Cannon (1986); “John Carr” by Paul Clements; “Big Whisky Shipment ‘Floods’ Customs House” (1958); “Terrible Disaster!” (1858); “Back to Pool Today” (1965); and “Kitchen Kollege” recipes by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954).


July 2020

VOL. 12, No. 1 -- “Intruders on the Cherokee Lands” (1820); “The Fourth of July” (1823); “Mrs. Carrie C. Catt Arrives in City” (1920); “Carmack Statue Dedicated On Capitol Hill” (1925); “No Turning Vinegar Into Honey” Dorothy Dix (1935); “Hundreds ‘March with Forrest’” (1962); “Police welcome brutality probe” (1991); “Extinguish the Indian Title” (1870); “Street Car Courtesies” (1895); “Lebanon Police Are Suspended” (1922); “Americans love their electronics” (1988); “Artifacts: Mary Overton painting” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Waiting For Elvis’ Latest” (1957); “Youth Fatally Hurt as Horse Kicks at Cycle” (1937); “Doo-Wah-Ditty City: Part II” by Bill Carey; “The Fourth at Shelbyville, Tenn.” (1870); “Nothing New” (1870); “Another Convict Pardoned” (1870); “Columbia Pickpocket Arrested” (1870); “Heavy Distillery Seizure” (1870); “Col. C. T. Ames’ Great Modern Show” (1870); “Trial and Acquittal of Morse” (1870); “Bodies Recovered” (1870); “Arrested on Suspicion” (1870); “Railroad Accident” (1870); “The Boy who Dared” (1870); “Typographical Errors” (1870); “Desperate Encounter” (1870); “Maxwell House Elevator” (1870); “Mysterious Affliction” (1870); “Diabolical Outrage: (1870); “Rowing Boats!” (1870); “Stones River Bridge Completed” (1870); “Double-Headed Snake” (1870); “The Watkins Park” (1870); “The Stricken City; Cholera Epidemic of 1873: Part II” (1955); Grants advertisement (1972); “Southern Lynching” Ida B. Wells (1892); “Betting Scandal Broke in Nashville” by Bill Traughber; Poll tax advertisement (1920); “The Liberty Pole” (1840); “Capacity Classes in Attendance for Boys’ Swimming Sessions” (1941); Fair Park advertisement (1960); “Shooting Affray at Franklin” (1860); “From Slave to Entrepreneur; The Trials of Robert Renfro” by Larry Michael Ellis; Robert Renfroe advertisement (1802); “Closing Doors at Six” (1880); “John & Ann Cockrill” by Paul Clements; “Up-To-Date Fishing” (1900); “Cash for Negroes” (1817); “Colored People at Hadley Park” (1917); “Horned Frog” (1858); Dr. Walker advertisement (1833); and “Kitchen Kollege” recipes by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954).




June 2020

VOL. 11, No. 12 -- “Murder ‘Confession’ A Hoax” (1969); “Female Labour” (1819); “Health of Ex-President Polk” (1849); “The Cholera” (1849); “His Boy Jim” (1900); “Ellington Greeted By County Youth Workers” (1966); “Fossil Bones Show Man Lived On Harpeth 25,000 Years Ago” (1923); “The Macon Red Sulphur” (1870); “No Easy Cure For Loneliness In Middle Age” (1926); “Some Cabbies Give Their Customers More Than Ride” (1978); “Lively Streets” (1970); “The Aerial Brid” (1882); “Robert Redford Presents Student Awards” (1976); “Artifacts: Ninth Ward Tax Ledger” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Unblushing Impudence and Merited Punishment” (1850); “The Fight” (1838); “Lucky Escape” (1820); “Real, Reel Redford Gives Fans Tingle” (1976); “Negroes Wanted” (1821); “Doo-Wah-Ditty City: Part I” by Bill Carey; “Attempted Assassination” (1870); “Census Takers at Work” (1870); “Female Thieves Arrested” (1870); “A New Manufacturing Company” (1870); “Melancholy Casualty” (1870); “Pretty well Said” (1870); “Imprisonment of a Hermit” (1870); “Destructive Fire” (1870); “Edgefield Female Seminary” (1870); “Bad on Ice Cream” (1870); “Horrible” (1870); “At St. Cecilia’s” (1870); “A Big Thing on Wheels” (1870); “Handsome Specimens of Nashville Manufacture” (1870); “Smallpox at the Penitentiary” (1870); “About Bathing” (1870); “Roller Wagons” (1870); “The Stricken City; Cholera Epidemic of 1873: Part I” (1955); “The Death of James K. Polk” (1849); “ZIP Mail Dispatch In July 1” (1963); “Alleged Nigh Riders Still In Jail Here” (1915); “It’s Almost Playground Circus Time Again In The City Parks” (1955); “Boy Drowned” (1860); “Tattooing The Body” (1890); “Shooting, West of the Capitol” (1860); Dury’s advertisements (1900 and 1892); “Heaving Golf Slate For Weekend” (1965); “I Didn’t Have a Childhood: Tommy Brown” by Bill Traughber; “Meharry To Dedicate New Research Wing” (1964); “Loosened Brick May Bring Repairs To Church Towers” (1937); “Her Engagement Announced” (1949); “James Winchester” by Paul Clements; and “Kitchen Kollege” recipes by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954).


May 2020

VOL. 11, No. 11 -- “Flu Misery Continues; President In Hospital” (1968); “Great Feats of Activity” (1814); “Cholera” (1849); “Fireworks!” aurora borealis seen in Nashville (1967); “General Jackson” equestrian statue unveiling (1880); “Women Form Voter’s League” (1920); “Mail-Order Marriages Are Hazardous” (1936); “Nashville Cartoon Wins Pulitzer Prize” (1957); “Saying Goodbye to Tennessee” (1870); “Colored Celebration” 15th Amendment (1870); “A Church That Does Things” (1911); “Captain Kangaroo, Channing at Opryland” (1976); “Taxi Drive to refile suit on ‘voodoo curse’” (1982); “Artifacts: Aladdin lunchbox” by Clinton J. Holloway; “A night to remember” high school proms (1986); “Bishops, Bibles, & Door-to-Door Religion: Part II” by Bill Carey; J. W. Kimbro funeral taker advertisement (1870); “Bald Eagle” (1870); “Wasn’t an Irishman” (1870); “Skating Rink in Nashville” (1870); “Mysterious Affair” (1870); “A Warning to Boys” (1870); “A Fish Story” (1870); “Memorial Exercises” (1870); “Two Stories up” (1870); “Suspension of Public Schools” (1870); “Marriage Guide” (1870); “Decoration of the Federal Graves” (1870); “Will be Sold” slave ad (1808); “Hail storm and tornado” (1835); “Treaty of Ghent” (1820); “Small-Pox in Jackson” (1855); “Indians” (1808); “The Midgets” (1880); “Children’s Theater Group Guests At Carnival” (1941); “Sunday in the Nashville Parks” (1910); “Nashville Vols Challenged Ban on Sunday Baseball” by Bill Taughber; “Flu Epidemic Near Peak, Bistowish Says” (1969); “Wilma Joins 380 Grads At A&I” Wilma Rudolph (1963); “Downtown Faith-Lifting” courthouse and public square photo (1971); “City Tax on Amusements” (1860); “Train Full” (1855); “The Talking Doll” (1890); “Little Girl Injured” (1900); “Confessed To Robbery” (1900); “William Pillow” by Paul Clements; “B.G.A. Professor Does It Again; Picks Up Marbles, Classes Go On” (1938); “Kitchen Kollege” recipes by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954).


April 2020

VOL. 11, No. 10 -- “Vaccine 90 Pct. Effective” Salk polio vaccine (1955); “Dynamite Blast Wrecks Looby’s Home” (1960); “Sensible Boy” (1801); “Turkish Anecdote” (1810); “The Great Skatist” (1870); “Mysterious Death” (1870); “A Serious Charge” (1886); “Mysterious Shooting” (1894); “Man Faints When Landlord Asks Permission to Cut Rent” (1930); “Hen Lays Three Eggs In A Day” (1909); “Boys, Here are Types of Girls Not to Marry” (1941); “Bug experts predict pests will be pesky” (1990); “Unique Sight Greets Old Hickory Lake Anglers” (1967); “Artifacts: S&M Communion Bread” by Clinton J. Holloway; “No Longer Just Typists—Secretaries To Be Honored” (1980); “Bishops, Bibles, & Door-to-Door Religion: Part I” by Bill Carey; “Equine Skeleton” (1870); “Painting” (1870); “Move It” (1870); “Sent to Jail” (1870); “Anniversary” (1870); “Base Ball” (1870); “Coming Down” (1870); “Removal of the Confederate Dead” (1870); “An Old Cry Revisited” sulphur water (1870); “Doings of a Bogus Doctor” (1870); “John Sheppard, Champion Walker” (1870); “Hats for Police” (1870); “A Novel Party” (1870); “Origin of the Easter Egg” (1870); “Negro Equality” (1870); “On the Streets” (1870); “Whacking Away” (1870); “Concealed Weapons” (1870); “Colored Baptists” (1870); “Skating Rink in Edgefield” (1870); “Exhibition of Fish” (1870); “A Walkist Triumphant!” (1870); “Distillery Seizures” (1870); “Indian Children” (1870); “The Public Schools” (1870); “County’s Best Spellers Win Banner Prizes” (1950); “Integrate Counters - Mayor” (1960); “The Targeting of Z. Alexander Looby” by Betsy Phillips; “Franklin” (1880); “Nashville Sounds’ First Games” by Bill Traughber; “Hard Shaving” (1820); “Manners” (1831); “Threw White Man Through Second Story Window” (1910); “A Leaf From History” Jefferson Davis speech (1870); “The Village of Edgefield” (1850); “Slave Committee” (1840); “Agner’s Market closing after 28.5 years” (1990); “Soldier’s Body Is Buried At Murfreesboro” (1921); “James Menees” by Paul Clements; “Firemen Sell Bonds, Build ‘Tomb for Hitler’” (1943); “Kitchen Kollege” recipes by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954).


March 2020

VOL. 11, No. 9--“‘Slain’ Farmer Returns Home” (1934); J.L. Smith tinware ad (1830); “The New Tariff Project” (1842); “Ghostly Passengers” (1870); “Palestine” (1870); “A Night In Nashville” (1890); “A Quick Trip” (1850); “Some Favor, Some Oppose ‘Mercy’ Deaths in Forum” (1950); “Mt. Juliet Threatened By Midnight Fire” (1920); “Husband Is Unjust To Wife About Money” by Dorothy Dix (1938); “Drag Race Blamed For Injuries” (1957); “Protestors too late for landfill veto” (1990); “Extortionist Threatens Airport” (1972); “New Pitch To Old Warning” (1956); “Artifacts: West End High School State Championship” by Clinton Holloway; “Out Of Gas, Woman Gives Birth In Rain” (1977); “Fighting the Machine: Part IV” by Bill Carey; “The Mule Trade” (1870); “Disappearing” (1870); “Coroner’s Inquest” (1870); “The Tribune Tennessee” (1870); “The Constitution” (1870); “Opening of the Spring Fights” (1870); “Singular Coincidence” (1870); “Full Jail” (1870); “Atrocious Wretches” (1870); “Anti-Tobacco Society” (1870); “Death of an Aged Colored Man” (1870); “Making Children Drunk” (1870); “Juvenile Sports” (1870); “Militia Women” (1870); “Coddling the Freedmen” (1870); “To be Discontinued” (1870); “Rope Walking” (1870); “The Election” (1870); “Children’s Author Tells Stories, Too” Bill Martin (1950); “Nashville From Air Fifty Years Ago” 1888 map of Nashville (1935); “Incendiaries” (1860); “They Took Coke’s Ad Too Seriously” (1971); “Street Nuisances” (1860); Kintho anti-freckles ad (1920); “First Negro Woman Anesthetist” (1941); “Some Rules” (1919); “‘The Open Winter’ of 1816” (1889); “Clyde Lee Day” by Bill Traughber; “A Narrow Escape” (1889); “Reconstruction” (1870); A.H. Harris ferry and hotel ad (1808); “Fifty Dollars Reward” (1820); “Clark’s Fame in the Bag; He’s Back to Selling ‘Em” (1967); “Deadly Encounter” (1907); “Franklin” (1887); “The Persistent Suitor” editorial cartoon by J.N. “Ding” Darling (1922); “For Sale” (1853); “Plot a place in history for $17,000” (1990); Opra House ad for “Davy Crockett” (1876); “Rain” (1860); “Vital Census Questions” (1910); “Nestor House” by Paul Clements; “Cherokee Indians” (1818); "Judge Lea Heirs Recover Land Long Held by State” (1967); and “Kitchen Kollege” recipes by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954).


February 2020

VOL. 11, No. 8--“Afflicted with Stone” (1824); “Free Discussion” (1837); “Terrible Deaths” (1870); “Review of the ‘Clansman’” (1907); “The Harm In Dancing” (1890); “Booker T. Washington Visits State Normal” (1913); “The Colored Schools” (1890); “Beauty-Barber Suit Dismissed” (1968); “Majority of Women Too Lackadaisical About Life” (1942); “The Ravages of Flu In Nashville” (1919); “Youth Admits Painting Swastika on Synagog” (1960); “Artifacts: Preston Taylor carte de visite” by Clinton Holloway; “Antioch Basketball Leaders” (1968); “Fighting the Machine: Part III” by Bill Carey; “Frauds on Colored Soldiers” (1870); “Not Quite so Smart” (1870); “Dull” (1870); “Ball of the Fat Men” (1870); “Seeking Other Homes” (1870); “A Secret Circular” (1870); “Street Loungers Arrested” (1870); “Married Women” (1870); “Homes for Colored People” (1870); “Strong in the Faith” (1870); “Another Landmark Removed” (1870); “Some Valentines” (1870); “Dog Fight” (1870); “Beautiful Snow” (1870); “A Bigot Extinguished” (1870); “State Convention of Colored People” (1870); “The New Constitution” (1870); “Born in Slavery: Frankie Goole” (c1937); “Shot Himself” (1860); “Lost” (1817); “Betrayed to Death” Gen. William Walker (1889); “He’s The Same Porter But With A Disco Beat” (1979); “Oysters” (1854); “The Walk: U.T. Coach Ray Mears” by Bill Traughber; “Collection of papers produces own history” Rev. Kelly Miller Smith (1990); “Universal Suffrage” (1870); “Varallo Declares Chili More Popular” (1933); “Eaton pioneered day home” (1990); “The Public Schools” (1907); “Little Big Star” Brenda Lee (1958); “Apprentices Ran Away” (1806); “Mary Purnell Donelson: Part II” by Paul Clements; “Mardi Gras Participants Are Briefed In Court Etiquette” (1950); and “Kitchen Kollege” recipes by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954).


January 2020

VOL. 11, No. 7--“A Ball” (1817); “Owners of Carriages” (1817); “Perpetual Motion” (1825); “Draft Beer” (1825); “Rolling In The New Year” (1981); “Nashvillians To Protest Against War” (1973); “The Jail or Marriage” (1892); “Nazis Reported ‘Purging’ Paris Libraries of Many Books” (1941); “Trading Old For Young Wife Is Bad Business” (1937); “Trust Sale of Negroes” (1825); “A Christmas Folly” (1870); “If St. Louis Whips Its Smoke! Maybe Our Grief Is Over, Too” (1941); “Metro Council OKs Five Points redevelopment” (1990); “Artifacts: H.G. Lipscomb & Co. straight razor” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Daddy’s Car Won’t Start” photo about record low temperature (1963); “Century’s Coldest December” (1964); “Fighting the Machine: Part II” by Bill Carey; “WSM Displays TV Station Model” (1950); “Wild Pegeons” (1870); “A Veritable Straw Man” (1870); “Heavy Snow Fall” (1870); “Deer Meat” (1870); “Shrouded Mystery” doorstep baby (1870); “Chickasaw Indians” (1870); “Too Much Married” (1870); “Saving Salt” (1870); “Continued Reign of Terror” (1870); “Reconstruction of the Right Sort” (1870); “Removal of the Archives” (1870); “Police Inspection” first uniforms (1870); “The Storm in Sumner County” (1870); “Jack o’Lantern Display” (1870); “The Educated Hog” (1870); “A Justice Office Cave In” (1870); “Suspended” (1870); “The Marathon: Tennessee’s first fully manufactured car” (1994); “A Leader In Israel” obituary of Rev. Randall B. Vandavill (1899); “Wood Bending” (1899); “Kicking Cows” (1843); Marathon Motor Works advertisement (1911); “The Mighty Marathon” (1911); “Ban Sought On Obscene Publications” (1939); “At The Sign Of The Black Horse” advertisement (1809); “Wrecking ball claims Tennessee Theater” (1990); “New Theater Opens With All The Glamour Of Hollywood” (1952); “Lipscomb’s McQuiddy Gymnasium” by Bill Traughber; “Seeing Eye School Dog Being Trained To Take Care Of Blind” (1929); “Horrible Accident” (1858); “Satan worship probed in deaths of animals” (1990); “A Canine’s Position to the Mayor” (1875); “Old Year Dead; New Year Born” (1904); “The Danger of Painting China” (1884); “Loophole allowed sale of President Polk’s home” (1990); “Cause of Illness” (1905); “Workhouse Cook Knows Beans And Keeps Scandal to Herself” (1950); “Abolitionist and Negro Excitement” (1860); “Concert” (1838); “Mary Purnell Donelson: Part I” by Paul Clements; “Christmas in Williamson” (1875); “Lighting the City” (1884); “Thin Folks!” McCoy’s Tablets advertisement (1929); “Precious Metal” (1858); “10 Born, 4 Died Since Alarm Rang” (1959); “Captured Civil War Flag Returned to Murfreesboro” (1939); and “Kitchen Kollege” recipes by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954).


December 2019

VOL. 11, No. 6--“The Weather” (1830); “Climate Changes” (1869); “Just A Pre-Flight Pit Stop” Santa photo (1969); “3,000 Frantic Nylon Stockings Buyers Jam Uptown Sidewalks” (1945); “Parents Should Not Interfere Ih Their Child’s Matrimony” (1929); “14th Christmas Debut” Centennial Park Nativity Scene (1967); “Juvenile Army Moves On Old Santa Claus” (1909); “Bob Hope takes road to Music City” (1991); “Badly Bespattered” (1869); “Dogs” (1869); “A Very Bad Practice” (1869); “Twenty Dollars Reward” (1802); “The Governor & The Cherokees” (1818); “Emigrants to Liberia” (1853); “Wanted” (1877); “Artifacts: Nashville Banner Christmas card” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Fighting the Machine: Part I” by Bill Carey; “A New View” Downtown YMCA (1962); “Uniforming the Police” (1869); “The Penitentiary” (1869); “Peak Family Bell Ringers” (1869); “The Day of Jubilee” (1869); “Child Burned to Death” (1869); “Practical Charity” (1869); “Boiler Explosion” (1869); “Carrying Concealed Weapons” (1869); “Little Boys Drunk” (1869); “Horse Drowned” (1869); “More Negro Depredations” (1869); “The Colored Vote” (1869); “Slaughtering for Christmas” (1869); “Huge Arrival of Fowls” (1869); “Corporation Jim” (1869); “The City Alive” (1869); “Dry Bones Dug Up” (1869); “Emancipation Celebration” (1869); “The Battle to Preserve Battlefields” by Ross Massey; “Earthquake Shock Felt In Tennessee” (1915); “Electric Wires” (1889); “‘Trekkies’ Want Space Show Over Football” (1973); “Doctors” (1820); “A Blind Victim” (1891); “Mahommed the Prophet” (1853); “DeFord Bailey historical marker unveiled” (1991); “Negro Asks Protection For House” (1962); “Got His Money Back” (1889); “A Hurrah Over Nothing” (1891); “Vandy’s George and Samantha” by Bill Traughber; “The Two Worlds of Reese Witherspoon” (1991); “Transplant Hoax Called Cruel Joke” (1980); “The Illumination” (1844); “Talking Pictures Installed at Lebanon” (1929); “Hugh F. Bell: Part II” by Paul Clements; “New Central Church’s Auditorium to Open Saturday” (1925);and “Kitchen Kollege” recipes by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954).


November 2019

VOL. 11, No. 5--“Impeachment” (1808); “The Black Militia of Republicanism” (1859); “Nashville and Chicago” (1869); “A Giant” the Cardiff Giant hoax (1869); “School Busing Hearing Stirs Emotions” (1979); “Narrowly Escape Asphyxiation” (1905); “Tiny Boy Keeps All-Night Vigil In Woods Over Body of Father” (1935); “A Race for Fuel” (1876); “Eugenics and Our Immigration Laws” (1919); “Radio Motion Pictures Expected In Ten Years” (1925); “Only Fools Gibe At Old Maids Today” (1936); “Shoppers Swarm Stores For Holiday Bargains” (1959); “New Cameron High School Building Dedicated In Tribute to Education” (1955); “Artifacts: Southern School of Printing catalog” by Clinton J. Holloway; “At Children’s Theater” photo (1966); “Rock-A-Long-Harvey” puppet at Harveys (1957); “That Building That Looks Like a Ship” by Gene Hawkins; Gerst Ale and Beer advertisement (1936); “Large Droves of Mules” (1869); “The Street Cars” (1869); “Rope Walking” (1869); “The Rabbit Shooting Question” (1869); “Noisy Boys” (1869); “Mashed” (1869); “Metropolitan Police Bill” (1869); “Free Negro Labor” (1869); “Women’s Rights Women” (1869); “Colored Emigration” (1869); “Shocking Accident” (1869); “Is There Any Remedy” (1869); “Accidental Shooting” (1869); “Lockjaw” (1869); “Bastardy” (1869); “Pitiable Spectacle” (1869); “Suburban Police” (1869); “Signs of Christmas” (1869); “Somewhat Improving” (1869); “Improve the Lights” (1869); “The State Library” (1869); “Warning to Automobile Drivers and Pedestrians” (1925); “A Park for Nashville” Centennial Exposition ((1897); “Economy” (1869); “Overton’s Overseer” (1819); “West’s Painting at Masonic Hall” (“Death on the Pale Horse”) (1844); “Barnard’s Photos of Stars Are Published” (1927); “Inhabitants” (1801); “Vandy’s First Football Team” by Bill Traughber; “Century-Old Mansion Holds Colorful Past Of Prominent Nashville Portrait Artist” Washington Cooper (1936); “Wharf Avenue Span Completed” (1961); “Downtown Presbyterian Church Bazaar and Waffle Shop” (1956); “Milam’s Success Attributed to Modern Shop, Good Merchandise” (1933); “Two Shots” (1882); “Horrid Murder!” (1824); “Victims of Intemperance” (1839); “Hugh F. Bell: Part I” by Paul Clements; “Pearl Music Club Plans Program” (1950); Daughters of American Revolution photo (1941); and “Kitchen Kollege” recipes by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954).


October 2019

VOL. 11, No. 4--“All Hallow Eve” (1887); “Love and Kidnapping” (1868); “A Murderer Pursued by His Victim’s Ghost” (1869); “Animals and Spooks in Oak Hill Horse Show” (1967); “Ryman Boat Sank In River” (1904); “Weird Wonders” (1869); “Boys Locate Buried Gold” (1919); “Pilotless Locomotive Crashes In West Nashville After 5-Mile Jaunt” (1936); “Soul-Killing Is Greater Crime Than Murder” (1937); “Suspect Quizzed In Workhouse Guard Slaying” (1955); “City Plans To Deodorize River” (1958); “Police Fear Glue Sniffing Outbreak” (1965); “Vice Officers Had Sex With Masseuse” (1974); “Automated Tellers Popular ‘Bankers’” (1976); “Artifacts: Grand Old Opry paper” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Murder Will Out” (1869); “Area Cave’s Legend Is Filled With Ghosts” (1975); “Bald Eagle Attacks a Mill-Boy” (1869); “Inauguration of Mayor Morris” (1869); “A Warning to Fair Managers” (1869); “Dangerous Toys” (1869); “Gardner and Kenyon’s Circus” (1869); “Most Beautiful Hand” (1869); “Five Hundred Children” (1869); “Killed” newsboy falls from train (1869); “Edgefield Presbyterian Church” (1869); “At the Capitol” (1869); “Emigrant Wagons” (1869); “Slung Shot” (1869); “Grand Velocipede Display” (1869); “A Mistake” (1869); “The Festival Week” (1869); “Compromised” (1869); “A Child With Two Heads and Four Arms” (1869); “Fearful Tragedy” (1869); “Pickpockets at Work” (1869); “Shooting Affair at the Fairgrounds” (1869); “Street Names” (1869); “The Educated Hog” (1869); “The Cemetery” (1869); “Indian Fashion” (1869); “Catches Alligator With Bare Hands” (1945); “The Prime of Life” (1879); “Richardson Shooting” (1909); “Theatre” (1869); “It’ll Be Earlier Than You Think” (1967); “Accidents” (1803); “Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad” (1849); “Warning To The Men Who Beat Their Wives” (1899); “Brace Supports Broken Neck” (1972); Advertisement for M. Magdalene Tartt at Ryman Auditorium (1911); “How Sweet It Is: Vandy Beats Alabama, 1969” by Bill Traughber; “Confesses Unsolved Killing” (1958); “Tubbs Tells Of ‘Non-Dueling’ Guitars” (1976); Advertisement for indoor motorcycle racing at Fairground Coliseum (1967); “The New ‘Planchette’” Ouija board (1886); “Sweeping Reform” Les Jameson and Lower Broad (1986); “Cherokee Lands” (1838); “100 Dollars Reward” (1813); “Dr. James White: Part II” by Paul Clements; Advertisement for Col. Woods’s Museum of Living Wonders featuring the Siamese Twins (1857); Portrait of conjoined twins Chang and Eng Bunker (1836); and “Kitchen Kollege” recipes by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954).


September 2019

VOL. 11, No. 3--“Four Escape Metro Jail” (1963); “Creek Expedition” (1813); “Here Too!!” runaway slave ad (1825); “For the Public Good” (1869); “Minor Riots In Knoxville Add To Casualties” (1919); “Out In The Streets” (1874); “Second Flight Of Aeroplane Entire Success” (1908); “New Tuberculosis Hospital” (1912); “Men Should Adapt to Social Life of Modern Working Wife” (1928); “Predictor of Rapture remains earthbound” (1989); “Twins Begin Golden Rule Days” (1968); Photo of Chris Clark and Minnie Pearl (1964); “Artifacts: Maxwell House hotel items” by Clinton Holloway; “To Farmers” (1815); “Keep Your Newspapers” (1835); “New Dress” (1819); “All-Black Fire-Fighting Company May Be Merged” (1974); “Lawlessness in Rutherford” (1869); “Free Negro Labor” (1869); “Serious Accident” (1869); “Runaway and Break Up” (1869); “Governor Senter Interviewed” (1869); “Kuklux at Collierville” (1869); “A Big Smoke” (1869); “Nashville Music” (1869); “Destructive Fire” (1869); “Meeting of Colored Men at the Court House” (1869); “National Suffrage” (1869); “Opening of the Maxwell House” (1869); “Forrest’s Advice” (1869); “De Spirits on Her” (1869); “‘Murder’ Diet For Tots Center Of Radio Debate” (1947); “A Disastrous Accident” (1869); “Maxwell House Corner Stone” (1860); “The ‘Know Nothing’ Head Dress” (1854); “Refusing to Treat” (1801); “‘Champions of the World’; Rube Foster and Bruce Petway” by Bill Traughber; “City Wages Fight Against Typhoid” (1927); “Temperance Celebration” (1849); “Removed After Racer’s Death” Nashville Speedway photo (1956); “Labor Day Observed In City” (1899); “Pickpocket ‘Ace’ Caught at Fair” (1936); State Fair advertisement (1919); “Dr. James White: Part I” by Paul Clements; “100-Year-Old Home Restored” (1963); Larry Brinton photo (1957) and tributes;; and “Kitchen Kollege” recipes by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954).


August 2019

VOL. 11, No. 2--““A New Town” (1816); “The Emigrant’s Child” (1846); “Old Times In Nashville” (1895); “West End Explosion Hurts Two” (1963); “Charles Barr Is Executed” (1926); “Many Families Made Sick” (1899); “Every Older Generation Thinks It’s Better Than the New” (1928); “Another Horrible Story” (1869); “The Election” (1869); “Refused to Die” (1854); “Veteran Grand Ole Opry Star ‘Cousin Jody’ Dies” (1975); “Help Keep Local History Alive” by Allen Forkum; “Not Just A Man’s War” (1965); “Artifacts: Vanderbilt beanie” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Water Inviting at Cascade Plunge” (1963); “Plan To Retain Cascade Pool Gains Backing” (1941); “Barnard’s Comet” (1884); “Banner Carriers Honored” (1962); “Bucket Brigade Returns To Help Raise Cancer Funds” (1958); “Summer Complaint” (1819); “State Halting Mass X-Ray Of Students” (1958); “Demonstrations of Joy” (1869); “Voted at Last” (1869); “Counterfeiters Arrested” (1869); “Struck by Lightning” (1869); “The Eclipse Today” (1869); “Escape of a Lunatic” (1869); “Amputation of the Arm” (1869); “Restored to Speech” (1869); “Singular Discovery” (1869); “The Rape Case” (1869); “Decision in the Rape Case” (1869); “The Last of the Militia” (1869); “Respectfully Declines” (1869); “Ways of our Fathers” (1869); “Raid on a Negro Dance House” (1869); “Meteors” (1869); “Cancers Killed” (1869); “Give Us Pure Water” (1869); “Colored Sexton” (1869); “K.K. at Lebanon” (1869); “The Maxwell House” (1869); “Kuklux Raid in Wilson County” (1869); “Four Hundred Negroes In Maury Going to Florida” (1869); “A Dead Body Found on the Hyde’s Ferry Road” (1869); “Monster Balloon” (1869); “Distressing Accident” (1869); “Whipping by the Kuklux” (1869); “Struck by Lightning” (1869); “Governor’s Proclamation” (1869); “Lawlessness In Sumner County” (1869); “Panic in Murfreesbororo” (1869); “The Trial of The Petty Party Bandit” by Ronnie W. Ragan; “Electioneering” (1837); “Company G Will Drill At Hadley Park” (1915); “Difficulty at the Polls” (1878); “The Vols’ Home Run Champ: Bob Lennon” by Bill Traughber; “United in Marriage” (1904); “Even Death Didn’t End Aid From ‘Aunt Molly’” (1978); “500 Dollars Reward” Isaac Frankling (1835); “Glendale Street Car Strikes Bread Wagon” (1915); Pres. John F. Kennedy political cartoon by Jack Knox (1962); “Public Schools” (1857); “Johnson Hits Jackpot in NASCAR ‘300’” (1959); “Elijah Robertson” by Paul Clements; Johnny Cash ad for Hendersonville High School concert (1973); and “Kitchen Kollege” recipes by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954).


July 2019

VOL. 11, No. 1--“The Fourth of July” (1817); “The Cholera” (1833); “Dog-on-it” (1869) Riverfront Park July 4th fireworks photo (1986); “Poverty” (1869); “‘Human Tornado’ In Police Court” (1919); “Fort Negley Used By Old Klan, Veteran Says” (1924); “10th Anniversary Issue!” by Allen Forkum; “Here Are Tips to a Young Man Selecting a Wife” (1937); “Moon Landing Thrills Nashville” (1969); “Local Feminists Seeking ‘Choice,’ Not ‘Channeling’” (1975); “The Original ‘Old Glory’” (1907); “Artifacts: B.H. Stief spoon” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Grand Funk, Nation’s ‘Hot Rockers,’ Recording Here” (1972); “1957” by Tom Henderson; “A Mammoth Skeleton” (1869); “An Afflicted Lady in Search of an Erring Daughter” (1869); “Earthquake in Edgefield” (1869); “The Lunatic Asylum” (1869); “Colored Magistrates” (1869); “The Truth” (1869); “Freedmen’s Savings Bank” (1869); “Lost and Found” (1869); “How to Avoid Sunstroke” (1869); “Terrible Scare” (1869); “What is the Matter with the Water Works” (1869); “Organized Violence in Dyer” (1869); Glendale Park horseback dive advertisement (1918); “Singular Fact in Local History of Hydrophobia” (1869); “Wanted” (1869); “A Fat Steer Immolated to a Hungry Stomach” (1869); “Blood Flowing in Wilson” (1869); “Female Statistics” (1869); “Chinese Immigration” (1869); “The Vote” (1869); “Very Sad Sight” (1869); “Refuseniks’American dream a reality” (1988); “An Unfortunate Affair” (1884); “Bodies of Negro Boys Recovered” (1940); “At Race Relations Institue” (1966); “Civil Liberties Growing Problem For Nation, Says Fisk Speaker” (1957); “A Public Library” (1848); “The Sulphur Baths” (1848); “Early Nashville Baseball” by Bill Traughber; “Outraged His Step-Daughter” (1896); “Driver Stops To Lift Flag From Ground” (1961); “Fall From Seventh Floor Ten Years Ago No Terror To Healthy, Active Victim” (1937); “Railroad Bridge” (1856); “Died” (1805); “Many Aliases” (1850; “Fallen Oak is 350 Years Old” (1965); “National Prohibition” (1919); “Bellicose” (1874); “A People’s Court” (1825); “A Forgotten Chapter from Slave Times” by Paul Clements; and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.




June 2019

VOL. 10, No. 12--Steamboat Daniel Webster ad (1838); “The Abolitionists” (1838); “Raid on a Disreputable House” (1869); “A Crazy Woman” (1869); “Good Joke on Coroner” (1869); “Last One Out Is A…” Dam Mills Elementary (1973); “A Sunday Butchery” Ike Paradise murder (1883); “Two Nashville Girls Injured in Wreck” Franklin interurban (1929); “Balloons Form Indiana Sighted Near Nashville” (1909); “No Longer True That Nobody Loves a Fat Woman” (1935); “New Cover Price” editorial by Allen Forkum; “Neighborhood groups on the rise in problem areas” (1983); “Nashville Really Friendly? Absolutely, Says Newcomer” (1978); “Plastic Surgery New Demand On Doctors” (1937); “Last Negroes Drop Out Of VU Divinity School” (1960); “‘Round And ‘Round We Spin” Wabash Cannonball at Opryland USA (1976); “Artifacts: Capt. William Lawrence clipping” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Number Please!” PBX operator (1960); “Mr. Johnson Stops Show” Majestic Theatre (1911); Tune Import Motors advertisement (1971); Notice for bids to build bridge (1814); “A Serious Runaway” (1894); “Villainy” (1809); “15-Year-Old, With Polio Since 2, Wins Junior High Diploma” Addie Toler (1956); “A Park for Edgefield” (1869); “Shaky” (1869); “Soup in Dog Killing Time” (1869); “Using Abusive Language” (1869); “Shooting into a Negro College” (1869); “Time and Light” (1869); “White vs. Black” (1869); “Colored Picnic up the River” (1869); “Plenty of Water” (1869); “Clear the Way!” (1869); “Filthy Condition” (1869); “95 Degrees” (1869); “He Struck My Mother!” (1869); “Opening of the ‘Maxwell’ and Grand Ball (1869); “Cruelty” (1869); “Serious Accident” (1869); “Heavy Haul of Gamblers” (1869); “City, Local’s Corner” (1869); “The Fire” (1869); “‘Johnny’s Here’ For 1st Nashville Visit” (1968); “New Hubbard Gray Ladies” (1960); “Swept Over Dam And Drowned” (1915); “Balloon Indiana Lands Near Dickson” (1909); “Thought Balloon Was Warning From Above” (1909); “The Richman Case” (1909); “Struck on the Head” (1894); “The Deficient Water Supply” (1879); “A Point of Etiquette” (1879); “Steam-Boat General Jackson sunk” (1821); “The Fabulous One: Jackie Fargo” by Bill Traughber; “Negro Equality” (1869); “Social Equality” (1929); “Political and Public Character” (1821); “Daguerreotypes” (1848); “Local Soldier Tells How Mob Of Germans Tried To Hang Him” (1945); “Wherefore, Square of Yore?” Memorial Plaza (1972); “Museum Opens Doors To Past” (1981); “Native Americans and Foreigners” (1844); “Narrow Escape” (1859); “Notice” (1809); “Thomas Hickman: Part III” by Paul Clements; “Hillsboro Graduates Honored at Formal Ball” (1950); Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway ad (1929); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


May 2019

VOL. 10, No. 11--“8 Teen Girls, Boys Seized In Night Raid” (1956); “Attention” Andrew Jackson’s Truxton (1806); “Theatre” (1844); “Police Statistics for April” (1869); “An Affair of Love” (1873); “A Centenarian” (1887); “Arrange Rites For Victims of Lightning Bolt” (1932); “Police say Iroquois crowd well-behaved” (1983); “A Possessive Mother Can Be a Curse to Her Child” (1936); “Fort Negley Zoo Land Grant ‘Unauthorized’” (1964); “Artifacts: Iroquois Steeplechase painting” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Nashville Sale-O-Rama Sends Car Deals Zooming Upward” (1958); “Blind Tiger” (1901); “May Day” (1835); “Sixteen-Pound Hammer Hits Boy” (1912); “A Floater” (1893); “Memories of Old Nashville” by Lloyd E. Gale Jr.; “Syllogisms” (1869); “Pool Selling” (1869); “Another Mystery” (1869); “The Circus” (1869); “An Undeveloped Waif of Humanity Picked Up” (1869); “More Monsters” (1869); “Again in Trouble” (1869); “Vegetable Cheese” tofu (1869); “Bicycle Rink” (1869); “To the Readers of the Nashville Press and Times” (1869); “Immigration” (1869); “Busy Scene” (1869); “Mad Dog Killed” (1869); “Ugly Club” (1869); “Mount Ararat Cemetery” (1869); “Impudence” (1869); “A Scorching Day” (1869); “A Mother Deserts her Child” (1869); “Free Wheeling For Fun” (1974); “St. Cloud Hill” (1868); “Bridge Building” (1855); “Junior Johnson refuses to referee controversial finish” (1984); “Land Warrants” (1820); “But Is It Only An Old House?” Windlands Plantation (1974); Third National Bank advertisement with Confederate toys (1961); “Well Deserved” Belle Meade Whiskey (1881); “The 1885 Nashville Americans” by Bill Traughber; “Real Mother’s Day for the Bauers” (1941); “Cancer, Age-Old Enemy of Man, Definitely On Retreat at Meharry College Tumor Clinic” (1941); “Need to Maintain Home Life Cited by Pastor” I.W. Gernert (1925); “Unanswered Calls” (1901); “Thomas Hickman, Part II” by Paul Clements; “Students Prepare For Cohn Fair” (1955); “Gun-Making Business, S. Crockett” (1818); The Dan Cohen Co. shoe advertisement (1941); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


April 2019

VOL. 10, No. 10-- “Freight Train Smashes Truck; 10 Die” (1949); “50 Demonstrators Arrested” (1964); “State Capitol” slave ad (1847); “Sad Accident” (1848); “The Prettiest Girl in the State” (1873); “New Sensation in Velocipeding” (1869); “The Wild West” Buffalo Bill (1885); “Drug Victims Are Tortured” (1916); “Flying Saucers Are No Joke, Air Force Thinks” (1949); “Deadbeat Wives Wreck Lives of Kids, Husbands” (1949); “An Appeal to Readers” by Editor Allen Forkum; “Artifacts: Burk & Company jersey” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Bunny-Love Blooms” (1971); “Rivers Pushed Near Flood Stage” (1962); “Fire at Murfreesboro” (1869); “Bowie Knife” (1839); “Kuklux Leaving Tennessee” (1869); “More Immigrants” (1869); “Commemoration Day and the Union Day” (1869); “Waste of Fertilizers” (1869); “Afraid They Wouldn’t Get Their Pay” (1869); “Eighty-Four Saloons” (1869); “The Circus is Gone” (1869); “Ex-President Johnson’s Visit” (1869); “Lebanon Woolen Mills” (1869); “Houses of Ill Fame” (1869); “Strange Fancy” (1869); “Girls Forming Clubs” (1869); “Fisk University; Dedication of Howard Chapel” (1869); “Depraved” (1869); “The Swimming School and Bathing House” (1869); “The Alleged Rape Case—Nothing At All” (1869); “Aboirgines” (1869); “Shall We Have Censorship of Dress? (1869); “Shocking” (1869); “Dedication of the New Hebrew Reform Synagogue” (1869); “The Great Storm” (1869); “Burl Ives Hails ‘Nashville Sound’” (1962); “Overweight police officers losing weight” (1983); “Slayer Cheats Electric Chair by Own Noose” (1937); “Preservation of Meat” (1824); “Old Battlefield of Nashville” (1909); “Nashville Councilman and Second Baseman” by Bill Traughber; “Man Runs Nude, Wins Wager, Loses In Court” (1971); “Registered and Tagged” (1962); “Wilma Rudolph Wins Again” (1962); “Rules and Regulations for the Nashville Market” (1803); “Street Improvements” (1855); “The Pool Selling Law” (1891); “Western Union Marks 100th Birthday” (1956); “Thomas Hickman, Part I” by Paul Clements; “Little Leaguers at Fort Negley Diamond” (1962);and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


March 2019

VOL. 10, No. 9--“40 Dollars Reward; Stop the Thief” (1818); “How Daniel Boone Died” (1877); “Rolling the Bones” playing craps (1889); “Oldest Man In The County” (1912); “Nashville Welcomes Home Tennessee’s Gallant Sons” (1919); “Men Chiefly Resent Loss of Freedom in Marriage” (1938); “DA Office: All-Male Adult Film ‘Breeds Perversion’” (1973); “Extension of Union Street” (1869); “Colors and Insanity” (1889); “Ida Wells” (1895); “History Project Glues Pupil’s Attention To Ft. Nashborough” (1973); “Artifacts: Masonic Theatre program” by Clinton J. Holloway; “‘American Pie’ Artist Here For Grammy Show” (1973); W.W. Dillon & Co. ad for house (1913); “Growing up in Donelson” Part Four” by Barry Chamberlain; “A Juvenile Thief” (1869); “Condition of the County Jail” (1869); “The Inaugural” (1869); “Suffrage Question” (1869); “Gov. Senter denouncing the Kuklux” (1869); “Savage Sport” (1869); “A Jack-Snipe Attacks Locomotive” (1869); “Drowned” (1869); “Canal for Lick Branch” (1869); “A New System of Blackmailing” (1869); “Sold” practical joke (1869); “A Gray Eagle Captured” (1869); “Small Pox” (1869); “Cemetery for the Colored People” (1869); “Stumping” (1869); “Knocking out an Eye” (1869); “Juvenile Suicide” (1869); “Immigrants” (1869); “The Velocipede in Nashville” (1869); “Inconvenience to Pedestrians” (1869); “The Militia” (1869); “Tournament Held at Inglewood Bowl” (1965); “The Year of the JUBILEE” Fisk Jubilee Singers (1966); “Nashville Symphony Creates Music For Schoolchildren’s Appreciation” (1957); “The cause of literature likely to expire” (1821); “‘Hey, Vern!’ Jim Varney honored by state Senate” (1992); “2 Tennesseans Stage Daring Rescue at Truk” (1944); “Negress, Twice Shot, Walks To Hospital” (1926); “Cooking without Fire” (1856); “A Little Avalanche” (1842); “Vandy’s First Girls’ Basketball Team” by Bill Traughber; “Officer Wright Crushed Beneath Emergency Auto” (1914); “Fulton talks crime on Lower Broadway” (1982); “Somewhat deranged” (1831); “Dinah Shore Visits Here on Way to Capitol” (1941); “The Clover Bottom Massacre” by Paul Clements; “Cover Bottom Race” Andrew Jackson’s Truxton” (1806); “West Nashville Girl Struck By Street Car” (1926); “Crowd Overflows At Desegregation Hearing” (1956); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


February 2019

VOL. 10, No. 8--“Will be Sold” (1806); “The River is on Fire” (1824); “Taxes” (1855); “Two Violators Of Anti-Spit Law” (1909); “Install New Klan At Smyrna” (1919); “Woman’s Wages” (1869); “Man Slain In Gunbattle With Park Policeman” (1967); “Letter Delivered Over Six Years After Mailing” (1922); “Dentures Have Made Many a Homely Girl Kissable” (1949); “Joelton High Youths Claim Bigfoot Seen) (1979); “Hit-Run Driver Kills Negro, 60, On Street Here” (1936); “Lockard Cites Negro Tribulations” (1969); “Artifacts: Snowbird bobble head” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Growing up in Donelson: Part Three” by Barry Chamberlain; Advertisments for Shoney’s, Plaza Lanes and Moskovitz (1960s); “Regulars Enjoy Camaraderie Over Dime Coffee Drugstore” Moon’s (1979); “Hot To Make Coffee” (1889); “Causes of Insanity” (1969) “The Fair Grounds” (1869); “Police Statistics” (1869); “Speaker Overwhelmed” (1869); “Welcome ‘Carpet Baggers’” (1869); “Public Condemnation of Incedndiarism” (1869); “No Fuel for Whites” (1869); “Where There’s a Dray, There’s a Way” (1869); “Exit Brownlow” (1869); “Valentine’s Day” (1869); “Divorces” (1869); “Fatal Affray at Murfreesboro” (1869); “Mad Stone” (1869); “Colored Festival” (1869); “The Crowning Infamy” (1869); “Gallatin in Flames” (1869); “Old Hickory’s Home” (1869); “Governor Senter” (1869); “The Bell Ringers” (1869); “The Baby Question” by Harriet Beecher Stowe (1869); “Colemere Scene of Lawyers Valentine Costume Party” (1955); “VU Speaker: Society More Open To Homosexuality” (1975); “Preparations to escape from Jail” (1855); “Removal of Seminole Indians” (1835); “Found Death in River” (1897); “Explain Indian On City Seal And Get $150” (1949); “‘Powder Face” Dead at Glendale” (1919); “The Statue of Jackson and Washington” (1846); Joe Corley Motors advertisement (1968); “Open of Public Schools” (1855); “Cecelia Chappel: A Nashville Slave Narrative” (1930s); “Historic Grave Vandalism Ires Mount Juliet” (1979); “Pat Boone, Athlete” by Bill Traughber; “Hillsboro, Unbeaten in NIL, Puts Three On All-Nashville” (1968); “Negro Confesses Hit-Run Fatality” (1936); “Cock Fighting in South Nashville” (1879); “Whisky! Whisky!” (1817); “To Moneyed Men” (1817); “Vanderbilt Device Opens New Field In Polio Treatment” (1959); “Boys Save 3 Babies Form House Fire” (1954); “John Montgomery, Part III” by Paul Clements; Runaway slave advertisement (1835); “Singer Page Views City As Place To Record Hit” (1979); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


January 2019

VOL. 10, No. 7--“Senate Vote Ousts Fulton” (1955); “Obituary” (1824); “Earthquake” (1842); “Infanticide” (1869); “Arrested for Murder” (1869); “Newspaper Change” (1869); “The Weather” (1884); “Celebration of Emancipation” (1905); “More Lynchings In 1915 Than Year Before” (1916); “Cake of Capitol Distinction” Backer Franz Bokay (1971); “Nashvillians Seek To Black Bequest For Dog Hospital” (1937); “Mother Wicked For Jealously Undermining Son’s Marriage” (1948); “Some Reminiscences of an Old Nashville Citizen” (1916); “The Eighth of January” (1858); “Family Planning Is Their Goal At Health Center” (1974); “Artifacts: Rep. Richard Fulton 45 rpm record” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Schools’ Routemen Win Praise” (1971); “Burns Are Fatal To Mrs. Andrew Jackson” (1921); “Growing Up In Donelson: Part Two” by Barry Chamberlain; “His Radio Busy” (1964); “Pensions for Militia Men” (1819); “Fisk University” (1869); “An Outside View” (1869); “The Eighth of January” (1869); “An Eagle Killed” (1869); “Good-for-nothing Dogs” (1869); “Women’s Rights” (1869); “Another Kuklux Outrage” (1869); “Shooting a Dog” (1869); “Kuklux in Williamson” (1869); “Another Terrible Outrage in Maury” (1869); “Another Destructive Fire” (1869); “Kuklux at Brentwood” (1869); “The Little Folks” Gen. Tom Thumb (1869); “Shot in a Saloon” (1869); “Rumored Lynching in Wilson County” (1869); “From the Altar to the Grave” (1869); “Coal Dust in Snow” (1884); “A Warning for Skaters” (1884); “Improved Morals” (1884); “Religious Controversy” (1835); “Colored Emigrants” (1875); “The Nashville Bridge” (1824); “Thought To Be Over” small pox (1894); “Escape and Recapture” (1858); “Elliot, 104, Remained Spirited To The End” (1976); “Indians near Detroit” (1808); “Secrecy Cloaks Move Of Bogus Money Here” (1973); “Kelly’s Terrible Fate” (1875); “Misbehaving in Church” (1875); “A Place for Your Trash” (1875); “Uniforms for Prisoners” (1875); “No Hat and No Home” (1875); “Teacher of Young Hoboes” (1905); “Sale of Negroes” (1858); “Singeing of Hair Not Advisable” (1915); “Fire Truck Hits Car, Injuring Woman, 34” (1981); Nashville Electric Service advertisement (1958); “Tennis Balls Cost Vandy SEC Title” by Bill Traughber; “John Montgomery: Part II” by Paul Clements; “Eyes In The Night” Nashville skyline (1958); “The Quilt Craze” (1884); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


December 2018

VOL. 10, No. 6--“Woman Is Found Slain In Franklin” Rosa Mary Dean case (1949); “Claus-trophobia?” (1966); “Little Ones Write to Santa Claus” (1917); “Christmas Special Upsets Cash; Vows He Is Ending TV Career” (1976); “Agents of Abolition” Williamson Co. slave revolt (1838); “A Second Rip Van Winkle” (1895); “Pathetic Incident In Governor’s Office” (1907); “Attorney starts campaign for historic sulphur spring” (1982); “What is the Best Age to Get Married?” Dorothy Dix (1939); “Wife Beating” (1868); “The Minstrels” (1868); “Artifacts: Confederate Veteran magazine” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Tennessee Honors Sgt. York’s Memory” (1968); “Christmas Parlor Tricks” (1868); “Steamboat Disaster” (1838); “Growing Up in Donelson, Part One” by Barry Chamberlain; “A Wedding In Sunset Of Life” (1976); “Five Distinct Races” (1888); “The Corporation Case” (1868); “Female Clerks” (1868); “Another Kuklux Demonstration” (1868); “Flying Machine” (1868); “A Painful Misunderstanding” (1868); “The Destitute” (1868); “Kuklux Law” (1868); “Rachel Roach” (1868); “The Velocipede” (1868); “Primitive Style of Emigrating” (1868); “A Christmas Gift” (1868); “The Oldest Man” (1868); “The Freaks of Jack Frost” (1868); “A Merry Christmas” (1868); “A Little Pleasantness” (1868); “A Treasure Found” (1868); “Disgracefully Drunk” (1868); “The Freedmen’s Bureau” (1868); “Mysterious Kuklux” (1868); “Christmas Spirit Abounds As Street Decorations Lighted” (1957); “Identity Of Woman’s Slayer Is Mystery” (1949); “Four Charged In Slaying” (1949); “Champion Bird Eater” (1878); “An Accomplished Beast” (1878); “Let There Be Peace” (1829); “Deeply Lamented” Capt. John Crawford (1812); “Female police officers see a bright future” (1987); “Fire” (1849); “That Popular Game” shooting craps (1888); “Some Apology” (1804); “Nashville Violinist Conducts for Betty Boop and Mickey Mouse” (1933); “Vanderbilt Hosted Dixie Tennis Classic” by Bill Traughber; “Lands For Sale” James Robertson (1804); “Negroes Still Selling High” (1857); “John Montgomery, Part I” by Paul Clements; “Visions Of Sugarplums?” (1968); “Former Employe Recalls Early Days With Banner” (1928); Sherman-Williams store interior photo (1937); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


November 2018

VOL. 10, No. 5-“World War Ends” (1918); “I Guess—“ (1824); “Health of Nashville” (1841)’ “Ruins of the Rock City Flour Mills” (1868); “Freaks of the Storm—A Church Blown Away” (1868); “Meter Maids Get New Scooters” (1961); “Attacked Them With An Axe” (1897); “Thanksgiving Day In Nashville” (1904); “Schoolgirl Days Teach Women About Handling Men” (1941); “Children To Learn Phone Operation” (1955); “Critics Say Modern Art Getting ‘Boring, Tiresome’” (1961); “City Whistles Announce News To Eager Public” (1918); “Nashville Goes Wild With Joy Over Armistice” (1918); “Toll Of Flu In Nashville Shown” (1918); “Artifacts: first Clinic Bowl program” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Fisk Cornerstone Notes Water Vital in 1906” (1972); “Sleepover Fun” by Tom Henderson III; “Hallow E’en” (1868); “Didn’t Like It” (1868); “Election Returns” (1868); “School Children at Loggerheads” (1868); “Kuklux” (1868); “The Kuklux and the Election” (1868); “The Employment of Women” (1868); “Sorghum Molasses” (1868); “A Foul Murder By The Kuklux In Maury County” (1868); “The Kuklux” (1868); “True Independence” state’s rights (1868); “The Tennessee Admiral At Home” Farragut (1868); “Funeral of an Old Colored Citizen” (1868); “Female Independence” (1868); “Great Fire on Market Street” (1868); “State Library” (1868); “Attempted Suicide” (1868); “Lockeland: Historic Neighborhood Residents Band Together For Homes Tour” (1979); “Important Intelligence” New Orleans (1802); “Smothered to Death” (1874); “To Build a Bridge” (1812); “Junior League Home Children Entertained” (1961); “Club’s Oldest Member Sees Nashville Change” (1979); “Tells of Life at the Front” (1918); “How About It, Mr. Referee?” Jack Knox election cartoon (1946); “A Wife’s Power” (1856); “UT-Vandy’s 100-Year-Old Conflict” by Bill Traughber (1918); “A Nashville Soldier of the Great War Remembered” by John P. Williams; “‘Medical’ Fraud Cases Increase” (1926); “To Hire” (1808); “A Sunday Outrage” (1882); “Brentwood Landholders Honored by Hillsboro Hounds” (1936); “A Mistake corrected” (1824); “John Davis” by Paul Clements; “The Whig Jubilee” (1837); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


October 2018

VOL. 10, No. 4- “‘Haunted House’ To Be Auctions” (1974); “Salt” (1817); “Atrocious Murder!” (1835); “Indians’ Interest In Tennessee” (1868); “Mr. Mercer and the Colored People” (1868); “Pay Tribute To Explorer” (1930); “A Marvelous Story of Death and Life” (1868); “Editorial: Halloween” (1926); “Don’t Be A Victim of Sentimental Hooey” (1936); “Bizarre calls threaten hair of several women” (1985); “Morris Levine Is Halloween Legend” (1976); “Fisk Battles Taylor Today” (1954); “Artifacts: “Davidson Count Women in the World War, 1917-1919” by Clinton Holloway; “Workers Begin Repairing Damage At City Cemetery” (1962); “Teed Off” by Tom Henderson III; “A Treacherous Bombshell” (1868); “Strange Discovery” (1868); “A Fraud” (1868); “Uncle Sam vs. The Ring” (1868); “A Monstrosity Coming to Town” (1868); “A Whole Family Prostrated” (1868); “Oppression of the Poor” (1868); “Nashville National Cemetery” (1868); “Spelling Books as Plunder” (1868); “Lebanon” (1868); “A Locksmith Engaged in Studying Wedlock” (1868); “The Rights of Women” (1868); “Deliberate Suicide” (1868); “United States Troops in Tennessee” (1868); “Emma Abbott in Church” (1887); “Nashville’s First Comic Book Convention Attracts Collectors” (1977); “Abate the Nuisance” (1879); “Museum’s Opening Observed” (1945); “The Road to Chattanooga” (1845); “The Rail Road” (1850); “Inauguration of the Governor” Sam Houston (1827); “Purse Snatched at Fair Grounds” (1913); “The Penitentiary” (1868); “Killed by a Limb” (1804); “Woman Who Whipped Husband Wants Divorce” (1912); “More About Negro Dolls” (1908); “Concert by the Blind” (1879); “Burned the Church” (1898); “Indian Lands” (1817); “Brilliant Meteor” (1868); “The Game Meant That It Was Historic: Tennessee’s First Interracial Football Game” by Bill Traughber; “The Escape Artist, Part Two” by Jeanine Wright Smith; “Anthony Bledsoe, Part II” by Paul Clements; “Didn’t Take” (1868); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


September 2018

VOL. 10, No. 3- “Blast Wrecks School” Hattie Cotton bombing (1957); “An Indian Anecdote” (1802); “$850 Reward!” for deserters (1814); “Don’t Want Any More Germans” (1868); “Extraordinary” (1868); “Labor Day Greenwood” (1907); “Pistol Practice” (1884); “Self-Sacrificing Daughter Should Not Be Family Goat” (1927); “Global heat rise leaves governments cold” (1982); “September Heat Sets Daily Average Record” (1925); “Woolworth Fire Cause Unknown” (1941); “Country Music Hall Of Fame Holdup Nets $21,000” (1978); “Artifacts: Lafayette glass” by Clinton J. Holloway; “In Police Benefit Show” Petticoat Junction stars (1967); “Hopes To Motorize Fire Department” (1916); “Scents, Sounds and Sensations of Yesterday” by Tom Henderson III; “Swindling Colored Soldiers” (1868); “Public Schools” (1868); “Shot in the Head” (1868); “Found Guilty” (1868); “Report of the Jail Physician” (1868); “Kuklux” (1868); “The Sorrows of Betsy Bosely” (1868); “Wilson County Fair” (1868); “Struck by Lightning” (1868); “Velocipedes” (1868); “Fisk University” (1868); “The Cumberland” (1868); “A Sad Sight” (1868); “False Alarm” (1868); “Fair Grounds for Davidson County” (1868); “An Army of Thieves” (1868); “African Church” (1868); “Colored Men of Nashville!” (1868); “The City Vote To-Day” (1868); “A Gallant Fight” (1868); “School Attendance Off by 25-30 Pct.; Segregationist Groups Protest At Elementary Schools” (1957); “Larry Gilbert Has His Day” by Bill Traughber; “The Escape Artist, Part One” by Jeanine Wright Smith; Vanderbilt vs UT-Chattanooga football photo (1985); “Something New” (1874); “Telegraph Line from Nashville to St. Louis” (1849); “Two Charges” (1895); “Drowned” (1854); “A Teacher Wanted” (1837); “Electrical Worker Injured in Plunge” (1937); “Anthony Bledsoe, Part I” by Paul Clements; “Gen. Jackson” (1825); Hadley Park pool photo (1948); The Embers ad featuring Heaven Lee (1970); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


August 2018

VOL. 10, No. 2- “Zealous Defender” (1808); “Incendiary Papers” (1835); “Ferry ‘Cross The Cumberland” Clees Ferry photo (1975); “Her Reputation Bad” (1894); “Capitol Hill Tunnel Was Likely For Coal Delivery” (1961); “To Keep Husband On Line, Continue To Cut Bait” (1947); “State anti-clinic abortion law is struck down” (1983); “Bullets Wound 2 Outside Theater” (1971); “Chaos and Desolation” (1846); “Police Intelligence” (1868); “Big Show” (1868); “Fight in South Nashville” (1884); “Fire Breaks Out In Ryman Auditorium” (1915); “Metro Council ‘Censure’ First In Local History” (1965); “Children Under 10 Advised To Stat at Home” (1941); “Artifacts: Ku Klux Klan flyer” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Hot Summers” by Tom Henderson III; “Gabby’s Monumental Stunt” by Bill Traughber; “When the City of Nashville Owned Slaves” by Bill Carey; “Andrew Ewing” by Paul Clements; “TV Seen As Broadening Influence On Children” (1958); “Lock You Doors” (1849); “Kuklux Outrages In Sullivan County—Incendiary Handbill” (1868); “Crime in July” (1868); “Another Candidate in the Field” (1868); “Colored Men Doing Well” (1868); “Nashville in the Ascendant” baseball (1868); “Walking on Wire” (1868); “A Test” (1868); “Prejudice Against the Jews” (1868); “Three Years in the Penitentiary” (1868); “Infanticide” (1868); “[Nathan Bedford] Forrest” (1868); “Free Labor” (1868); “Raining Fire” (1868); “Sudden Death” (1868); “Our Colored Friend” (1868); “Sanitary” (1868); “Infanticide” (1868); “The Colored Refugees” (1868); “Too Much for Her” (1868); “The Drama Among the Colored People” (1868); “Man Shot in Gallatin” (1868); “Extraordinary Birth” (1868); “Bandits Loot Show Store As Officer Stares” (1928); “Ike Hirsch, at 62, Decides To Stop ‘Selling’ Papers” (1936); “This Man Hates Dail System; Takes Souvenir” (1925); “The Theatre” (1823); “An Adroit Swindle” (1876); “Would Not Work In A Saloon” (1904); “Reach for Peace” festival photo (1986); “Boy Thrown By Pony And Killed” (1915); “Opry May Move To Coliseum” (1963); “‘Air Mail Bananas’ May Be ‘Canceled’” (1973); “NEVD Lures Shopping Crowds” (1958); “Singing Star Arrives” Bobby Vinton (1965); “Brenda Lee Stars In Court Over Contract” (1957); “Homes of the Red Men” (1854); “Grass Must Not Be Thrown In Street” (1904); “Singular Phenomenon” (1817); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


July 2018

VOL. 10, No. 1- “Indian Treaties” (1825); “Wooing People for Votes” (1825); “The Cholera” (1850); “Swift Retribution” (1868); “More From the Kuklux” (1868); “Comet B-1884” (1884); “Is It The Wheel?” (1896); “Negroes Making Exodus” (1910); “Antique Firearms Stolen From DeBow” (1926); “Young Man Wise To Avoid Sentimental Sweetheart” (1946); “Heat Sufferers Look to Spirit for Cool Spell” (1938); “Auto Rams Theater; Boy Dies In Tragic Crash” (1960); “Opry Legend Deford Bailey Dies at 82” (1982); “Hadley Park Dedication July Fourth” (1912); “Bicycle Built For Nine” (1965); “Artifacts: Knapp Farm proposal” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Bike Thefts Averaging 55-60 Per Week Here” (1975); “Boys Will Be Boys” by Tom Henderson; “Summer Opera at Centennial” (1903); “The Indians” (1815); “Fishes Without Eyes” Mammoth Cave (1843); “Big Time Visitor Blares All In Weighty Interview” circus elephant (1958); “Death at Dutchman’s Curve” by Ralcon Wagner; “The Fourth of July Split” (1868); “Kuklux” (1868); “Supposed Poisoning” (1868); “The Negro Race Disappearing” (1868); “Suicide” (1868); “Barbarism in Giles County” (1868); “Kuklux Impudence and Mystery” (1868); “Death by the Klan” (1868); “Premature Dog Days” (1868); “A Murder that was Not a Murder” (1868); “To the Voters of the Fifth Congressional District” (1868); “Feminine Assault” (1868); “Paying at Last” (1868); “The Reign of Terror in Maury” (1868); “Baseball Soldiers of WWII” by Bill Traughber; “City Cemetery” (1868); “Nashville-on-the-Brazos” by Barry Chamberlain; “July 4: day for celebrating” (1982); “The Texas Association” (1825); “American Independence” (1808); “Death by Drowning” (1838); “New Park Name” Hadley Park (1912); “The Hadley Family” (1912); “The Berryhill-Simmons House” by Paul Clements; Gerst Select advertisement (1927); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.




June 2018

VOL. 9, No. 12- “LBJ Dedicates Priest Dam” (1968); “Timothy Demumbreun” (1809); “Don’t place court-house on public square” (1826); “Manhood” (1868); “Child-mistresses” (1868); “The Police” (1907); “The Tribulations of Newspaper Reporting” (1875); “‘Grand Ole Opry’ Movie To Premiere Here” (1940); “Fathers Should Help Mothers Take Care of Their Children” (1945); “Nashville’s Transit Crisis Part of a Wider Problem” (1972); “Reservoir Changes Face Of 3 Counties” (1968); “‘Fiery Cross’ Blazes From Summit Of Ft. Morton During Klan Ceremony” (1923); “Artifacts: Leon’s dress shop bag” by Clinton J. Holloway; “A Wish Harbored 44 Years Comes True For Jim Henry” (1960); “School Is Out!” by Tom Henderson III; “Six Boys Killed by Eating Poisoned Mulberries” (1868); “Railroad War” (1868); “Mad” (1868); “Batchelor’s Hair Dye” (1868); “Congugal Love” (1868); “Ingratitude” (1868); “Unfeeling Mother” (1868); “Man Lynched in Maury” (1868); “A Democrat on Colored Suffrage” (1868); “Wonderful” Myrtle Corbin, girl with four legs (1868); “Entertainment for Colored Men” (1868); “Kuklux in Maury County” (1868); “Cyprian War” (1868); “Lost and Found” (1868); “The Edgefield Colored School” (1868); “The Colored Celebration” (1868); “To Set Aside Deed” (1895); “What Women Are Wearing” (1895); “Satchel Paige Pitches in Nashville” by Bill Traughber; “Blue Dying” (1814); “Health of the City” (1854); “Lightning” (1839); “Big Railroad Expansion” (1911); “Vauxhall” by Debie Oeser Cox; “Figure-Eight Racing Not For The Weak Of Hear” (1963); “The Barrys of Early Nashville” by Paul Clements; “Child Loses Life Under Street Car” (1935); “Airport Tower Man Faced Heat, Danger In 1937” (1958); “Talent In Abundance At [Lawrence] Welk Show” (1973); “A Horned Lizzard” (1887); “A New Artist” (1848);and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


May 2018

VOL. 9, No. 11- “100 Dollars Reward” (1803); “Fearful Tornado” (1868); “Influence of woman” (1811); “Quickest Trip On Record” (1843); “Died of Starvation” (1843); “Struck by Lightning” (1868); “Woman’s Suffrage” (1893); “Cholera and Small Pox” (1835); “Sewart ‘Copter Crashes, Burns Near Gainesboro” (1958); “Girls, Don’t Be Too Clever, Eager; Just Be Yourself” (1927); “Mark Place Where Ku Klux Organized” (1917); “‘Vision’ Drink Said Deadly” (1964); “Indictments for Obscenity Still Sought” (1971); “Covington says women aided his election win” (1986); “Artifact: Nashville Community Playhouse program” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Courthouse Artist Arrives Here” Dean Cornwall (1937); “Tennessee History” (1876); “Rock ’n’ Roll Takeover [at 15WLAC]” by Tom Henderson III; “Treasure Trove” St. Cloud Hill (1868); “Horrible” (1868); “The Green-Eyed Monster” (1868); “Kuklux” (1868); “Carrying Concealed Weapons” (1868); “The Veil” St. Cecilia (1868); “Cannibalism” (1868); “A Monstrosity” (1868); “Wandering Musicians” (1868); “Abusive Language” (1868); “Lucky” (1868); “Runaway Team” (1868); “Malicious” (1868); “The Hebrew Monday” (1868); “For President, General Ulysses S. Grant” (1868); “Strange Desire” (1868); “Evidently Crazy” (1868); “Police Intelligence” (1868); “Prom: Prelude To Graduation” (1966); “Destructive Fire” (1847); “Unpleasant Difference” (1820); “Michael Jordon Plays Baseball at Greer” by Bill Traughber; “‘New’ country can’t hold a candle to ‘old’” by Sarah Cannon (1986); “Jaywalking Ordinance Ignored In Nashville” (1975); “Gallatin” moonshiners (1885); “Water Lottery” (1811); Moronline advertisement (1941); Dr. Schindler’s Reduction Pills advertisement (1893); “The Negro Vote” (1907); “Auction activity” WDCN-Channel 8 PBS (1986); Fire Engine Company No. 16, Belmont-Hillsboro photo (1941); Sulphur Dell home-run catchers photo (1941); “Red Sulphur Springs” (1855); “More Town Lots” (1855); “A Home, A School, An Orphanage” by Paul Clements; and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


April 2018

VOL. 9, No. 10- “Dr. King Slain in Memphis” (1968); “Partial Curfew Ordered; Scores Hurt in Rioting” (1968); “National Guardsmen Ring the Capitol” (1968); “Cherokee Indians” (1818); “Lunar Influence” (1820); “The Fire Alarm” (1868); “Didn’t Come” (1868); “Sanitary Police” (1868); “Lady Clerks” (1868); “Thrilling Escapes” (1905); “Man’s Wife Will Get Over Infatuation With Soldier” (1943); “Capital Punishment” (1873); “Child Near Death as Religious Treatment Fails—Two Arrested” (1926); “April Fools’—Tootsie’s won’t close after all” (1985); “Wedding on Rollers at Hippodrome Tonight” (1916); “Artifacts: Delbert Mann letter” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Nashville of the Future” illustration (1936); “The Parakeet Craze” by Tom Henderson; “Police Statistics” (1868); “The Cold Snap—Fruit Killed” (1868) “Negro Depredations on the Granny White Pike” (1868); “Dreadful Affair in Maury County” Kuklux Klan (1868); “A Hurricane” (1868); “New Base Ball Rules” (1868); “The Assault Case” (1868); “Fatal Man Trap” (1868); “St. Cloud Hill Committee” (1868); “Base Ball” Young Kuklux team (1868); “Edgefield will be Incorporated” (1868); “Off for Liberia” (1868); “Wife Beater” (1868); “Interesting Meeting” (1868); “‘Guerrilla Warefare’ Spreads After Arson at A&I ROTC” (1968); “Call For Guard Withdrawal” photo (1968); “Controversial Champions: The Nashville Seraphs 1895 Season” by Bill Traughber; “The Portrait of Gen. Jackson” (1827); “Irish Musical Program” (1848); “Dust! Dust! Dust!” (1896); “Rights of Man” (1804); “Ranaway” (1836); “Colored Men of Property” (1868); “Pioneer Automobile Builder” Preston Dorris (1936); “Madison High Wins Rifle Meet” (1956); “Crushed to Death” (1886); “What Curiosities Earn” (1883); “Penitentiary Fire” (1855); “More Daylight Aid To Workers, Claim” (1926); “An Old House That Once Stood In Nashville” by Paul Clements; “Eggs-tra Special Day” (1979); Gene’s Record Shop advertisement (1966); DeFord’s Sausage advertisement (1967); Grant’s advertisement (1954);and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


March 2018

VOL. 9, No. 9-“No Grumbling” (1809); “Nashville” Timothy Demumbrune (1824); “The Riot at Murfreesboro” (1868); “Claim the Championship” baseball (1868); “The Kuklux in Nashville” (1868); “A&I President Pledges Study Of Reports Student Beaten” (1957); “Six Reasons Why Women Are Gloomier Than Men” (1934); “Met An Untimely End” (1895); “Skating Carnival” (1895); “‘Black Nashville’ Title Earned By Miss Winfrey” (1972); “Streaker Didn’t Get Crowd, But Drew Gunman’s Anger” (1974); “Winged Mercury Takes Nose Dive” (1952); “1918 Flu Epidemic ‘Horrible’” (1976); “Artifacts: Hap Townes recipes” by Clinton J. Holloway; “7 Foot, 7 Inch Giant In City” (1956); “On the Home Telephone” by Tom Henderson III; “A Limited Number” (1868); “Something in the Cave Line” (1868); “Fatality Among the Swine” (1868); “A Wonderful Freak of Nature—A Child with Three Arms” (1868); “Kuklux in Edgefield” (1868); “Fisk University” (1868); “The Kuklux Menaced” (1868); “Huge” (1868); “The Kuklux in West Nashville” (1868); “The Kuklux Unmasked” (1868); “Maxwell House” (1868); “A Hoax” (1868); “Raid to be Made on the Slaughter Houses” (1868); “Arrival of Colored Pupils” (1868); “A Kuklux Killed” (1868); “Keeping Houses of Ill-Fame” (1868); “Wonderful Phenomenon” (1868); “Proceeding Against the Kuklux” (1868); “Immigration” (1868); “Leaving the City” (1868); “Outrage Upon a Teacher of a Colored School” (1868); “Don’t Like the Kuklux” (1968); “Central High School Basketball, 1925–1926” by Bill Traughber; “Union Station’s Mercury Becomes 2 Bronze Tablets” (1955); “Tagging For Hubbard Hospital” (1956); “Sisk Apologizes To Rep. Hall For Dousing, Slap In The Face” (1977); “Treating” (1836); “Levi’s had lookers, no takers” Brooke Shields, Betty Banner 1988); “New-Orleans!” (1815); “That Painting” (1845); “Education” (1809); “Nashville Bridge” (1824); “McGavock’s Ferry” (1824); “Donor, Worker, Buyer … Goodwill” (1961); “A Deplorable Accident” Edwin Warner (1889); “Over The City” (1876); “What’s in a Name?” (1868); “Vagries of an Insane Man (1868); “Suicide at Cross Plains” (1868); “Free Negroes” (1858); Rich Schwartz & Joseph advertisement (1921); “Retired Nashville Motorman Served On Horse-Drawn and Electric” (1930); “Working Women Need The Ballot” (1913); “Bible Exhibit” State Library (1941); “Ask Charter for Negro Country Club” (1943); “Something old, something new” convention center (1985); “Father Is Suing Son” (1903); “Man Who Has Called 394,200 Trains Ends 30th Year at Task” (1939); “Hotel Gossip and Personal Mention” (1905); “Ancient Bones and Relics Dug Up in East Nashville” (1921); “Liverpool Napoleon Merry” by Paul Clements; “Daring Young Man On The Flying Skateboard” (1979); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


February 2018

VOL. 9, No. 8-“Stage Accident” (1844); “Old Hickory’s Statue Goes Begging” (1875); “Ladies Skating” (1868); “Baptismal Ceremony” (1868); “State Library” (1868); “Tennessee Soldiers at the Cincinnati Reunion” (1868); “A Bloody Tragedy” (1907); “New Theater Completed” (1912); “I Know I’m Awfully Young, But…” Valentines photo (1974); “Allow Women to Openly Pick the Men They Want to Marry” (1941); “Cockfighting No Isolated Incident” (1973); “Harveys downtown now part of history” (1984); “UFOs Spotted In Skies Over Portland” (1979); “First Woman ‘Milkman’ Starts Deliveries Here” (1943); “Farmers Pour Milk Onto City’s Streets” (1967); “Streetside Parking Meters Debut” (1953); “Artifacts: Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church brochure” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Former Banner Carrier Stars With Rogers in ‘Kitty Foyle’” (1941); “Man Given 10 Years For Slaying He Can’t Remember” (1961); “From Heeby-Jeebies to Louie, Louie” by Tom Henderson III; “Wonderland Fantasies” Children’s Theatre (1967); “The ‘Kuklux Klan’” (1868); “Conservatism In Georgia” (1868); “Freedmen’s Bureau” (1868); “Houses of Ill Fame” (1868); “Candles for the Cars” (1868); “Japanese Ports Opened to Commerce” (1868); “A Nashville Mystery” (1868); “Goats Come to Gried” (1868); “Base Ball” (1868); “A Colony of Farmers” (1868); “Horrible-A Dead Infant Dug Up And Partially Devoured By Dogs” (1868); “Drilling Every Night” (1868); “The Cedar Street Ghost” (1868); “A Sad Story” (1868); “Too Late” (1868); “Maliciously Attacked” (1868); “Retaliation” (1868); “Horrible” (1868); “Iranian Mob Shouts ‘Death to Carter!” (1979); Organization of Iranian Moslem Students photo (1979); “An Interesting Case” (1892); “Frank & Jesse James in Nashville” by Terry Coats; “Vanderbilt: The Birthplace of College Basketball” by Bill Traughber; “Consumed by Fire” (1827); “Turnpike from Franklin to Columbia” (1835); Jersey Farms advertisement (1943); “Artist Aaron Douglas Dies At Age 79” (1979); “Celebrate Trolley Line Extension” (1927); “Iron Works Negroes” Montgomery Bell estate auction (1856); “Glorious Victory!” (1814); “A House With a History” (1886); “No ‘Gloomy Sunday,’ What With Services and Music” flood refugee photo (1937); “‘Sam the Penny Man’ Brings His Private Mint to Nashville” (1950); “Richard Henderson, Part III” by Paul Clements; “Melancholy Accident” (1802); “Jimmy Griggs Has New Modified For Daytona Race” (1961); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


January 2018

VOL. 9, No. 7-“Boarding House” (1809); “Midnight Revelers” (1892); “Nashvillians Take First Ride Across New Bridge” (1956); “Slovenliness in Attire Bespeaks Pure Laziness” (1936); “‘Baby’ Marries Her ‘Baby Sitter’” (1947); “Seven-Year-Old Pulls Mom From Burning Car” (1973); “Lynchings in 1901” (1902); “A Beautiful Scene” (1868); “Street Mishaps” (1868); “First Battle of the Year” (1868); “You’ve Come Quite A Long Way, Baby” (1971); “In Lighter Vein” (1902); “Talks Produce Friction” (1971); “Artifacts: The Christian Magazine” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Germans Remember Generosity Of Negro GIs, Dudley Writes” (1955); “Pile Drive: Part Two” by Tom Henderson III; “Suffering in Nashville” (1868); “Wild Varmint Killed” cougar (1868); “Skating” (1868); “A Dangerous Organization” Ku Klux Klan (1868); “Outrage in Franklin” (1868); “Soup for the Poor” (1868); “City Schools” (1868); “Vagrant Dogs” (1868); “Street Beggars” (1868); “The Charity Hospital” (1868); “Fatal” (1868); “Another Outrage” (1868); “Klanswoman gets 15-year sentence for bombing plot” (1982); “Growing Dislike of German Army” (1914); “Gentle Sex Contributes Firs Vanderbilt Athlete” (1964); “Spirit of Toleration” (1821); “Hermitage Mansion” (1871); “Leeches! Leeches!!” (1844); “Firemen Say Roof Saved Travelres Rest” (1969); “Your Baby: Okay To Let Boys Play With Dolls” (1950); “Third Negro Bank Enters Field” (1914); “Enticing Ice” photo Centennial Park (1981); Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription advertisement (1889); “Educating the Freedman” Fisk University Jubilee Hall (1876); “Ex-A&I Star Boid Buie To Play Here Wednesday” (1959); “Women Prisoners Finding New Hope” (1969); Cain-Sloan advertisement (1958); “Dark Scenes” (1888); “Nashville Baptist Church” (1839); “Will Be Boon To Cancer Victims” (1924); “Double Tragedy Ends Quarrel” (1920); “U.S. Newspapers Termed Impartial By Psychologist” (1941); “Atmospheric Telegraph” (1854); “All Bustle Now” (1819); “Richard Henderson: Part II” by Paul Clements; “Divorce” (1876); “It’s Sad Day For Spitz, Who Lost Buddy In Race With Car” (1957); “A Dog’s Sympathy” (1868); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


December 2017

VOL. 9, No. 6-“Concert stampede ‘was like a nightmare’” (1987); “Negroes to be Hung” (1856); “Emancipation Celebration” (1907); “Fatal Locomotive Explosion” (1867); “Children’s Letters to Old Santa Claus” (1912); “Army Officer Here To Explore ‘Bob’s Hole’ For Bodies” (1911); “Trapp Family Singers Concert Is Acclaimed” (1948); “Death Laid To Poison Whisky” (1922); “Man Shouldn’t Return to His First Wife and Children” (1951); “Thinking of Yule Present? TV Set Should Please All” (1951); “‘Jesus People’ Arrested For Harassing Shoppers” (1973); “Day Home Children Treated” (1967); “Artifacts: 1966 Cain-Sloan Christmas catalog” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Home With The Treasures” shopping photo (1974); “Herrmann, The Wizard” (1891); “Husband’s Death Fatal To His Wife” (1922); “Pile Drive” by Tom Henderson III; “A Singular Coincidence” (1867); “The Forgotten Brave” (1867); “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” (1867); “Burned to Death” (1867); “Colored Office Holders” (1867); “An Aboriginal Race Against Time” (1867); “The Harding House—Enterprise Of A Colored Citizen” (1867); “Examination at the Fisk University” (1867); “A Desperate Affair” (1867); “Christmas Drunks” (1867); “The K. K.” (1867); “Sleighing” (1867); “Trim Naval Reserve Tre” (1957); “Riding For A Fall” Stock Market editorial cartoon (1928); “Grantland Rice” by Bill Traughber; “Poor communication blamed for stampede” (1987); “Uncle Frank Turner, The Brave Lifesaver of the Cumberland” (1910); “Youngsters’ Laughter, Tears Hold No Novelty For Mother, 35, Of 13” (1959); “Hillbilly Music Fails To Draw Big Crowd For Keauver Rally” (1951); “Negroes Imported” (1804); “A Secret Double Life” by Larry Brinton; “Horribly Mangled” (1884); “Gallatin and Nashville Turnpike” (1836); “Black Against White” (1876); “Worthy of Imitation!” (1812); “Local Elks Bring Santa To 460 Youngsters” (1956); “Confederate Soldiers’ Home Razed” (1953); “She Should Know That—“ (1891); “Signs of the Times” (1844); “Richard Henderson, Part II” by Paul Clements; “Yankees To Take On Unbeaten Burros” (1972); “‘Park Your Baby” Boon To Mothers (1938); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


November 2017

VOL. 9, No. 5-“2O Dollars Reward” runaway (1808); “The Penitentiary” (1857); “Shows Must Close On Sunday” (1914); “Prohibiting Football” (1897); “Amalgamation” (1874); “Vaccination, Long Hair Factors in School Dispute” (1927); “Too Many Men Cease Their Love-Making At the Alter” (1937); “Woman Charged In Abortion Attempt” (1957); “Motorman Shot By 2 Bandits In Holdup Attempt” (1932); “Police Hold Rites For 2 Officers” (1975); “Sugar Shack Workers See Irony In Crackdown” (1976); “Airport Still Raided” (1962); “New Uniform” (1867); “The Dispensary” (1867); “Artifacts: Cummings Campaign Button” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Tantalizing Turkey Time” (1962); “1979” by Tom Henderson III; “‘City of Nashville” Sleeping Car” (1867); “Base Ball Tournament” (1867); “A Fine Opening for the Police” (1867); “A Desperate Character” (1867); “Emigration” (1867); “The River” (1867); “Equal Rights” (1867); “Scalded to Death” (1867); “Larceny of Bed Clothing” (1867); “The State Library” (1867); “Ladies Restaurant” (1867); “Water Works” (1867); “The Lock Game” (1867); “A Depot Building for Edgefield” (1867); “General Forrest” (1867); “Commodore Vanderbilt” (1867); “Descent on a Gambling House” (1867); “Pharmacy A Tradition For Meadors” (1967); “Class AA Champions” Hillsboro High football (1955); “A North Carolina Marriage” (1857); “The New Colored Baptist Church” (1874); “Keep Cool” (1824); “First Locomotive In Tennessee” (1849); “Look Here!!” (1814); “Nashville’s First Football Game” by Bill Traughber; “Donelson Hosts Film Stars” (1966); “Firemen’s Toy Drive Under Way” (1967); “The New Bridge” Woodland Street Bridge (1884); “Old Publishing House Crumbling” AME Sunday School Union (1979); “Mrs. Bertha Lusky, Age 107, Early Resident Here, Dies (1927); “‘Little Al’ Gets Revenge” (1932); “Blue Triangle Plans Camp Show” (1952); “New Electric Signs” (1904); “Hillsboro High Students Injured In Car Wreck” (1959); “Down A Sink-Hole” (1874); “Nashville Gets Motion Pictures” (1959); “Isaac Bledsoe, Part II” by Paul Clements; Seventh Avenue Garage ad (1962); “A Family Row” (1886); “Nashvillians Accept Power Curtailment” (1941); “Colonization Society” (1831); “Cherokee Land Sales” (1820); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


October 2017

VOL. 9, No. 4-“When The Quake Came To Town” (1895); “How He Missed the Eclipse” (1875); “Impeach [President] Johnson” (1867); “City Cemetery” internments (1867); McCann school haunted house photo (1977); “Halloween Night Offers Chances To Masquerader” (1918); “Most Mothers Are Openly Partial to Their Sons” (1936); “Cursed Her Father-In-Law” (1912); “Hell Hole Exhibit” shrunken heads (1946); “Music Stars Don’t Find ‘Hustler’ Cartoon Funny” (1977); “‘Pro-Family’ Rally Focuses ERA, Abortion Opposition” (1978); “100 Oaks To Help Propel City: Belz” (1967); “Donny Going Home, But Doesn’t Know It” (1959); “Artifacts: General Shoe Co.” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Grandpa [Jones] Sets Goal” CMA awards (1967); “Car Trouble” by Tom Henderson III; “Slavery in Tennessee” (1867); “Prospering” Edgefield colored schools (1867); “Cost of the Capitol” (1867); “Trestle Bridge” Lick Branch (1867); “Immigration Question” (1867); “Two Children Bitten By A Rattlesnake…” (1867); “A Feminine Fight” (1867); “Relic” Native American (1867); “The Brentwood Tragedy” (1867); “Fowl Weather” (1867); “Tight Pants” (1867); “Democratic Impudence” (1867); “Tennessee River Survey” (1867); “The Nashville Temperance Society” (1867); “Assault and Batery” (1867); “Astonished Red Men” (1867); “U.S. Colored Troops” (1867); “The Japanese Troupe” (1867); “The Murfreesboro Pike Again…” (1867); “Bits of Rags” (1867); “Capitalists from the North” (1867); “For the Blind” (1867); “The Strange Case of Dr. Beaver, Part II” by Jean Roseman; “Jim Bergin Comes Back, But Bad Boys of Beat Are Old Men Now” (1926); “Meeting of the Indians” (1803): “Patrolman Winfrey Sued by C. A. Sloan” (1907); “Engine 576” by Tom R. Knowles; “Sweet time” sorghum molasses (1982); “A New Drug Store” (1845); “Information Wanted” search for families of freed slaves (1867); “Youngster Dies 6 1/2 Years After Tragic Accident” (1965); “The Wicked Blade” (1884); “If I Was He” (1823); “‘Hundred Oaks’ Plans To End Operations” (1954); “Isaac Bledsoe, Part I” by Paul Clements; “Plaque To Honor Early Court Clerk” (1954); “Clear and Ghoul Tonight” Halloween photo (1955); “Head Hunter!” shrunken heads (1960); “Drawing the Color Line” (1875); “A Lunatic” (1835); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


September 2017

VOL. 9, No. 3-“One Killed And Five Injured At Broad-Street Fire” (1903); “Horrible Outrage” at Colored State Fair (1911); “Confederate Monument Unveiled” (1926); “Better To Be a Bachelor Girl Than in an Unhappy Marriage” (1937); “Census Errors” (1854); “Commie Plot Against U.S. in Korea Hinted” (1947); “Loose Woodbine Monkey ‘Turned Out,’ Woman Says” (1974); “Accidental Shooting” (1867); “Colored Schools” (1867); “Dander Is Up” (1846); “What I Like and Don’t Like” (1850); “Dig Those Swingin’ Cats” Danny and the Juniors (1958); “Crescent Theater closes doors after 30 years” (1982); “Artifacts: Philip Lindsley book” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Eating Out” by Tom Henderson III; “Case of Bastardy” (1867); “German Immigration” (1867); “An Unsatisfactory Amnesty Proclamation” (1867); “Funeral of Abram Myers” (1867); “Piscatorial” (1867); “Eclipse of the Moon” (1867); “The Sleeping Girl” (1867); “Colored Men of Nashville” (1867); “One Year Ago” (1867); “Zollicoffer Residence” (1867); “Sabbath Desecration” kid’s baseball (1867); “Immigrants” (1867); “Nashville Needs a City Library” (1867); “Serenade” (1867) “Terribly Crushed” (1867); “Oppress Union Men” (1867); “Iranians Blast Shah” (1978); “The Strange Case of Dr. Beaver, Part I” by Jean Roseman; “Vandy’s First Night Game” by Bill Traughber; “Slam-punk contest” (1982); “Pearl High Leader Won Scholarship When Only 15” (1958); “Telephonic” (1884); “Attempted Suicide” (1874); “Sherman Nickens” by Larry Brinton; “Streets and Attitude Distress Out-Of-Towner” (1974); “Clothing Stolen” (1958); “Mary Bledsoe” by Paul Clements; “Head Fer Th’ Hills, Men” Hillbilly Day (1958); “Killed the White Men” (1801); “Public Schools” (1848); “The Largest Man” (1895); “Our Court-House” (1824); “White Man Turns Black” (1912); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


August 2017

VOL. 9, No. 2- “Fort Negley Restoration Before Group” (1963); “Revolutionary Hero” (1802); “William Walker” (1856); “Beware of the Counterfeit Ticket!” (1867); “A Quiet Thursday—Good Order at the Polls” (1867); “In Anticipation of World’s End” (1910); “‘Corpse’ in River Denies it’s Dead; ‘Just Resting’” (1941); “First Army Unit Alerted For Duty” (1950); “Accept Husband ‘As Is’ and Stop Longing for Romantic Other” (1947); “Hoo! Hoo! Hooie!—Old NC Tootin’ Last, But Love Lives” NC&StL (1957); “Fifty Gallons Of Port Wine Taken” (1917); “Marilyn Monroe’s Death Climax To Life Of Sadness” (1962); “McNairy County Sheriff Ambushed, Wife Killed” (1967); “FAA official praises city at airport dedication” (1987); “Artifact: Girl Scout program for Eleanor Roosevelt” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Russians Have Questions, Touring Nashvillian Finds” (1962); “Children Meet ‘Freddie’ The Porcupine” (1950); “Playing Wiffle Ball, Part II” by Tom Henderson III; “Walked Thirty Miles” (1867); “Excitement in Edgefield” (1867); “Where the Reign of Terror Was” (1867); “Turned Out” (1867); “Brownlow’s Majority” (1867); “Tennessee Girls” (1867); “A Wonderful Chicken” (1867); “Re-opening of the Adelphi” (1867); “Montgomery Bell Academy” (1867); “Asserting their Rights” (1867); “The Colored People on The North Nashville Street Railroad” (1867); “Suicide” (1867); “Northern Capitalists” (1867); “Has He Soul?” (1867); “A Belligerent Female in the Recorder’s Court” (1867); “Photography” (1867); “The Fisk School University” (1867); “A Sad Spectacle” (1867); “Protest Against Proposed Location” (1911); “We’re Having A ‘Youth Quake’” (1965); “Last Weeping Willow” (1891); “In the Seats of Their Fathers, Part II” family church pews (1904); “Aunt Louise” by Larry Brinton; “The Railroad Merger That Rocked Nashville” by Ralcon Wagner; “Life in Nashville One Hundred Years Ago” (1932); “Samuel Barton” by Paul Clements; Cain-Sloan calculator ad (1972); “Old-Timer’s log-rafting stories fall silent” (1983); “War with the Musquito Tribe of—Insects”and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach


July 2017

VOL. 9, No. 1-“Independence” (1811); “Increase of Population” (1824); “Hunting Down Colored Republicans” (1867); “Hottest Day” (1867); “Negro Dies In Electric Chair” First electrocution (1916); “Escape Was Miraculous” (1907); McCann Steel Co. flag photo (1977); “City Shivers In ‘Mystery’ Cool Wave” (1937); “A Woman Who Openly Pursues A Man Will Run Him Off” (1937); “Hee Haw’s Beauregard Dies” (1975); “Actor Penn smacks into public eye” (1985); “$12-million General Jackson showboat is christened” (1985); “Artifact: The Christian Counselor” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Cher Too Bare, Jokes Granny Allman” (1975); “Playing Wiffle Ball, Part One” by Tom Henderson III; “Cool It, Bear” Edgefield polar bear statues (1975); “Fulton Festival” (1972); “Railroad Bridge” (1867); “A Warning to the Freedmen of Tenenssee” (1867); “The Meeting at the Capitol Last Night” (1867); “120 Degrees” (1867); “The Glorious Fourth” (1867): “Handsome Present” (1867); “The Street Car Case” (1867); “Conservative Conciliation” (1867); “Base Ball Clubs” (1867); “A Fable” (1867); “Drinking Ice Water” (1867); “Freedman’s Bureau Hospital” (1867); “Duke Keeps Cranking Out Opry Programs; No Misses” (1976); “Novel Contrivance” (1855); “Photography” (1855); “Gas” at the Capitol (1855); “Happy Edgefield!” (1883); “Comic Ballet Set For Hadley Park” (1956); “Tennis Pro Buchholz Conducts Clinics” (1961); “East Nashville’s Venerable Ideal Laundry To Topple” (1968); “Flimflam artists working Nashville” (1985); “Irish Potato Crop” (1856); “Negros Gain Strength In White Exodus: Jordan” (1968); “Opryland’s Instant Success Brings Growing Traffic Woes” (1972); “Blind Girl’s Terrible Experience With Robber” (1907); “In the Seats of Their Fathers, Part I” family church pews (1904); “Old Cowboy Star Hoxie Got ‘Fed Up’” (1975); “Attuck Blues” (1855); “The City’s First Night Game” by Bill Traughber; “The Sword Swallower” (1895); “Indians” (1808); “Freshet” (1823); “Daniel Smith, Part 4” by Paul Clements; Hales Cut Rate Drug advertisement (1958); “Humor” (1808); “The Joke Makers” (1895); “Free Barbecue” (1856); “Confederate Commander Will Arrive Here Tuesday” (1925); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach




June 2017

VOL. 8, No. 12-“Happy Opry Tradition Coming To End” (1973); “The Widow and the Widower” (1839); “Return of the Volunteers” Mexican-American War (1847); “Banishment and Disfranchisement” (1867); “River Gives Up Its Dead” (1894); “Thos. A. Edison In Nashville” (1906); “Parents Need To Remember Their Own Youth” (1945); “Indian Village Uncovered In Granny White Area” (1973); “A Hissing Incident” (1908); “2 Hitler Youths Are Executed For Espionage” (1945); “Nashville’s gays thrive despite opposition” (1983); “Artifacts: Werthan Double Duty Bags” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Airman Falls Down Shaft” (1957); “Colorful Miss Has Problem On Her Driver’s License” (1959); Nashville Pure Milk Co. ad (1945); “Down on the Farm” by Tom Henderson III; “The Funeral of Frank Parish” (1867); “Sad Accident—Man Run Over by a Locomotive” (1867); “Shall Colored Person Ride In Street Cars?” (1867); “Arrested for Assault” (1867); “The Colored Schools” (1867); “The Jewish Faith” (1867); “The Street Car Question” (1867); “Memphis Rebels” (1867); “Nearly Complete” Deaderick Street (1867); “Colored Base Ball Clubs” (1867); “Mysterious Sickness” (1867); “No Cholera Yet” (1867); “A Dog Fight” (1867); “Shot and Poisoned” (1867); “Discharged” (1867); “Arrested and Fined” (1867); “Voters Registered” (1867); “Freaks of Lightning” (1867); “Wonderful Indeed—A Great Curiosity” (1867); “A Curious Relic” (1867); “The Workhouse” (1867); “The Street Car Question Again” (1867); “A Nashville Publishing Enterprise” Gen. Robert Hatton (1867); “One Hundred Graves” (1867); “Flies” (1867); “Indian Burial Site Guarded By State Law” (1973); “The Noble Dead” (1874); “Baths” (1825); “Terrible Disaster” Brooklyn Bridge (1883); “Creek Indians” (1814); “Nashville’s 1st public school now Hume-Fogg” (1988); “Johnsons Aid Fan Fair Success” (1973); “Nashville Negroes Honor Woman Who Gave Life For Their Race” Joanna P. Moore (1935); “Nashville Scrapbook” cartoon, Old Glory Flag (1960); “Want of Shade Trees” (1825); “The Night Boots Got Booted” by Bill Traughber; “Daniel Smith, Part III” by Paul Clements; “Indians Object To Being Imitated In The Movies” (1932); “Switch Engine Demolishes Car” (1927); “Rockabilly Hits of the 50s Are Valuable Items” (1973); “Public Granary” (1825); “Police Court” (1857); “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach


May 2017

VOL. 8, No. 11-Wehrley & Hynes still ad (1817); Female Dentist ad (1817); “Eclipse of the Sun” (1900); “Negro Race Not Under A Ban” (1897); “Women Sacrifice More in Marrying” (1936); Bicentennial troop reenactors photo (1976); “Smile! You’re On…Candid Camera?” (1964); “World’s Fair opens with thousands attending” (1982); “Riverfront Park July opening set” (1983); “Cholera” (1837); “White-Washing” (1867); “Accident” (1867); “Brass Knucks” (1887); “Hubby Trifled While Wife Worked, Charge” (1922); “Says Colleges Got Husband’s Remains” (1913); “‘Concrete’ Boulevard Renovated” (1864); “Artifacts: Harveys statement” by Clinton J. Holloway; “60-Year-Old Negro Grocery Plans Supermarket Chain” Otey’s (1964); “Female Jockeyism” (1803); “Red Rover, Red Rover” by Tom Henderson III; “Hebrew Citizens” (1867); “Registration” voter (1867); “Gov. Brownlow’s Address” (1867); “A Warning to Parents and Children” (1867); “Ghost in Wilson County” (1867); “Arrested a White Man” (1867); “Fisk and McKee Schools” (1867); “Our Church Improvements” (1867); “A Nuisance” (1867); “The Sulphur Springs” (1867); “A Noble Boy” (1867); “Laying on of Hands” (1867); “Baptismal Services” (1867); “Fort Negley” (1867); “Mollie May” (1867); “Appropriating Corporation Earth” (1867); “A Young Reprobate” (1867); “Sad Accident” (1867); “Another accident” (1867); “A Poor Lunatic” (1867); “Cruelty” (1867); “The Penitentiary Crowded” (1867); “A Fearful Ride” (1867); “Malformation Extraordinary” (1867); “Nashville May Get First Permanent Wax Museum” (1967); “Mystery Solved And ‘It’ Is A Man” (1908); “Portland Asks Help To Pick Strawberries” (1956); Tennessee Prparatory school track team photo (1964); “Fear of Ridicule Caused Monkey Law Repeal: Scopes” (1967); “James K. Polk” (1837); “Public School Celebration” (1856); “A Lebanon Fracas” (1875); “Steam Ship Robert Fulton” (1820); “Music City U.S.A.? Change That To ‘Mausoleum City’ (1975); “Tonsils Ought To Be Removed” (1912); “Cleaning Up” (1846); “$40,000 Fire Destroys Home” (1954); “Ginger Beer” (1897); “Loew’s President Against Screen Ads” (1931); Nashville Symphony Youth Orchestra photo (1964); “Pungent Paragraphs” (1922); “Musical Group Celebrates 30th Birthday” Woman’s Musicale (1947); “Gen. Jackson’s Health” (1837); “Daniel Smith, Part II” by Paul Clements; “Teepee Replica At Show” (1966); “Thomas Jefferson” (1801) “Bad White Man” (1907); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach


April 2017

VOL. 8, No. 10-“Sword Unsheathed By Uncle Sam” (1917); “Melancholy Accident!” (1805); “Loss of the Brandywine” (1832); “Corps d’ Afrique” (1867); “Great Mass Meeting of the Citizens of Davidson County” (1867); “Our Relations With Russia” (1878); “Editor Warns Doctors: Time Short To Fight Medicare” (1962); “Slayer Pines For ‘Hot Stool’” (1926); “New Fair Park ‘Whips Up’ Fun” (1952); “Monster Scales Union Station” (1955); “Monster’s Off Tower—Until Next April 1” (1955); “Don’t Dress Like a Little Flapper at the Office” (1941); “Buena Vista Students Ill After Lunch” (1981); “Artifacts: Banner/Tennessean sign” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Move For Crippled” Junior League Home photo (1962); “Where the Action Was” by Tom Henderson III; “Man Shot” (1867); “Father Ryan” (1867); “The Fire Last Night” (1867); “Fire in the Country” (1867); “Conservative Colored Convention” (1867); “Peach Crop” (1867); “Missed” (1867); “Discharged” (1867); “An Infant Murdered” (1867); “Elder David Lipscomb” (1867); “Female Suffrage” (1867); “To the Capitalists of Nashville” (1867); “Decorations of the Graves of the Confederate Dead Yesterday” (1867); Dan Castello’s Great Show circus ad (1867); Fair Park ad (1952); Dorothy Dix ad (1926); “Aurora Borealis” (1894); “The Flying Dutchman: Honus Wagner” by Bill Traughber; “Error in Surveying” (1818); “Tents Spread on Slopes at Belle Meade” (1917); “Threats on Lives of Congressmen” (1917); “Desecration of Flag Prohibited” (1917); “Announcement” E.B. Stahlman (1917); “‘The Birth of a Nation’ at Vendome To-Night” (1917); “Tots At Andrew Jackson Homes and East Nashville Thrill To Egg Hunt” (1956); “Ice” (1855); “Recipe to Kill Cockroaches” (1824); “Radnor Lake Suit of Negroes Called” (1926); “Ready For Easter” photo at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (1971); “Daniel Smith: Part I” by Paul Clements; “Preservation of the Indians” (1826); “Opry Scenes Wrap Up Movie” (1974); “Teen-Ager Flying Home After Treatment Here” (1962); “Edgefield” (1876); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


March 2017

VOL. 8, No. 9-“Havoc Wrought By Tornado At Murfreesboro” (1913); “Extravagant Hearsays” (1808)’ “Troublesome Negroes” (1867); “Outrage by Soldiers” (1867); “This Suffragist Did Not Need Police Protection” (1913); “Against ‘Jim Crow’ Law” (1905); “Don’t Let Others Try To Manage Your Life” (1934); “Reagan hails Jackson’s ideals to legislators” (1982); “City heritage lured many presidents” (1982); “Sheriff Breaks Up ‘Call Girl’ Operation” (1958); “‘Inner Loop’ Formally Opened” (1972); “Artifacts: Hitchhiker’s Dream” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Youngsters: Shell A Dud; ‘Playing With It Two Years” (1977); “Story Time” by Tom Henderson III; “The Floods” (1867); “An Interesting Case — Colored Husband and White Wife” (1867); “Wrestling” (1867); “Smallpox” (1867); “Destitute People” (1867); “The Suffering Poor — A Praiseworthy Move” (1867); “Stop It” (1867); “Relief Meeting” (1867); “Uniformed Police” (1867); “The Religious Awakening” (1867); “Fleeing from Destitution” (1867); “White, Black and Mulatto” (1856); “Hundreds See Storm’s Work” (1913); “Found On Battlefield Of Stones River” (1903); “Pristine Six-Lane Highway” by Ralcon Wagner; “Old-Timers Recall Infancy of Telephone Industry in Nashville” (1926); “Shot His Wife” (1873); “Protest Role in War” (1967); “The Old Police Station” by Larry Brinton; “26 Nurses Capped” (1958); “Want Women Kept From The Saloons” (1913); “Poll Tax Must Be Paid Not Later Than March 15” (1921); “To the Citizens of Nashville” Fire companies (1814); “Died” Mrs. C.B. Bradford (1820); “Sulphur Springs Bottom” by Bill Traughber; “Capers CME church hails slave founders” (1982); “Wingless Army Plane Stops Here” (1940); “John Rains, Part II” by Paul Clements; “A Gravestone Mystery Solved” by James Morgan; “Some refugees ache to go home, but without hope” (1982); “A-Student Wayne McInturff Activities Wide, Varied” (1958); “Negro Emigration” (1895); “Immigrants Buying Lands In Tennessee” (1913); Francisco hats ad (1876); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


February 2017

VOL. 8, No. 8-“Woman Slashed; Ax-Man Hunted” (1936); “Timothy Demmbruen” (1811); “State Rights and the Rights of States &c” (1827); “Early Fire” Mercy Hospital (1911); “Spoiled Child Unable To Meet Life’s Hardships” (1937); “Child Marriage Bill Quickly Passes Senate” (1937); “Air Crash Kills 3 Rock, Roll Idols” (1959); “One Of Them Is A Lady” photo (1974); “Tennessee Abortion Laws Struck Down” (1973); “Spitting, Swapping, ’N’ Cussing Make Old-Timers Feel At Home” (1978); “Negroes at the Capitol” (1867); “Fast Driving on the Bridge” (1867); “Last Act in the Negro Drama—A Rich Scene at the Capitol” (1867); “Artifacts: William Edmunds’ Nurse” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Girls Should Urge Date To Slow Down, Save Lives” (1960); “Unlawful To Drive Faster Than A Walk” (1909); “Going to the Game” by Tom Henderson III; “Our Radical Governor” (1867); “Legistlative—The Colored Franchise Bill Becomes Law” (1867); “A Right Pert Negro” (1867); “Colored Mass Meeting” (1867); “Colored Element” (1867) “Colored Celebration at Columbia” (1867); “Colored Citizens” (1867); “As Might be Expected” (1867); “A Racy Letter from a Would-Be Colored Candidate for Governor” (1867); “Rapine and Murder” (1867); “Be Not Decieved” (1912); “One Hundred Years Old” ballot box (1886); “Vols of 1921, Early ‘30s Are Old Timers Honerees” (1967); “Ground Hog Day” (1897); “Humor, Patience Lead To A Long Life” (1974); “Tall Moonshiner In Toils Again” (1927); “Distressing—Probable Suicide” (1846); “School At Mt. Juliet; Loss $50,000” (1942); “Ballroom Dancing Makes Comeback Among Youth” (1974); “3-Dimensional TV?” (1953); “Keep Open Mind On Flying Saucers, Club Advised” (1961); “Vickie’s Mysterious Death” by Larry Brinton; “Careful, Lady, There’s a Wolf at the Door” Cal Alley cartoon (1943); “Cal Alley Cartoons Trace Quarter-Century of History” (1974); “Frances Batson, a Nashville Slave Narrative” (1936-38); “Study of Black History Salutary” (1974); “Meigs Gets Track Trophy” (1958); “Historic Franklin Taking on New Life” (1912); Majestic Theater ad for “The Smart Set” (1912); “John Rains” by Paul Clements; “Historic Homes To Be Restored” (1968); “DJ takes memories as he leaves mike” Jim Kent (1984); “Talbots Hotel” (1811); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


January 2017

VOL. 8, No. 7-“Most Snow Since ’29” (1964); “Caution to owners of Slaves” (1825); “Free Negroes Look Sharp!’ (1825); “Burned to a Crisp” (1887); “Follow These Rules When Angling for a Husband” (1937); “‘Chameleon’ Rock ’n Rock Record Is ‘Banned’ Here” (1964); “48 Arrested At Williamson Cockfight” (1961); “Star-Shaped Snow Flakes” (1867); “Freedmen’s Celebration” (1867); “‘Fake Priest’ Jailed” (1964); “Soviets in Syria could cause crisis in Mideast” (1983); “Artifacts: Tolbert Fanning CDV” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Shoppers Surge In As Harveys Opens” (1958); “Local Play Houses Safe” (1904); “Gone Fishin’” by Tom Henderson III; “Martin Luther King Honored” (1981); “Atlanta is Ahead of Us” (1867); “Our Suspension Bridge” (1867); “Wanted at Lawyer” (1867); “A Quiet City” (1867); “Too Many Contrabands” (1867); “Child Smothered” (1867); “Assault on a White Man” (1867); “An Evil to be Suppressed” (1867); “A Salt Well” (1867); “Benevolent” (1867); “A Suggestion to our Street Railroads” (1867); “St. Cecilia Academy” (1867); “Blasting” (1867); “Genuine Winter” (1867); “Sport for the Boys” (1867); “The Mud” (1867); “A Delegation of Choctaw Indians in the City” (1867); “The Great Foot Race” (1867); “The Spectators in the Galleries at the Capitol” (1867); “Cooper’s Spacecraft Visits Nashville” (1964); “One Cent Reward” (1819); “Poor Blind Tom” (1894); “L&N Aids Snowbound Hear Patient” (1978): Metro firefighters March of Dimes photo (1964); “Emancipation Celebration” (1904 and 1908); “Squirrel Solves Personal Problem in Unusual Way” (1933); “Women’s Demanding Roles Highlighted By Program” (1964); “Lives till 1915 As He Predicted” (1915); “Women’s Liberation Criticized In Book” (1973); “Girls Find Pipe A Pip” (1964); “Words Without Song” cartoon (1894); “Patrolman John True” by Larry Brinton; “Lt. Nickens On A Hot Seat As Chief of Metro Homicide” (1980); “Fun In The Snow” (1964); “Old-Timers Grudgingly Say Modern Cold Is Pretty Bad” (1936); “Andrew Castleman” by Paul Clements; Olshine’s advertisement (1948); “The Human Society” (1896); “Total Eclipse of Moon is Witnessed” (1917); “Historical Society to Get Ancient Gun” (1933); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawling Hach.


December 2016

VOL. 8, No. 6-“Congress Declares War” (1941); “Pacific War Brought Close Home For Nashville Families” (1941); “Negro Resentment!! Mrs. Dinah’s Petticoat!!!” (1836); “Stampede of Free Negroes” (1856); “Forty Hour Work Week Will Not Bring Domestic Bliss” (1933); “‘Panty Raid’ Punishment Determined” (1957); “Klan Is Ignored As Crowd Enjoys Christmas Parade” (1980); “The Lulliputian Army Moves On Santa Claus” (1903); “President Urges Respect For Law And Order” Prohibition Repeal (1933); “Keep A Light In The Window” Fannie Battle Day Home (1956); “Stripe and Plaid” (1866); “Miscegenation” (1866); “Artifacts: A.L Crabb Christmas Card” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Yuletide Scene” downtown photo (1959); “Home Cooking, Part III” by Tom Henderson III; “Marching Off To Battle” (1964); “A Strike Among Colored Laborers” (1866); “A Wandering and Eccentric Vagrant” (1866); “A Sad and Inexplicable Case of Insanity” (1866); “Scalded to Death” (1866); “A Fortune Teller Come to Grief” (1866); “Dreadful Fire at Columbia” (1866); “Slave Claims” (1866); “Sad Accident” (1866); “Skating and Sledding” (1866); “Maxwell House” (1866); “Anniversary of the Battle of Nashville” (1866); “Omnibus Overturns” (1866); “Warming Street-Cars” (1866); Phillips & Buttorff toy advertisement (1939); “Toy Department Exciting As Christmas Nears” (1959); “Nativity Scene Gone 13 Years Now” (1980); “Trangressors Halted by Holy Hint” (1973); “Man Wears Makeup To Get Job” (1959); “Pearl Harbor and Nashville Sports” by Bill Traughber; “Fort Campbell Men Recall Pearl Harbor Ten Years Ago” (1951); “Japan’s Power Called ‘Myth,’ U.S. Urged To Wield ‘Big Stick’” (1941); “Fantasy Man” by Larry Brinton; “Discarding the Mask” Ku Klux Klan (1874); “Calm Christmas Eve Recorded In Nashville” (1973); “Knocked Down By A Street Car” (1905); “Noted Confidence Man” (1895); “Prince Arrives” (1980); “More Amusement” (1829); “CBS Tapes Suffragette Documentary In Nashville” (1973); “Sally Buchanan” by Paul Clements; “Scouts Help Needy” (1958); “The First Southern Locomotive” (1856); “Melancholy” (1849); “Motor Manners Reminder Posted” (1951); “Remember These?” old records (1973); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawlings Hach


November 2016

VOL. 8, No. 5-“Singer Dead In Bizarre Music Row Case” (1975); “Indian Captive” (1818); “A Strong Minded Yankee Girl” (1857); “These Lassies Have Plenty Of Basketball Ability, Too” (1967); “Serious Charge” (1886); “Weeping Is No Longer A Weapon For Women To Use” (1926); “Campbell Troops Say A-Bomb Is ‘Good Thing’” (1951); “Toy Cart Brings Smiles To General Hospital Ward” (1956); “Cave Fallout Shelter for 2,000” (1962); “Harry Houdini, Magician, Dies” (1926); “Banner Will Not Accept Hard Liquor Ads” (1933); “The Sisters of Mercy” (1866); “The Poisoning Case” (1866); “Artifacts: Campbell’s Business Directory” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Only Charred Bills Remain of Savings” (1937); “Home Cooking, Part Two” by Tom Henderson III; “Inexperienced” (1866); “Growth of Nashville” (1866); “Strange Rumor” (1866); “Another Suicide” (1866); “Another Destructive Conflagration” (1866); “The Burning of that School” Brentwood (1866); “The Future of the Negro Race” (1866); “The Burial of a Distinguished Colored Man” (1866); “Church Dedication” (1866); “Attempt to Arrest Harper” (1866); “Sausage Season” (1866); “Shame on Humanity” (1866); “Fine School Building” (1866); “Residence of Gen. Zollicoffer” (1866); “Rite of Baptism” (1866); “The Railroad Robbers” (1866); “Not Quite Married” (1866); “Queer Phenomena” (1866); “A Winter Suggestion” (1866); “Self-Consciousness Easy to Overcome” (1936); “Here Comes McCartney” Goat man (1957); “Protest Filming Of ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’” (1926); “Victim Of Influenza At Camp Wadsworth” (1918); “People Are Indignant” (1904); “Imprisonment for Debt” (1818); “Delivering the Louisiana Country” (1803); “Unforgettable 1937 Hidden Ball Play Recalled By Vandy Players At Reunion” (1962); “Respect of All” (1874); “Murder on Nine Mile Hill” by Larry Brinton; “Ty Cobb Played Nashville” by Bill Traughber; “Smart Dog” (1886); “Major John Buchanan” by Paul Clements; “Public Executions” (1824); “Cherokee Indians” (1818); “Into The Wings Of History” Bijou Theater (1957); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawlings Hach


October 2016

VOL. 8, No. 4-“Warning to Young Fellows” (1810); “Cherokee Emigration” (1838); “Frightful Wave of Crime” (1907); “Almost a Panic” (1897); “Girl in Early Teens Grave Problem to Parents Today” (1937); “Tampering scare haunts Halloween” (1982); “New Street Cars in Parade” (1926); “Abandoned Infant” (1866); “A Man Drugs Himself to Death” (1866); “Moral Cowards” (1866); “Sensational Preaching” (1879); “‘Big Beat’ Music Outwits Critics” (1965); “Art ifacts: ‘Smart Bear’ by Tom Tichenor’” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Reminder Of The Past” chestnuts (1958); “Home Cooking: Part I” by Tom Henderson III; “Necromancy Extraordinary” (1866); “Subsidence of the Cholera” (1866); “The Base Ball Match” (1866); “Returned” (1866); “The Cholera Vanished—Restrictions Removed” (1866); “One of His Little Ones” (1866); “Local Jottings” (1866); “The Cholera in Nashville” (1866); “Excitement about Vagrant Negroes” (1866); “Wrestling Match—Negro Wins” (1866); “Pigeons” (1866); “Horrible Occurrence” (1866); “Fast Driving” (1866); “Colored Sabbath School” (1866); “The Great Ice Wagon Chase” by Brian Allison; “Baseball Dreams Come True” Johnny Beazley by Bill Traughber; “Ghosts Walk and Fun Reigns as Halloween Spirit Grips City” (1925); “Growing Up in Hillsboro Village” by Larry Brinton; “Great Pumpkins! Costumes Make Halloween More Spirited” (1976); “Pretty Village Girl Falls To Lure of Dress” (1919); “Beer Bottles Deflect Shots, Save Man’s Life” (1944); “Charlotte Robertson” by Paul Clements; “Finds Grave of Anthony Foster” (1917); “An Accident” (1856); “Old Relics” (1873); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawlings Hach


September 2016

VOL. 8, No. 3-“Perpetual Motion!” (1835); “Cholera in the Suburbs” (1866); “Rank and Poisonous” (1866); “The Suspension Bridge at Nashville” (1850); “Taken Out and Hung” (1874); “Murder in London” Jack the Ripper (1895); “Policeman’s Handy Gun” (1907); “Tossing Pitchfork Causes Tragedy” (1908); “Self-Centered, Morbid Women Are Unpopular With All Men” (1936); “Jimmy Carter Not Fuzzy On Issues, Wife Says” (1976); “13 Negroes Quietly Enter 6 City Schools” (1958); “Newborn found at East High” (1985); “Ban of ‘Deep Throat’ May Not Be Contested” (1973); “Artifact: Tennessee Farmer periodical” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Reminder For Holiday Driving” THP photo (1961); “An Education in Mischief: Part 5” by Tom Henderson III; “Cheapest Article” (1866); “Sudden Death” (1866); “Precautions against Cholera” (1866); “Watermelons” (1866); “Not an Epidemic” (1866); “Western Suburbs” (1866); “Succulent Fruit” (1866); “Exaggerated Reports” (1866); “Marked Increase” (1866); “Mortuary Report” (1866); “Large Increase” (1866); “Tar Burning” (1866); “Culminating Point” (1866); “The Exodus” (1866); “Fort Negley” (1866); “Afraid of the Cholera” (1866); “Cholera Preventative” (1866); “Cholera Cigar” (1866); “Very Heavy Mortality” (1866); “Green Walnuts” (1866); “Nashville’s Only Violin Maker Learned From ‘Fiddle Mizer’” (1925); “The Colony of Rugby” (1895); “195th Hour Finds 4 Couples Still in Marathon Dance” (1928); “Parthenon Burglar Breaks Out With $120” (1964); “360 Negroes In Mixed Classes Here” (1961); “The Duncan Hotel” by Tom Vickstrom; “100 Deer Ordered For Game Farm” (1940) “Sidewalk Artist” (1958); “My Early Stories” by Larry Brinton; “RCA Sweats Out Reaction To Jesus-Football Recording” (1976); “Fair Attracts 91,000 Firs Half Week” (1958); “James Robertson: Part XXV” by Paul Clements; “Mystery Of Tombstone And Its Missing Grave” (1973); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawlings Hach


August 2016

VOL. 8, No. 2-“GIs Oust McMinn Tyrant Rule” (1946); “Buzzards Feasting” (1838); “Still Another Landmark to be Razed” (1878); “Hundreds of Dead Fish in the Cumberland River” (1937); “Are Most Men Afraid Of Women?” (1938); “Prime rate drops to 15% in big banks” (1982); “Drunks ruining city’s image” (1982); “Extremely Dull” (1866); “Walking with Prostitutes” (1866); “Colored State Convention” (1866); “Melancholy Event” (1848); “Can’t It Be Stopped” (1878); “Free Milk For The Negro Babies” (1913); “‘Come Disarm Us,’ Nazis Dare U.S., Britain” (1941); “Hold On, Everybody! Another Beatle Book!” (1965); “Artifact: Gray & Dudley display” by Clinton J. Holloway; “All-Year School Gets Attention” (1925); “Death from Sunstroke” (1878); “Boy Swimmer Revived” (1959); “An Education in Mischief: Part 4” by Tom Henderson III; “The Cholera” (1866); “A White Man Arrested For Living With A Negro Woman” (1866); “Rumor in the City” (1866); “The Sanitary Condition of Nashville” (1866); “Somnambulism” (1866); “Highly Favored” (1866); “Garbage” (1866); “The County Poor House” (1866); “Martial Law at an End—Civil Authority Restored” (1866); “Korn Juice” (1866); “Mosquitoes” (1866); “Firing Pistol Inside the Corporation” (1866); “A Wife Whipper” (1866); “Killed by Lightning” (1866); “A Fine Dog Died” (1866); “Rat Trap” (1866); “Rosy Young Irish Girl” (1866); “Men-Only Jobs Give Way At Meharry” (1973); “Local Orphans View ‘Treasure Island’” (1959); “‘Sunshine Special’ Carries 1,450 Happy Orphans On Joy Ride Today” (1922); “First-Year Falcons in Nashville” by Bill Traughber; “Gene Autry Here Getting State Fair Visit Lined Up” (1959; “Wishing to Remove” Shelby’s Fatherland (1849); “Snappy Church Advertisement Lure to Sinners” (1922); Fairgrounds Speedway demolition derby ad (1964); “B. Banner Visits Another Local Lass, D. Shore, At Home” (1949); “1918 Prison Break” by Larry Brinton; “Paddled” (1874); “Mules or Dummies?” (1887); “The Sulphur Spring” (1838); “James Robertson: Part XXIV” by Paul Clements; Woolco shoe ad (1973); “Defying Death” photos of stunt (1975); “Was It A Dead Man?” (1892); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawlings Hach


July 2016

VOL. 8, No. 1-“Negroes for Sale” (1814); “Hemp Wanted” (1814); “Demise of the Patriarchs Jefferson and Adams” (1826); “Don’t Heed Such Reports” (1866); “Still They Come—A Few More Cases of Miscegenation” (1866); “How Proposed Ryman Auditorium Will Look” (1936); “Indignant People” (1895); “Like a Leech to the Negro” (1907); “A Summer Hint” (1907); “Robot Killer Deadly Weapon of Future War” (1935); “Says ‘Movies’ Will be in the Schools” (1913); “Do Women Dress for Men or for Other Women?” (1937); “Girls Escape from Vocational School” (1926); “Performing Arts Center Fire Damage Slight” (1978); “Artifacts: Red Grooms postcard” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Items chart county’s crime” (1982); “An Education in Mischief, Part 3” by Tom Henderson III; “Hungry? Sleepless? Baby Crying?” all-night stores (1972); “Phoof! Pow! Bubble-Blowers Have Big Blowout at Richland Park” (1950); “Some Remarkably Well Preserved Old Folks” (1907); “Startling Annnouncement” (1874); “Steam-bleching threshers evoke warmth of nostalgia” (1983); “Find of Square Nails Recalls Days of Old” (1928); “Look at Young Cassius Carry the Fight” by Bill Traughber; “Memories of Nashville Midtown” by Ken Donnelly; “Old St. Thomas nursing school becomes rubble” (1983); “The Pestilence That Walketh in Darkness” (1850); “Franklin Cold Case” by Larry Brinton; “James Robertson, Part XXIII” by Paul Clements; “Hermitage Gun Club” (1903): “Maxwell House” (1866); “Marriage and Celibacy” (1866); “Melancholy Occurrence” (1866); “The Celebration of the Fourth” (1866); “A Gang of Outlaws” (1866); “Plain Counsels for Freedmen” (1866); “A Female ‘M.D.’ on Women’s Privileges and Rights” (1866); “Poisoning Dogs” (1866); “Costly Bathing” (1866); “The Methodist Episcopal Church South vs. The African Methodist Church” (1866); “Reconstruction” (1866); “Abouts in Rats” (1866); “‘Melon Thumper’ Proves His Skill” (1950); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawlings Hach




June 2016

VOL. 7, No. 12-“Our Country Cousins at the State Library” (1873); “Policeman Beats Helpless Girl” (1908); “Girls Partly To Blame For Men’s Bad Manners” (1935); “18 Soldiers Die In Truck Accident” (1943); “Fan Fair Draws 13,000 Visitors For Country Music” (1978); “Dog Alters Altar Plans” (1968); “Troubles of a Publisher” (1904); “Crime Of Future: Computer Data Theft” (1976); “The Suspension Bridge” (1866); “The Hurricane” (1866); “Artifacts: Tennessee Sesquicentennial” by Clinton J. Holloway, “Separate Room Planned For Women Firefighers” (1978); “Graffiti At Shelby Park Well Stirs Memories Of Past” (1978); Tanksley family boating photo (1956); “An Education in Mischief: Part Two” by Tom Henderson III; “Tennessee’s Gold Star Soldiers of WWI” by Allison Griffey; “2 German-Born Boys, 42 Others Become Citizens” (1956); “The Wrong Medicine” (1874); “Fourth of July” (1823); Town and Country Gold Association at McCabe Field (1956); “Negro School Teacher Suite To Be Studied” (1941); “City Council—Strange Doings” (1838); “Hunted Down” (1883); “One-Armed Gray Plays in Nashville” by Bill Traughber; “At Home With The Chet Atkins” (1971); “Memories flow as stadium falls” (1987); “The New Synagogue” (1874); “Are Advertisements Read?” (1873); Cascade Plunge advertisement (1970); “The Wrong Man” by Larry Brinton; “Honest Man Found In Spelling Match” (1943); “Grew Tired Of Married Life” (1915); “Hermitage Cotton” (1844); War Manpower Commission advertisement for strawberry pickers (1943); “Nashville Observes Flag Day” (1976); “Run Over by a Train” (1866); “A Success” street cars (1866); “Shooting Affair on Summer Street—Nobody Hurt” (1866); “The Hail Storm” (1866); “The Fisk School” (1866); “Stagger in Her Gait” (1866); “Negro Testimony” (1866); “Bloomerism” (1866); “The Confederate Dead” (1866); “Hail” (1866); “Demoralized” (1866); “How to Make the City Grow” (1866); “Lewdness” (1866); “Naughty” (1866); “South Germantown” (1866); “James Robertson: Part XXII” by Paul Clements; “Fishing For Prizes” Shelby Park photo (1978); “Make June No-Accident Month” cartoon by Jack Know (1947); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawlings Hach


May 2016

VOL. 7, No. 11-“The Nose” (1804); “Awful Calamity” Natchez tornado (1840); “The Lion and Lioness” (1819); “Lady Cyclists” (1900); “Men Don’t Prefer Blondes; Just Look At Their Wives” (1926); Opryland mascots color photo (1980); “Papers Blown Over 100 Miles By Tornado” (1971); “Judge Drops Charges Against ‘Footstomper’” (1974); “Confederate Bills Are Back In Style” (1961); “Spitting On [Street] Cars Brings Protest” (1922); “Quality Passenger Service Chief Aim Of Amtrak Rails” (1971); “Socialist State Proclaimed By Castro” (1961); “The Hissing at the Theatre” (1866); “Artifacts: H.G. Hill packet” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Fast Time Wrong Pitch For 2nd Grade Newsman” Clemons (1956); “An Education in Mischief” by Tom Henderson III; “Purse Snatcher Is Sentenced 20 Years” (1939); Coggin Chevrolet advertisement (1956); “Rooster Spurs Baby, Injury Proves Fatal” (1908); 3rd District track race photos (1958); “Racism, Either Black or White, Wrong, Wilkins Tells Fisk Grads” (1975); “Whopper Caught At Centennial” (1961); “Where is Iroquois?” by Bill Traughber; “Rider won fourth in first Steeplechase pony race” (2016); “Julius Caesar By Boys” Brennan’s Military Academy (1893); “Glendale Students Enact Smashing Grand Old Opry” (1980); “Bicycle Skill Winners” (1958); “Jewelry Heist in Belle Meade” by Larry Brinton; “McEwen Man Has Followed World Happenings In BANNER 64 Years” (1961); “May Day” (1856); “Effect of the Street Cars” (1866); “Great Riot” (1866); “African Foundling” (1866); “Killed at a Ball” (1866); “Express Messanger Killed” (1866); “Colored Carpenters” (1866); “A Crying Evil” (1866); “Acquitted” (1866); “A Conflict of Soldiers” (1866); “A Mexican Raid” (1866); “Catastrophe at Clarksville” (1866); “Collision With A Street Car” (1866); “Drowned” (1866); “Advisers of the Negro” (1866); “Improvements at the Court House” (1866); “James Robertson: Part XXI” by Paul Clements; “144 Votes To Run For City Council Seats” (1961); “NIL Tennis Champions” (1971); “Under the old Flag” (1886); “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawlings Hach


April 2016

VOL. 7, No. 10-“The Buried Alive” (1826); “Suburban Property” (1857); Shriner clowns photo (1974); “3 Charged In ‘Abortion Attempt’” (1964); “An Ignorant White Man” (1908); “Too Many Women Think Marriage Is All Romance” (1941); “Evils Charged To Woman Suffrage” (1924); “Strippers Still Grin And Bare It” (1978); “Boy Who Ate Six Dozen Oranges Dead” (1924); “Homosexuals to air views with new weekly newspaper” (1988); Marine recruits (1941); “A Gang of Colored Marauders Broken” (1866); “Artifacts: White Cap annual” by Clinton J. Holloway; Maxwell House hotel demolition (1964); TV schedule (1956); “Bear, Wine & Whiskey: Part 2” by Tom Henderson III; “Bill Wade” by Bill Traughber; Family Booterie jogging ad (1969); “The Circus I Remember” by Glenn Cocke; “County Spelling Champions Draw Many Spectators” (1938); “Be Tactful in Your Telephone Conversations” (1943); “Two-Bit Haricut Still Alive” (1974); “Boy, 10, drives his father’s car to school” (1988); “The Tobacco Habit” (1886); “Opryland Full House” photo (1978); “Large Hail” (1807); “Remarkable” January 8th (1817); “Fountain of Health!” ad (1817); “Forbidding Advertisements by Bands of Music” (1896); “Her Secret Life” by Larry Brinton; Cain-Sloan Phone-Mate 400 ad (1974); “The Girls Came Prepared, So Did The Batboy” photos (1964); “The Comet” (1866); “The War Ended—Peace Declared!” (1866); “Restoration of Habeas Corpus” (1866); “Colored Mortality” (1866); “The Cholera—Is it Contagious?” (1866); “The Brownlow-Woodruff Difficulty” (1866); “Edgefield” (1866); “Again we say Close the Old Cemetery” (1866); “Infanticide” (1866); “James Roberson: Part XX” by Paul Clements; “Hippodrome Rink Opens Auspiciously” (1866); “Remember When…” Boyscout soap box photo (1978); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawlings Hach


March 2016

VOL. 7, No. 9-“Avalanche of Flames In East Nashville” (1916); “Hippie Group Nearing Area, Farm Elusive” The Farm (1971); “Cut to Death” (1907); “What If Husband Did Dance With Show Girl?” (1934); “Crowd Of 400 Protests; Busing Hearing Halted” (1971); “A Boy Lost” (1873); “Col. Crockett” (1831); “A Cure For Love” (1843); “‘Suicide, Murder’ Draws Scores of Police to Theater” (1950); “No Money-Man Give Oil Paint” to Red Cross (1941); “Extraordinary Feats on the Tight Rope” (1866); “Accident at the Insane Asylum” (1866); “Negro Soldiers” (1866); “The Party at Gen. Harding’s” (1866) “Inebriated” (1866); “Freedman’s Court” (1866); “Remains of Hon. Robert Hatton” (1866); “A Lunatic at Large” (1866); “The Confederate Dead at Franklin” (1866); “General Fisk” (1866); “Artifacts: ‘Tennessee Waltz’ sheet music” by Clinton J. Holloway; Belmont baseball pitchers photo (1971); Hendersonville Commandoes basketball photo (1961); L.E. Saunders & Sons calculator ad (1971); “Beer, Wine & Whiskey” by Tom Henderson III; Pyrene fire extinguisher ad (1916); “Get 450 Feet of Fire Film” (1916); “Woman Feels From Bath Tub: (1916); “Troops Withdrawn This Afternoon (1916); “Fire Department Suffers Big Loss” (1916); “The Life and Death of a Sporting Man” by Brian Alison; “Contest Being Used To Promote Interest In Anti-Rabies Program” (1961); “Negro Equality” (1873); “Murder in Christiana” by Larry Brinton; Danderine advertisement (1916); “Board of Health” (1825); “James Robertson: Part XIX” by Paul Clements; “Gen. James Robertson” monument (1897); “Tennessee Silk” (1843); “The First [Street] Car Started” (1866); and “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phila Rawlings Hach


February 2016

VOL. 7, No. 8-“Six Shot In Columbia Race Riot” (1946); “A Flea Bitten Gray Horse” (1892); “Indians” (1818); “Punishment of Mob is Sought” (1918); “Stop It” (1875); “Woman of Seventy Finds Old Age To Be Blessed Estate” (1937); “Paddle Discipline Deters ‘Punks’ Here” (1958); “Streetcar Makes Final Run; Modern Buses Take Over” (1941); “Ireland Street Shacks Show Housing Challenge” (1967); “Reconstruction—The South Peaceable” (1866); “Artifacts: John Wesley Work III home” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Lockeland Closely Linked With Nashville’s History” (1939); “Blowing Smoke” by Tom Henderson III; “Day of the Demi-Monde” (1875) Mardi Gras in Nashville; “From 1777 to 1882” (1882); “Tobacco” (1818); “Race Segregation Laws Are Defended” (1917); “75 Years Later: A Look Back At Streetcars in Nashville” by Ralcon Wagner; “Valentines” (1852); “Washington’s Birth Day” (1837); “Horse Flesh” (1897); “‘Coon Shipment Received” (1959); “Coppers” (1843); “Death Threat Mars Vandy-LSU Game” by Bill Traughber; ‘’Send Me Backup’” by Larry Brinton; “Theater Managers Asked To Show Wholesome Films” (1961); “East Nashville Mass-Meeting” (1918); “All Smiles At Children’s Home” (1967) Baptist; “James Robertson: Part XVIII” by Paul Clements; “New Idea For A Racing Bicycle” (1897); “Home Made Ice” (1866); “Street Railway” (1866); “The Freedom of the Press” (1866); “Desperados Captured” (1866); “Chinese Labor” (1866); “Let the Aristocrats Rage” (1866); “Giving way for Civil Authority” (1866); “Suspension Bridge” (1866); “Found Dead” (1866);“Kitchen Kollege Reciptes” by Phila Rawlings Hach; And More.


January 2016

VOL. 7, No. 7-“Notice” (1808); “Franklin’s Waggery” (1818); “”Nameless Crime’ By White Assailant” (1907); “Why Is More Demanded Of Women Than of Men?” (1937); “State’s Hostile Weather Shouldn’t Be A Surprise” (1973); “8 railroad cars jump the tracks” (1983); “Hotel To Get Lady Barbers” (1958); “Nashville Pays Tribute to Robert E. Lee” (1939); “Belmont Classes To Resume After Blaze” (1973); “Robbery” (1866); “A Robber Shot” (1866); “The Africans in the Late Contest” (1866); “The Christian Advocate” (1866); “General Fisk” (1866); “Suspension Bridge” (1866); “Suffrage” (1866); “Church and State—American Eden” (1866); “Riotous Conduct” (1866); “The Gale” (1866); “The End of the Heffernan Murderers” (1866); “The Street Railroad” (1866); “Aritfacts: Maxwell House chair” by Clinton J. Holloway; “On the Importance of Archives; Interview with Dr. Wayne Moore” by Allen Forkum; “Crosses Mark Fatalities” photo (1958); “Old Time Religion” by Tom Henderson III; “Snazzy Transfer Stations Put Bus Travel In High Gear” (1956); “Negro Paste Wages Successful War on Crime” (1941); “Woman of 82 Found Locked In Frigid Room” (1941); “Once-Luxurious Pullman ‘Palm Beach’ Side-Tracked Until Better Days Return” (1980); “Campbell Minstrels” (1858); “Restuarant Chain Disdains Hype” Cracker Barrell (1980); “Meriwether Lewis” (1836); “Small Pox Apprehension” (1846); “UK Reacts Differently To Pressure Away From Home” (1959); “The Maxwell House: Part 2” by Tom Vickstrom; “A Trail of Blood” by Larry Brinton; “Laying The Alleys At Inglewood Lanes” (1959); “James Robertson: Part XVII” by Paul Clements; “Old Hickory Remembered” (1959); “Indian Finds Nashville Strange” (1968); “Freed From The Physic Habit” (1920); “Circus” (1827) “Kitchen Kollege Reciptes” by Phila Rawlings Hach; And More.


December 2015

VOL. 7, No. 6-“Flight Out Of City Hijacked” (1968); “Distressing Accident” (1814); “Young America Writes Santa Claus” (1904); “Grandma Has Earned What Rest She Can Get” (1951); “Tear Down Ryman, Acuff Recommends” (1976); “Historic Find” (1972) Civil War shell; “Mercury Reached 72 Last Night To Best 1892” (1951); “War, Red Tape Yield To Christmas Spirit” (1951); “Carry a Deadly Weapon” (1865); “Once More Peaceable” (1865) “Notorious Lewdness” (1865); “Contracts with Freedmaen” (1865); “Probable Infanticide” (1865); “Our City Government—The Freedman’s Bureau” (1865); “Exit Slavery” (1865); “Is It True!” (1865); “Shooting at Citizens” (1865); “A Queer Spec.” (1865); “Negro Riot in Clarksville” (1865); “Disturbance at Murfreesboro” (1865); “Colored Population” (1865); “Artifacts: Spiced Round” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Prices Down on Some Country Albums” (1976); “Hideouts” by Tom Henderson III; “Passengers Had Mixed Emotions” (1968); “Mourns Mistress Who Died in Fire” (1937); “New Puppet Show At Library” (1968) Tom Tichenor; “Humor” (1804); “A Highland Sailor Brought To” (1872); “Extension of Telephone Lines” (1882); “I Have an Idea” (1823); “Tennessee State Library” (1859); “The Maxwell House, Part 1” by Tom Vickstrom; “Loss of ‘Belle of Clarksville’” (1844); “Death Insurance” buy Larry Brinton; “A Fire Escape Test” (1895); “Probable Murder” (1854); “Firemen Helping Santa” (1968); “James Robertson, Part XVI” by Paul Clements; “Cars Shoot Downtown Rapids” (1968); “Bottled Letter Takes 18 Days On Cumberland River Route” (1951); “Explosion” (1849); “Unwed Mother To Get Child Back When Re-Established” (1951); and “Kitchen Kollege Reciptes” by Phila Rawlings Hach; And More.


November 2015

VOL. 7, No. 5-“Robbery!!” (1820); “An Interesting Slave Case” (1853); “Accounts from Japan” (1853); “Negro Saloons Closed” (1865); “Prisoner Almost Trapped in Blaze” (1936); “The Veiled Lady” (1886); “Men Should Flee From Lovelorn Maidens” (1941); “Liquor Coming For Christmas” (1925); “Moslem ‘Holy War’ On British Called (1951); “Visited Area Of Arab-Israeli Fighting” (1956); “Stripper Claims She Gave Elvis Pelvis Tip” (1956); “Mt. Juliet Parents Offered Aid After Prom Ban” (1966); “Lace Skirts And All, Ryan Footballers Turn To Ballet” (1962); “Artifacts: Phila Rawlings Hach cookbooks” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Atomic veteran remembers nation’s first Armistice Day” (1986); “Hitchin’ a Ride” by Tom Henderson III; “Personality Of The Week: Mrs. Ross Stevens” (1971); “Dog Thieves” (1886); “Unwelcome Customer” (1961); “Work Starts To Rid City of Rats” (1939); “Nashville Ale” (1875); “Child Medical Center At VU ‘Most Complete’” (1962); “Blasting” (1886); “Courthouse Burns At Gainesboro” (1926); “Playboy To Focus On ‘Girls Of New South’” (1976); Rex Theatre ad for “Marihuana” (1936); “Kathy Nishiyama” by Larry Brinton; “Selling Coors Beer Still Not Permitted” (1979); “Public Gratitude” (1815); Cain-Sloan ad for Confederate cap (1951); “‘Tell Me Why’ Contest Winner Likes Reading (1964); “Poor Rule” (1865); “On the Rampage” (1865); “Miscegenation” (1865); “Open Lewdness” (1865); “Cave Robbers” (1865); “Lots in Edgefield” (1865); “Deadly Weapons (1865); “War in Smokey” (1865); “Hell’s Half Acre” (1865); “The Carnival of Crime” (1865); “Arming the Citizens” (1865); “James Robertson, Part XV” by Paul Clements; “Donelson Youngsters Get Concert Preview” (1951); “Courses Bring Death ‘Into Focus’” (1975); “Colored Republican” (1886); and “Kitchen Kollege Reciptes” by Phila Rawlings Hach; And More.


October 2015

VOL. 7, No. 4-“Creapey Greetin” (1976) Sir Cecil Creape photo; “Local TV ghoul haunts Opry House ‘catacombs’” (1985); “Belle Meade blast fatal to housewife” (1985); “Stop the Runaway” (1804); “A Fuss on the Sabbath” (1850); “Men Are Far More Vain Than Women” (1927); “4th ‘Bigfoot’ Report Prompts Bellevue Hunt” (1977); “Grand Ole Opry To Be Nationally Telecast” (1955); “Public Meeting: New Hotel” (1836); “To Tobacco Growers” (1842); “Artifacts: 1948 Vandy Football Ticket” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Mustic therapy sparks rush of memories” (1986); “Dinner Dances Are Features Of Weekend” (1969); “Halloween 1959” by Tom Henderson III; “Lynyrd Syknyrd’s APSU Show Is Cancelled (1977); “For the Ladies” (1825) horoscope; “Drawing the Color Line” (1907); “In A Blaze of Glory” (1969) Miss Fire Prevention photo “Buffalo Bill Comes to Town” by Bill Traughger; “He Kept His Vow” (1887); “A Great Impression” (1897) cartoon; “Logan’s Shopping Center” by John Zuccarello Jr.; “‘Motorized’ Auot Proves To Be Toy” (1927); “Anti-Chinese Papers” (1873); “Negro Demonstration” (1865); “Whipping Women” (1865); “Small Pox” (1865); “Free Blow” (1865) solar eclipse; “Wonderful Discover—A Robber’s Cave in the Old Graveyard” (1865); “Champ Ferguson’s Death” (1865); “The Wonder of the Age” (1865); “Inhuman” (1865) “The Great Caves” (1865); “The Lapidus Murder” by Larry Brinton; “Sergeant Cites ‘Lewd’ Standard For Raids” (1977); “A Conductor on Tramps” (1877); “Night Drivers Warned Against Glaring Lights” (1947); “Movie Spawns Hot Time In Old Town” (1969) Gregory Peck; “The Stage” (1887); “Banner’s Daily Fashion Hint” (1897); “Costly Prank” (1907); “James Robertson, Part XIV” by Paul Clements; “Last Call On ‘Vanishing Era’” (1955) photo; “Firemen Remain At Scene Of Textile Firm Blaze” (1969); and “Kitchen Kollege Reciptes” by Phila Rawlings Hach; And More.


September 2015

VOL. 7, No. 3-“Anecdote” (1801); “Ceased To Be Enemies” (1819); “The Well Caved In Upon Him” (1828); “Advocating Amalgamation” (1856) “Nashville Dope Addicts In Panic” (1927); “The Colored Vote” (1883); “To Celebrate Emancipation” (1916); “Not A Mouthful” (1891); “They’ve Got Pull At State Fair” mules (1958); “Women In Their Thirties Most Attractive To Men” (1940); “Jerry Lee Lewis Swings Into City For Session” (1962); “Undercover Man Tells Of Life With Moonshiners” (1958); “Artifact: Hermitage Souvenir Plate” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Late And Important From The Moon” (1835); “Mast of Low, Profitless Margin, Grocer Becomes Local Hero” (1957); “Back to School” by Tom Henderson III; “For Soon the Bell Tolls” (1955); “Hubbard Getting New Look For Obstetrics Wards” (1958); “Officials Visit Patients” Vanderbilt (1964); “Frightful Railroad Accident” (1865); “Breaking up Negro Schools” (1865); “A Public Nuisance” “negro balls” (1865); “The Greatest Baseball Game Ever Played in the South” by Bill Traughber; “Much Rain” (1819); “Another Fatal Affray” (1838); “New Caravan of Living Animals” (1828); “New Skating Rink In West Nashville” (1908); “Strong Negro Teams to Play Here Sunday” (1927); “Hillbilly Beachhead” (1958); “Litton Leader Urges Halt of Hoodlumism” (1958); “St. Thomas Nuns To Don New Garb By Dior” (1964); “Flea Market Intrigue” by Larry Brinton; “State Fair Rides Make Designs In Light” (1964); “Nightly Fireworks Display” (1964); “Mayor Joins Fun” (1964); “James Robertson, Part XIII” by Paul Clements; “Century-Old Cabin To Be Destroyed” (1964); “For Korean Doctor, change From Orient Breathtaking” (1958); “Clock Ticks 131 Years” (1958);;“Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phil Rawlings Hach; And More.


August 2015

VOL. 7, No. 2-“Banner Editor Saves Visitor’s Life” (1963); “Chinese Preacher” (1846); “Disreputable Practice” (1884); “Nashville Disturbed” earthquake (1887); “The Cow Law” (1896); “H.G. Hill Grocery Co.” (1911); “Man Ruled By Wife Is Not Necessarily Weak” (1937); “Girl Gets Kiss From Donny Osmond” (1973); “Addresses Gather Of Klan Principles” (1925); “Quiet Tribute Paid ‘Old Hickory’ by 30th” (1947); Cumberland Sanitarium ad (1913); “Artifacts: Harpeth Hall pocket” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Stolen Horses” (1802); “Gun-making Business” (1818); “Mail Robbery” (1823); “ICE! ICE!! ICE!!!” (1838); “Mickey Rooney Blows Into Town For One-Night Stand at Sulphur Dell” (1950); “Kids Tell Your Parents To Buy This” by Tom Henderson III; “Shoppers Get Fast Start In NEVD Bargain Hunt” (1963); “No More Politickin’, Please” photo (1958); “Mystery Still Shrouds Missing Cornerstone” library (1963); “…For Want OF Firemen” (1963); “Still On The Job At 92” photo (1963); “Boscobel College” by Floy McPherson; “Part of Penney Loot Recovered” (1963); “Granland Rice Injured On Train” (1913); “A Financial Discussion” cartoon (1896); “The Negro Convention” (1865); “A City Hospital” (1865); “A Touching Incident” (1865); “The Freedmen’s Bureau” (1865); “Oil” (1865); “Outrageous Conduct Of Negro Soldiers” (1865); “Rush-Hour Traffic Ills Being Studied By Police” (1963); "Corny As Kansas In August?” (1963); “Ridgetop Inn” by Larry Brinton; “A&I Instructor Due To Return To India As Agriculture Advisor” (1958); “‘Going Bananas’ Appeals To Whole Bunch At Festival” (1972); “Firemen Called to Rescue Boy as Water Fills Locked Bathroom” (1932); “Girl Held After Attempt To Jump From Bridge” (1947); “James Robertson, Part XII” by Paul Clements; “Indian Graves Unearthed” (1958); “Relics of Past Ages” (1874);“Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phil Rawlings Hach; And More.


July 2015

VOL. 7, No. 1-“The Regulators” (1808); “Second Bomb Wrecks Burger Bar” Griff’s (1968); “Famed Broad-Jumper Ralph Boston Performs For Kids” (1962); “Wonderful Snake Story” (1874); “Nashville Bridge” (1823); “Lynchings Down For Half Year” (1917); “Make Poor Housekeeping Grounds For Divorce” (1937); “Secretary’s Abduction ‘Hoax;’ Authorities Say Case Closed” (1958); “Study: Most Gays Do Not Exhibit Bizarre Behavior” (1978); “Swim Pupils Practice At Shelby Park Pool” (1958); “Artifacts: Francis Craig photo” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Old Courthouse” (1935); “Fireworks!” by Tom Henderson III; “Patriots Rest in Weeds” (1937); “Theaters” (1978); “‘On A Clear Day You Can See…’ Nashville’s New Skyline” (1968); “Dry Official Describes Local Drinking Places” (1935); “Women Spend Busy Day Behind Wheel” (1978); “Fairgrounds Speedway: New seats, New Layout, New Track” (1958); “Terrific Hailstorm” (1896); “Colemere Club Is Scene Of Indian Pow Wow” (1958); “Nashville Woman Sells Invention” (1926); “Judge Sterling Gray” by Larry Brinton; “A Great Convenience” (1865); “Champ Ferguson” (1865); “Arrival of Major-General Sherman” (1865); “Selling Poison” (1865); “Blind Tom” (1865); “Death of a Venerable Citizen” Felix Robertson; “A Ruse” (1865); “James Robertson, Part XI” by Paul Clements; “‘Black Horse,’ or Printers’ Alley” (1858); “The Poor of Nashville” (1884); “A Time For Action” (1958); “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phil Rawlings Hach; And More.




June 2015

VOL. 6, No. 12-“Johnny Cash Asks Guests to Sing for Supper” (1976); “Alarm!” (1803); “Convinced Whites Were The Aggressors” (1803); “First Night Flight Made” (1910); “Physical Defects Need Not Stand In Way Of Love” (1935); “Will The Sheriff Act?” (1907); “Smoldering Tempers Flare Anew After Square Dance” (1956); “Firemen Extinguish Fire House Fire” (1950); “Purple People Eaters Cause Furor In City” (1958); Sen. Barry Goldwater fundraiser photo (1964); “Artifacts: Alfred Stieglizt Collection catalog” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Falling of a Building” (1865); “Decidedly Mean” (1865); “Demoralization Among the Negroes” (1865); “The Captiol” (1865); “Tonight At Sulphur Dell Shrine’s ‘Big Show’ Begins” (1956); “The Gators” by Tom Henderson III; “Summer Days at Opryland” by Todd Camp Jr.; “Stolen Billfold’s Recovery Brings Flood of Memories” (1956); “Killing of Birds In City Is Prohibited, Public Is Warned” (1948); “Freeman’s 120-Year-Old Bible Was Waterlogged, But Survived” (1976); “Cholera” (1835); “Hundreds of Millions Face Death In Atom War” (1956); “Funny Taste Of Water To Leave” (1960); “Over 400 Compete For Prizes In Bike 500” (1963); “Drowning Victim Shows Up; Stirs Up Mystery Here” (1948); “Nashville To The Rescue” Frank James trial (1883); “Young Couple Wed In Haste” (1904); “Large Crowd Attends Free Moving Pictures” (1915); “Negro Maid Recovers Lost Mortgage Fund” (1926); “Dr. Lentz Urges Teenagers To Take Free Polio Shots” (1956): “Fourth of July” (1818); “The Gospel Advocate” (1855); “Buck Owens Back And ‘Enemy’ Is Gone” (1976); “Black Country Singer Wants To ‘De-Taboo’ Racial Slams” (1976); “The Marable Murder” by Larry Brinton; “Crimes More Frequent?” (1843); “‘Rock And Roll’ May Be Fad, But To Dad It’s Bad” (1956); “Duelling” (1824); “Mysterious Death” (1873); “James Robertson, Part X” by Paul Clements; “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phil Rawlings Hach; and 1908 map of East Nashville.; And More.


May 2015

VOL. 6, No. 11-“Judge Lynch!” (1892); “Loosen The Colonel’s Reins, Elvis” (1975); Civil War news from May 1865; “‘Get a Wife for a Dime’ Creates Letter Mania (1935); “Life at Forty Has Fewer Thrills and Fewer Tears” (1935); “View ‘Electronic Brain’” (1957); “A Horseback Wedding” (1966); “Artifacts: Camp Harker” by Clinton J. Holloway; “The War of 1812: Part XII” by Tom Kanon; “Scouting Days” by Tom Henderson III; “Taking The Plunge Out Of Swimming” Cascade Plunge (1975); Cascade Plunge ad (1958); “Girl Write Mother, Unaware She Is Dead” (1926); “Man Is Charged With Seditious Utterances” (1917); “The Capitol” (1845); “Built-In Kitchen” photo of Home Show (1966); “Belle Meade Motel” by John Zuccarello Jr.; “Gets Even With All Those Coppers” (1958); “Nashville In Disgrace Again” (1875); “Criminal Justice Back Then” by Larry Brinton; “Bedlam in Black Bottom” review of “Barney and Clyde” by Mike Slate; "Cameron Students Volunteer For Advanced, No-Credit Math Class” (1958); “Getting In Shape For Derby” (1958); “James Robertson: Part IX” by Paul Clements; “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phil Rawlings Hach; and “Hitler is Dead” (1945); And More.


April 2015

VOL. 6, No. 10-“President Lincoln Assassinated In The Theatre!” (1865); “The War Is Bringing A Revolution For Women” (1943); “The Tennessean’s ‘Mysterious Woman’” (1916); “Negroes In Jail” (1817); “House Votes Down ‘Monkey Law’” (1967); Civil War news from April 1865; “Flesh-Flashing Fad Fading” (1974); “Show Cars Give Peek Into Future” (1967); “Sayings and Doings In Volunteer State” (1909); “Initial Trip For Interurban Car” (1909); “Artifacts: Leo A. Seltzer’s Walkathon” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Easter Egg Hunts at Belle Meade, Richland, Colemere are Events” (1958); "Appalling Catastrophe" wreck of the Sultana (1865); “Fads of My Youth” by Tom Henderson III; “No Fudging, Bub!” photo of kids playing marbles; “Red Cross Leaders Optimistic About Getting Goal by Friday” (1950); “Boys Clubbers Tour Bridge Firm” (1958); “Died” Capt. Thomas Bedford (1804); Ad for Dr. C.C. Winfrey, dentist (1919); “Our Status” (1875); “Added Attractions At Glendale Zoo” (1919); “Goodletssville Shootout” by Larry Brinton; “People Just Don’t Wear Seat Belts” (1967); “Woman Discovers Plane Door in Victory Garden” (1943); “Providential Escape” (1838); “The Went To Church” (1886); “Irish Travelers Here for Annual Conclave” (1938);; “Separation Even in Heaven” Greedwood Park (1907); “James Robertson: Part VIII” by Paul Clements; “Cash’s Amqui Train Station Begins Move” (1979) and; "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


March 2015

VOL. 6, No. 9-“Truck Explodes On Clarksville Highway” (1950); “25 Cents Reward” (1823); “Nashville Is Not ‘The Cleanest City’” (1965); “McGavock ‘Topless’ Dance Called ‘Poor Judgement’” (1972); Civil War news from March 1865; “Not All Girls Who Get Married Are Better” (1942); “Thousands Pack Line Of Parade” (1919); “Nashvillian Called Nazi Propagandist” (1934); “Artifacts: VSAC Basketball Tournament program” by Clinton J. Holloway; “The War of 1812, Part XI: The Trial of Andrew Jackson” by Tom Kanon; “Free Toy Inside” by Tom Henderson III; “There Really Are UFOs, Admits AF” (1965); “Federal Building Takes Shape” (1950); “Gossett’s Barn Scene Of Square Dance” (1955); “Ferry Is Stranded By Power Failure” (1965); “Civil Rights—How The Law Will Work” (1875); “Mad Dogs Cause Scare In City” (1925); “A Remarkable Ride” (1895); “Fist Fight at Sulphur Dell” by Bill Traughber; “The Diamond Heist” by Larry Brinton; “Imprisonment For Debt” (1839); “Scientific Experiments” (1845); “The Rights of Married Women” (1845); “James Robertson, Part VII” by Paul Clements; “Buffalo Roam But Not At Home, Hendersonville Doctor Discovers” (1977); “School was near razing before fire” (1985) Parmer and; "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


February 2015

VOL. 6, No. 8-“Child Tooth Decay Here Cut 74 Pct.” (1959); “PEACE” (1815); “An Isolated Life” (1876); “Profane Swearing” (1856); “Prize Fighters Indicted” (1894); “No Girl Obligated To Support Lazy Brothers” (1938); “Bill of Sale For Negro Slave Found Here” (1938); “Proposes To Enforce Anti-Spit Law” (1909); “Judge Urges ‘Wife-Slapping’ To Decrease Divorce Cases” (1939); “Checkless, Moneyless Society Eyed By Banks” (1968); “2-Way Approach Gives Officers Safe Friday, 13th” (1959); Civil War news from February 1865; “Artifacts: Cheek-Neal’s Coffee can” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Noted Hollywood Dance Director Visits Nashville” (1939); “‘Pig’ Robbins Wears Carpet Thin On 22 Trips To Stage For Awards” (1975); “Basketball Days” by Tom Henderson III; “Ceremony reveals Metro employee ‘unknown Malone’” (1986); “Winner Gives Advice About Science Fair” (1959); “Antioch Students Ask Forgiveness For Incident” (1959); “A Forest Of Bee Trees” (1886); “Striking Scenes of Children’s Mardi Gras at Franklin” (1938); Hippodrome advertisement (1909); “Nashville Slot-Rodders Club Offers Winter Pastime For Auto Dragstrip Enthusiasts” (1964); “A Public Library” (1838); “Importance of Recreation” (1856); “Tons Of Blackbirds Killed By Spray” (1975); “Brother’s Heroism Saves Girl’s Life” (1917); “The Pinball King” by Larry Brinton; “Horse Driven To Death By Intoxicated Youth” (1917); “James Robertson: Part VI” by Paul Clements; “Fair Park gets new owner, new look” (1986); “Hacking Hats” (1875) and; "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


January 2015

VOL. 6, No. 7-“Accuse Police Of Abusing Innocent People” (1940); “The Sea Serpent Again!!!” (1821); Civil War news from January 1865; “Architect Sees Metro’s Future” (1969); “Country Music Too Sexy?” (1976); “The Camera Club” (1888); “Sticker Uncomplimentary To First Family Banned” (1936); “Important for Every Girl To Learn To Cook Well” (1938); “Dog Survives 3-Floor Fall, in Greeting Master” (1944); “Ban Is Placed On ‘White Slave’ Movies” (1917); “John Doe’s ‘Bandit’” (1952); “Artifacts: Lamar Alexander’s inaugural 1979 program” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Stop a Villain” (1821); “Capital Punishment—Isaac Dale” (1838); “Small Pox” (1846); “Dr. Beale’s Arctic Panorama” (1857); “Seeing Eye Official Visits Here” (1950); “McClure’s” by Tom Henderson III; “Vanderbilt Hospital Polio Ward Tops” (1959); “Heaviest Snow Here Since 1928” (1948); “Fisk University And Its Future” (1876); “Police Report Number Of Deaths” (1924); “Steam Heating Apparatus” (1857); “Accelerated Bolwing” Melrose Lanes (1958); “The War of 1812: Battle of New Orleans” by Dr. Tom Kanon; “Beyond Redemption” by Larry Brinton; “Hopewell Woman Can’t Get Rid Of Outdoor Privy” (1977); “James Robertson: Part V” by Paul Clements; “Victorious Director Altman Has Bitter Blast For Music City” (1976); “2 Madison College Students Fire 3rd Successful Rocket” (1958); “TV Whistle Wasn’t Rocket Signal: DeWitt” (1959); “Atlas See Here; Will Pass Over Sunday, Monday” (1959); "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


December 2014

VOL. 6, No. 6-“Lie Test Given ‘Suspect’ In Slayings” (1966); “Too Much Government” (1857); “Same Ol’ Civil War—But With New Twists” (1964); Civil War news from December 1864; “Children’s Letters for Santa Claus” (1907); “Men Always Write Code For Women To Live By” (1934); “Lady Barber Dismissed As Pants Irk Male Owner” (1972); “Puns and Punning” (1857); “Prohibition Is Farce And Ku Klux Is National Peril, Governors Told” (1922); “State Prison Begins Auto Plate Making” (1937); “Artifacts: Civil War Times Illustrated” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Santa Gets Help” (1963); “Christmas 1958” by Tom Henderson III; “A family’s first Christmas Day alone” (1982); “The Battle of Nashville” by Jamie Gillum; “The First Game at Memorial Gymnasium” by Bill Traughber; “Mania Grips Students” (1962); “Prisoners Allowed Christmas Decorations” (1963); “Jolly Christmas” (1876); “A Nuisance” (1836); “Bellevue vs. Overton” (1972): “Deborah and Phyllis” by Larry Brinton; “James Robertson: Part IV” by Paul Clements; “It’s Crackling Time” (1974); "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


November 2014

VOL. 6, No. 5-“Blaze Destroys DuPont School” (1967); “Flu Cases Exceeded 100,000 in Tennessee” (1918); “Typographical Errors” (1814); Civil War news from November 1864; “Many Women Reach Age Of Indiscretion When Forty” (1937); “Balloon Ascension a Magnificent Affair” (1841); “Frantic Mystery Man Says He’ll Wait—Then” (1956); “Islamic Fundamentalism Said Revived In Mideast” (1979); “Christmas Comes Early For Leukemia Victim” (1956); “Officers Solve Baffling Mystery” (1918); “Artifacts: ‘Firsts In Nashville’ booklet” by Clinton J. Holloway; Photo of motorcycle officer chased by dog (1941); “1974” by Tom Henderson III; “The War of 1812: Part IX” by Dr. Tom Kanon; “Shoes Are Too Expensive” (1904); “The Battle of Franklin” by Jamie Gillum; “Battle Ground Memories” by Paul Clements; “Santa Gets Big Boost” (1962); “Mind Reading” (1875); “State Colonization Society of Tennessee” (1831); “Veterans Solemnly Remembered” (1966); “I-440 Opponents Protest” (1976); “Youngster Make Use Of Holiday” snow (1966); “But Not For Long” kids playing in Cumberland River (1956); Classified ads from November 1962; “The DuPont School Fires” by Larry Brinton; Coppersmith’s ad (1820); “James Robertson: Part III” by Paul Clements; “Kitchen Kollege Recipes” by Phil Rawlings Hach; And More.


October 2014

VOL. 6, No. 4-; “Believe Russian Satellite Over City” (1957); “‘Candidates…disguise their real sentiments” (1826); “A Lot Of Goings-On With 17 Children” (1971); “Cyanide kills one; another is critical” (1986); “Helen Keller is a Socialist” (1913); “Poverty Helps to Develop the Ability to Succeed” (1937); “A Great Curiosity” (1856); “Mass Meeting of Colored Citizens” (1873); “Bad Eggs” (1884); “Mischief, Suffering and Banditry Hide Behind Halloween Mask Here” (1937); “Artifacts: Supper at the Maxwell House” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Will The Real Dummy…” Whitey Ford (1974); “Banner in Wesley Hall Cornerstone” (1937); “Animal House” by Tom Henderson III; “Car phone hot in construction business” (1986); “Betty Banner At John Trammell’s Birthday Party” (1964); “An ‘Admirer of Patriotism and Merit Unequaled’” Sevier Monument by Gordon T. Belt; “Reservoir Given Sky-Blue Cover” (1974); “West Basin Ready About Next Friday” (1907); “The Bell Witch” by James Brooks; “Nashville Hub Of 5 Planned Roads” (1959); “Badly Disappointed” (1873); “The Lude Party” by Larry Brinton; “James Robertson, Part II” by Paul Clements; “Local Brothers Here With ‘Bama” Bear Bryant (1967); Dracula “in person” at local theaters advertisement (1958)"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


September 2014

VOL. 6, No. 3-“Our Capital Taken!” (1814); “General James Robertson is no more” (1814); “A Wicked Boy” (1874); “A Dark Mystery Solved” (1880); “Hull Interested In Hitler World Peace Proposal” (1937); “Dusk Highlights Fair’s Wonderment” (1968); “2nd Tragedy Hits Orbison In Two Years” (1968); “Women Don’t Mean Half of What They Write In Letters” (1940); “Long Hair Dispute May Go To Court” (1968); Civil War news from September 1864; “Hoodooed” (1884); “Grave Yields Catastrophic Find” (1978); “‘Stuff Of Rebellion Planted,’” Williams Says At Highlander” (1957); “Artifacts: The South-Western Monthly” by Clinton J. Holloway; Photo of Jones School segregation protestors (1957); “Washing Dishes” by Tom Henderson III; “River Barge Fire Attracts Big Crowd” (1940); “Quake may hit Tennessee by year 2000” (1985); Photo of Bill Covington’s 13th Annual Jr. Fishing Rodeo (1985); “Last Cherokee War Battle Site Now Park of Industrial Complex” Buchanan Station (1976); “A Directoy” (1824); Harley-Holt advertisement (1953); Photos from the 1968 State Fair; “Anti-Marijuana Rules Are Issued (1937); “Twenty-Five Autoists Arrested Last Night” (1916); “Happiness Reigns In Harper Valley” (1968); “Boy’s Playmates, With Own Blood, Aid in Life Fight” (1925); Photo of Madison High football players and cheerleader (1968); “Montague Beach” by Todd Camp Jr.; “The LaPrade Murders” by Larry Brinton; “Radnor Lake Fish Kill Said ‘Common Problem’” (1978); “James Robertson: Part I” by Paul Clements; “There Were No Flowers” (1985); Photo of Vanderbilt registration (1957); “Rare Banks On Display” (1957); "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


August 2014

VOL. 6, No. 2-“U.S. Accepts Iraq Regime” (1958); “Ryman ‘Is Not For Sale’ Despite $200,000 Bid” (1974); “The Secular Press” (1854); Civil War news from August 1864; “Boycott A Newspaper” (1892); “Immigration, Anarchism, Crime” (1907); “Old People Wise to Marry, In Their Own Age Class” (1937); “World Warming Up; Scientist Sees Signs In Arctic Region” (1952); “Records Reveal Climate Cooling” (1974); “A Suggestion” (1873); “Loud” (1873); “Nashville’s Largest Arsenal May Be Police Storage Room” (1974); “Artifacts: ‘Woodbine is home…’ brochure” by Clinton J. Holloway; “The War of 1812, Part VIII: The Treat of Fort Jackson” by Dr. Tom Kanon; “House Calls” by Tom Henderson III; “Vine Street Temple” by Jean Roseman; "Premier party proves Red hot” Red Grooms (1986); “Prepare for Bellevue Barebcue” (1959); “Child Bride Absent From School After Switching by Teacher” (1937); “The Weather, And So Forth” (1854); “Horn Blowers Warned Law Effective Now” (1941); “Ponder Over NEVD Bargains” (1959); “All Set For Beatles Show” (1965); “Improvements At Home” (1823); “Fire At Lebanon—The Factory In Ruins” (1854); “Atmosphere of Circus Haunts Curious Fans” (1941); “No Splinters In This Timepiece” (1974); "Deplorable Accident” (1873); “Insurrection, Gamblers, &c.” (1835); “Petey” cartoon by C.A. Voight (1922); Lotties Shoes advertisement (1974); Fox advertisement (1941); “Here Is Your Gun” by Larry Brinton; “Colonel John Donelson, Part IV” by Paul Clements; “Female Touch Shows In Cells” (1965); “Chuck Berry At Maceo’s Center” (1958); “No Possibilities Ignored” (1950); "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


July 2014

VOL. 6, No. 1-“Drums Along Duck River As Native Indians Return” (1972); “Horrid Massacre” (1814); “Only Drunk” (1894); “Parachute Didn’t Work” Glendale Park (1894); “Man Ruled by Mother Not Worth Much as a Husband” (1937); Civil War news from July 1864; “New Bethel” (1873); “Work of Lightning” (1901); “Dolly Parton fits right in as madam” (1982); “No Quick Relief From Pollution, Heat For State” (1972); “Artifacts: Character by Edward Ward Carmack” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Bicycle Riding Champions” (1962); “Man, 91, Loses Service Picture” (1962); “We All Scream For Ice Cream” by Tom Henderson III; “Iron Eyes Changing Indian Image” (1976); “Cherokee Emigration” (1838); “Temperance Meeting” (1843); “One Of 53 [Cisterns] Filled Here” (1957); “Kills 40-Inch Rattlesnake” (1957); “Shuttle just a hoax: Flat Earth Society” (1982); “Narcotic Law To Be Enforced” (1922); “Celebrate Opening Of Hadley Park” (1913); “Equilibrist at Shelby Park Today” (1894); Butter-Krust Bakery advertisement (1913); “A.Z. Kelley recalls tough school fight” (1982); “Record Producing Steps Are Many And Varied” (1972); “‘Nashville’s Own’ Movie Star, Melvyn Douglas, Drops Name By Which He Was Known Here” (1937); “‘Fierce’ Animals Featured In Annual Peabody Circus” (1950); “A True Test of Beauty” Paskola (1894); “More Nashville Characters” by Larry Brinton; Speed-A-Rama drive-in theaters advertisement (1962); “Colonel John Donelson: Part III” by Paul Clements; “Cascade Plunge Draws Crowd” (1922); “‘Plunges’ Into Talent Show” (1955); and "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.




June 2014

VOL. 5, No. 12-“To Men Of Patriotism And Enterprize” (1814); “Threatened Mob” (1874); Civil War news from June 1864; “Show Is Closed” Hypnotic Experiment (1897); “Local Leaflets” (1884); “Has Son Arrested After Marriage” (1927); “No Way To Stop Women Being Slaves To Fashion” (1937); “Lesbian-Gary Pride Week under way” (1983); “Flames Sweep Historic Home; Woman Saved” (1960); “Spicy Men’s Magazines Made Trial Exhibits” (1960); “Artifacts: Franklin Interurban shed” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Old Statues found in Clay County” (1983); “More Than A Janitor” by Tom Henderson III; “Bridge Target Date: 1962” Silliman Evans Bridge (1960); “Taking A Stroll” (1887); “We, the passengers of the Luella, acquit Capt. Couch” (1854); “‘We Love Tex’—But Tex [Ritter] Is Somewhere Else” (1970); “George Jones shows, sings in Williamson” (1983); “Women Best Jurors, Says Judge Florence E. Allen” (1927); “Lily Ice Cream Company Make Delicious Product” (1937); “Which Way To Zoo?” (1970); “Advertisement” (1803); “Nashville Bridge” (1823); “Death of the Sheriff of Davidson” (1838); “Departure of Volunteers” (1846); “‘Sunshine Cornsilk’” and Junior Samples (1970); “West Side Aquatic Club Works Out” (1960); “Brushy Mountain State Prison” by Larry Brinton; “Temple Sees Good Olympic Showing For U.S. Women” Wilma Rudolph (1960); “Colonel John Donelson: Part II: by Paul Clements; and "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


May 2014

VOL. 5, No. 11--“LOVELAW” (1824); “Olympic Park” (1907); Civil War news from May 1864; “Iran Policy Attacked By Reagan” (1980); “No Second Dates? It Is Probably Your Own Fault” (1942); “Nearly One-Third of Nashville Pupils 10 Per Cent Under Weight” (1922); “Find Your Roots, Haley Tells Youngsters” (1977); “Shoutin’, Stompin’ Fans Rock To Domino Tunes” (1959); “Artifacts: 1931 Hume-Fogg Baseball photo” by Clinton J. Holloway; “A Tribute To The Yardman” by Tom Henderson III; “Little Lamb Aids Hortense With School Patrol Duty” (1959); “East High Tracksters Win 18 Trophies” (1959); “Moonshining” (1894); “Negro Patrolman Added to Force” (1950); “Mad Dog Chasing In South Nashville” (1876); “Centennial Guns” (1876); “Off Into The River” (1900); “National DAR Officers Honored by State Regent” (1950); “Kusan Works For Santa All Year Round: (1977); “The Rifleman Homers At Sulphur Dell” by Bill Traughber; “Eight Sets Of Twins Attend Inglewood” (1980); “Bride-Deserter Takes Poison” (1912); “Metro Fire Rescue Plan For Invalids Gets Push” (1974); “Health Of The City” (1846); “The Public Square” (1856); “Henry Hodge” by Larry Brinton; “A Grave Reminder” Memorial Day photo (1977); “Colonel John Donelson” by Paul Clements; and "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


April 2014

VOL. 5, No. 10--“Fire-Eating Monkey Escapes Nightclub” (1979); “Blackest Mutiny” Execution of John Woods (1814); Roy Acuff with tuba photo (1963); “Things I hate” (1835); Civil War news from April 1864; “An Exciting Race” between train and horse (1873); “Lamp Upset By Cat” (1905); “Don’t Marry A Woman Just Because She Asks You To” (1941); “9 Lives Well Spent End at 21 for ‘Princess’; Tear Flow” (1948); “Dirigible Makes Landing at Dudley Field” (1938); “Brothers ‘On the Road’ 3 Years From L.A. to Here” (1966); “Artifacts: Princess the Cat” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Tennessee Ernie Presents Gold ‘Sixteen Tons’ To Hall Of Fame” (1969); “Historical Societies” (1846); “Cutting The Grass” by Tom Henderson III; “Nashville Girl Pianist Works With Thomas Edison” (1927); “Beautiful” (1873); “Tattered Battleflags Of Tennessee Unpacked” (1905); “Cy Young In Nashville” by Bill Traughber; “Penmanship” (1857); Buhl Credit Jewelers ad (1950); “Phrenology” (1835); “The Symbolic Head” of Phrenology (1842); “These Students To Participate In Variety Show” photo East High School (1950); “School Music, Art Festival Set May 10-12” photo Napier School (1950); “Talk For Wheelmen” bicycle riding (1896); “Pitching In” photo Mayor Richard Fulton et. al. (1983); “Samuel Butler Brown” by Larry Brinton; Cain-Sloan Co. ad for X-Ray Shoe Fitter (1938); “Madam Motor Parts Opens Here, ‘Will Add Glamour’ to Business” (1969); “You Can Autograph a Bomb When You Buy a War Bond” (1943); “Only The Beginning, Adolf” Tennessee Enamel Manufacturing Co. (1943); “Who Was Granny White?” by Paul Clements; “A Historic Stack” (1887); and "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


March 2014

VOL. 5, No. 9--“Dynamite Found On Tracks” (1967); “The Nashville Bridge—An Obstruction to Navigation” (1848); “Dry No More” photo of unescorted women having beer at Gerst House (1975); “The Elevator” (1882); Civil War news from March 1864; “‘Horseless City’ Is Coming Event” (1913); “Why Women Want To Wear Pants Is A Mystery” (1941); “Nashvillians back Plan for Men To Take Off Coats” (1942); “Bossom Obsession May Be Ending” (1967); “Great Natural Curiosity” (1835); “A Swat in March Save More Than a Million Swats in June” flies (1913); “NASCAR cancels races in Nashville” (1985); “Artifacts: The Corn Is Green program” by Clinton J. Holloway; “The War of 1812, Part VII: The Battle of Horseshoe Bend” by Dr. Tom Kanon; “The Milkman” by Tom Henderson III; “Live Mortar Found Children’s Plaything” (1975); “Hogwallow Excited By Stranger’s Visit” (1913); “Unearthed A Skeleton” (1897); WSIX-TV Channel 8 ad for “Live Wrestling” (1958); Kite-flying photo feature (1955); “Funny Sayings of Nashville Kiddies” (1913); “Crutches and Wheel Chairs Can Dance” Buena Vista School (1964); “They Went Whole Hog Till Somebody Up’n Squealed” (1958); “The Tennessee and Pacific Railroad” by Terry Coats; “Murder on Paradise Ridge” by Larry Brinton; O.K. Hager ad for Indian Motorcycles (1913); “Tabloid Sales Gross $225,000” Shriners (1967); “One Millionth Prescription” Moon Drugs (1975); “A Negro Exodus” (1892); “The History of Tennessee” (1820); “Booker T. Washington Visits State Normal” (1913); “Poor Little Waif” (1892); “Remembering Charlie Allen” by Paul Clements; and "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


February 2014

VOL. 5, No. 8--“Pro-Segregationists Storm Capitol” (1957); “Executed” Payne, Kirby and Carroll (1843); “A Wonderful Child” (1882); Civil War news from February 1864, including John Wilkes Booth; “Girls Not Cut Out To Be Debutantes Should Get Job” (1933); “Banner Article Reunites Mother And ‘Baby’ Son” (1933); “Nashville School Children Have High Rate As Disease Carriers” (1957); “Fred Thompson Named As Watergate Counsel” (1973); “Artifacts: 1930 Fidelis Class banquet program” by Clinton J. Holloway; “The Coming Woman” (1871); “Canineism” (1871); “Party Crashers Plaque Parents” (1958); “Stand At Attention” Nashville Symphony (1961); “Cupid’s Arrow” by Tom Henderson III; Union Ice Cream advertisement (1933); J.F. Day and Co. advertisement (1961); “The Fisk Herald: The Nation’s First Black Student Newspaper” by Pamela E. Foster; “Black Expo Stressing Continuing Progress” (1973); “Murfreessboro In Flames” (1875); “Farm-Born William Walker Has Practiced [Blacksmith] Trade 40 Years) (1950); “National Black High School Basketball Tournament” by Bill Traughber; “Fire Companies” (1835); “Melancholy Accident” (1835); “Wino Death Spurs Push For Rehabilitation Facility” (1981); “Nap Interrupted” photo of Theodore Crow (1961); “A Pretty Young Girl Arrested By Police” (1908); “Singer Jerry Lee Lewis Swings Into Nashville” (1961); Squibb Castor Oil advertisement (1933); “Paula Herring” by Larry Brinton; “Valentines Today, Plentiful And Pretty, Have Wide Range” (1955); “The Legendary Thomas Spencer” by Paul Clements; “Mardi Gras Royalty” (1956); Harry Hampel Revival advertisement (1958); and "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


January 2014

VOL. 5, No. 7--“Southern Massacres” (1814); “Blast Rocks Lebanon, Kills Boy” (1958); Civil War news from January 1864; “Dastardly Assault” (1908); “Parents Cannot Rule Modern Girl With The Rod” (1936); “Sulphur Dell Is Sold” (1969); “Gore among new senators sworn in today” (1985); “‘Big Tussie’ again attacks photographers” (1985); “Much ‘Mountain Dew’ Found In Suitcases” (1921); “Streetcar Rail Removal Poses Problem” (1944); “Artifacts: Danny Davis’ Nashville Brass Song Album” by Clinton J. Holloway; “The War of 1812: Part VI” by Dr. Tom Kanon; “Snow Play” by Tom Henderson III; “Homemade remedies once spelled r-e-l-i-e-f for ancestors’ woes” (1985); “1,000 Feet Up, Here’s How Jammed Dell Looks On A Baseball Sunday” (1950); “Ann-Margret Arrives” (1969); “The State Capitol Grounds” (1858); Loews Vendome advertisement (1921); “Runaway Throws Wagon In Window” (1912); “Printer’s Alley” (1858); “Uncle Joe Starts In ‘Old Man And See’” (1958); “Lebanon Mirror” (1836); “New Year’s Day Murder” by Larry Brinton; “Madison Knocks Litton Out Of Lead” photo (1958); “Lincoln Glorified” (1892); “Volunteer Jam Excites 11,000 At Auditorium” (1977); “Remembering John Egerton” by Paul Clements; and "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


December 2013

VOL. 5, No. 6--“Cruel Victory”? (1813); “Mercury To Hit Zero” (1963); Civil War news from December 1863; “Food Plays Large Part in Man’s Success, Happiness” (1937); “Santa Claus Mail Box” (1907); “Hard Times!!!” (1820); “Great Robbery of the Express” (1837); “An Atrocious Case of Lynch Law” (1850); “Getting Ready For Christmas” Santa getting beard trimmed photo (1963); “Herman Bowman Family Awaits Santa This Year, But Faces Cheerless 1958” (1957); “Artifacts: ‘Christmas At Grinders Switch’” by Clinton J. Holloway; “Wonder About Seal Funds? Here’s How It Fights TB” (1957); “Worried? Bah, Humbug!” Friday the 13th photo (1963); Spire & Duff advertisement (1872); “1966” by Tom Henderson III; “Nashville’s First Pro Basketball Team” by Bill Traughber; “Russians to Meet Flyers Christmas Day” (1965); Globetrotters at Municipal Auditorium photo (1963); “Harding Road Dinner Club” by John Zuccarello, Jr.; “Little Railroaders Dream” photo (1974); Dan Cohen Company advertisement (1938); “Nashvillian Turns Home Into Child’s Wonderland” (1959); “More Nashville Characters” by Larry Brinton; “Franklin Hop” (1882); “Hope For Christmas” photo (1957); “Humor on the Cumberland Frontier” by Paul Clements; Christmas cards from 1948; “Gas for Edgefield” (1872); and; and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


November 2013

VOL. 5, No. 5--"Gasping, Coughing, Grimy-Handed Nashvillians Suffer Through City's Worst Smoke Pall of Year" (1943); "Shocking Murder!!" (1813); "Creek Prisoners Arrived" (1813); Civil War news from November 1863; "Mighty Hard To Love Bossy Neighbors" (1946); "Landmark Stays" First Baptist Church (1967); "Throngs View Daring Flight Over Nashville In Aeroplane" Katherine Stinson (1914); "Poor Brakes Blamed In Fatal Plunge Of Car From Downtown Garage Roof" (1957); "An Electric Disturbance" geomagnetic storm (1882); "'Beast Roar'" At Carthage Laid to Prank" (1957); "They Shot the Bull--After Chase Ends on Capitol Hill" (1946); "Artifacts: Auction of J. Percy Priest Lake property" by Clinton J. Holloway; "The War of 1812: Part V: Early Battles of the Creek War" by Dr. Tom Kanon; "A Childhood Home" by Tom Henderson III; "Garage Attendant To Bench" Robert Lillard (1979); Nashville Railway and Light Company advertisement (1914); "Roy Becomes City Citizen" Roy Rogers (1957); "Chattanoogan Recalls Hanging Of Same Davis 80 Years Ago" (1943); "Toy Store In the Making" Santa's Helpers (1967); "Beauty For Clinic Bowl" (1962); "Hot Rod 'Has Everything,' Even Trophy, For Boys" (1962); "The Pauline School of the Dance" by Ken Donnelly; "Till Death Do Us Part" by Larry Brinton; "Great Public Meeting" (1834); "Broke Jail" (1849); "Peculiar Accident To Car On Broadway" (1914); "Brother, It Better Be Sharp" Jack Knox cartoon (1946); "November 22, 1963: President Kennedy's assassination" by Paul Clements; and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


October 2013

VOL. 5, No. 4--"Football Death First Fatality In NIL History" (1955); "'Murdered Chickasaw'" (1813); "Miss Fire Prevention" (1971) Oprah Winfrey; "Snow Flurries Hit Midstate In Cold Wave" (1937); Civil War news from October 1863; "Big Field Of Marijuana Is For U.S. War Effort" (1942); "Old Women Trying To Be Young Seem Grotesque" (1937); "Metro Police Search For Doctored Halloween Treats" (1972); "The Waifs" (1884); "Artifacts: 1953 Nashville Symphony Orchestra Program" by Clinton J. Holloway; "Beautiful Historic Cemetery" City Cemetery (1959); "Our Town" (1845); "We Won't Forget You, Steve" by Tom Henderson III; "Historic Cragfont Gets New Addition" (1978); W.R. Cornelius, undertaker, advertisement (1863); "Ancient, Fallen Treaty Oak Cut Into Historic Pieces" (1959); "Columnist wraps up long career at Banner" (1982); "Sir Cecil Creape: A Few Memories of Russ McCown" by Stanley E. Hime; "They're All Ready To PLay Spooks Tonight" (1945); "Lighting The Streets" (1845); "For Happy Halloween Observe Safety Rules" (1978); "Fred Cobb, Policeman" by Larry Brinton; Bailey's Saline Aperient advertisement (1884); "Sunday Hotrods In Shopping Center Create Hazard" (1959); "September Mortality" (1884); "Coach Jimmy Gentry" by Paul Clements; and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


September 2013

VOL. 5, No. 3--"Escapees Split, 2 Caught At Roadblock" (1978); "'Attack of the Creek Indians'" (1813); "'Dakota Bob,' On Final Tour of Country, Is Here" (1911); Civil War news from September 1863; "'Cornball' Hee Haw Outlasts Its Critics" (1978); "Idiotic To Shield Children From All Hardships" (1940); "Negroes Enter Smyrna School; No 'Incidents'" (1959); "The Poisoning Case" (1883); "Artifacts: Taylor-Trotwood Magazine" by Clinton J. Holloway; "The War of 1812: Part IV" by Dr. Tom Kanon; "Hair's The Story" by Tom Henderson III; "Monday State Fair Opening To Mark Start Of Second 50 Years" (1956); "Policeman's Handy Gun" (1907) "'Great Revival In The Churches Of The City'" (1846); "Big Cat Caught In Stone's River" (1928); "The Drought" (1838); "Tavel At Low Cost" hobo photo (1972); "Child 'Knifing' Report Branded Completely False" (1967); "Automatic Cameras Planned For City's 'Most Robbed' Stores" (1978); "Encamped Upon Old Fort Negley" (1911); Horlick's Malted Milk Tablets ad (1938); "The Nashville Rebels; City's First Pro Football Team" by Bill Traughber "Bonne Bell Run Is Racing Debut Of Most Entrants" (1978); "A Prisoner Outing" by Larry Brinton; Book Preview: "The Day The Whistles Cried" by Betsy Thorpe; "300 Local Men Attend Southeast Shrine Meeting" (1959); "New Electric Line" street car to Belmont College (1891); "Locating the Bluff Station (aka, Fort Nashborough)" by Paul Clements; and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


August 2013

VOL. 5, No. 2--"Funeral Procession Wreck Kills 2, Hurts 4" (1953); "To the Chickasaw chiefs" (1813); Civil War news from August 1863; "The Wrong Sex Does The Proposing For Marriage" (1939); "Murder at Brentwood" (1882); "Designing For The Stars" (1966); "New 'Tube' replaces TV as home entertainment" (1981); "Terrible Book By Equally Bad Singer" John Lennon (1964): "Artifacts: Robert Winthrop School annual" by Clinton J. Holloway; First American National Bank ad about TV (1950); "Doing the Laundry" by Tom Henderson III; "Rams vs. Bears" 1965 Bill Wade, by Bill Traughber; "Huge Rattler Killed Here" (1950); "Try a free, cool slug of nature's smelliest" sulfur water (1981); "Governor's Pet 'Forgotten Bird' Of State Office Building Murals" Cordell Hull Building (1942); "Hey, Pop! Remember This Game? Well, The Kids Are Still Playing It" mumble-the-peg (1950); "Fourth of July in Canada" (1833); "30 Local Girl Scouts Leave for National Camp" (1950); "Missing Attorney" by Larry Brinton; Photo: Sulphur Dell "Booster Night" (1959); Photo: City League champions Radnor Plumbing Company (1964); "The Saga of Alsey Thompson" by Paul Clements; "Domestic Matters: Gen. Jackson" (1824); "Jackson's Bible Found in Second-Hand Store" (1939); and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


July 2013

VOL. 5, No. 1--"General Orders" from Andrew Jackson (1813); "Workhouse Filth Revealed" (1963); Civil War news from July 1863; "Pilotless Planes May Be Perfected" (1925); "Nagging Won't Help Make Men Talk More" (1941); "Violent Crimes Plague Waverly-Belmonth Area (1980); "4-Baby Program Urged To Prevent National Decay" (1941); "Inglewood Goat Runs Wilds; Gets Police In Tizzy" (1957); "Seeing's Not Believing At Jimmy's 8th Birthday Party" Haily kids (1957); "Artifacts: Nashville Tourist Court" by Clinton J. Holloway; "Metro Police Cars Get New Color Scheme" (1963 and 1976); "A Big Fish" (1884); "Spin On A Bicycle" (1884); "Dogs" (1813); "Funny Families: Sitcoms of the 1950s" by Tom Henderson III; "Disco Lady and Her Main Man Do the Bump Here" (1976); "Demonic Darth Vader Unmasks True Self" (1980); Photo of Marty Robbins and his race car (1965); "Attends Elks Picnic" Hadley Park (1957); "Cholera In Shelbyville" (1833); "'The Pestilence'" (1833); "Timely Warning" about cholera (1833); Photo of Minnie Pearl, Tennessee Ernie Ford playing golf (1966); "Typical Mountain Family To See York Picture" (1941); "Attempted Robbery" (1849); "Bob Bell's Market" by Larry Brinton; "Old Weights, Measures Back After 118 Years" (1980); "The Shadow of Spain" by Paul Clements; "Kitchen Kolleg Recipes" (1954); and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.




June 2013

VOL. 4, No. 12--"The Electric Light" (1883); "Lightning Kills McCabe Golfer" (1959); Civil War news form June 1863; "Another Cabbage Snake" (1908); "The Passing of Blind Tom" (1908); "Plain Girls Can Be As Popular As Pretty Ones" (1937); "Tarzan Meets Samson; Result Delightful!" (1959); "Historian recalls talk with Custer's alleged killer" (1988); "Artifacts: Gospel Advocate hymnals card" by Clinton J. Holloway; Tom Tichenor photos; "A Great Sensation" (1882); "Our Colored Schools" (1883); "Westerns & Cowbosy" by Tom Henderson III; "Vaccine Matter" (1813); "Stabbed" (1882); "Famous Women in History of Tennessee" (1924); "Bing Crosby in Nashville" by Bill Traughber; "Trevecca's Highest Tribute Paid To Donnie Smith" (1959); "Flag Day Ceremony Held" City Cemetery (1959); "The Vesters" by Larry Brinton; "Secretary, Nurse Gave Up Careets For Stunt Driving" (1959); "Beating The Heat In A Cool Pool" Cascade Plunge (1959); Fairgrounds Speedway photo (1959); "Frederick Stump" by Paul Clements; "Gallery of Portraits" (1832); and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


May 2013

VOL. 4, No. 11--"Brilliant Victory For Gerst's Colt In Kentucky Derby" (1910); "Sidewalk Notes" (1873); Civil War news from May 1863; "Hail Storm Plays Havoc On Streets of Nashville" (1910); "Use Tact To Deal With A Donkey Husband" (1937); "Who Was He? A Villainous Attempt Thwarted by a Vigilant Reporter" (1882); "Mortgages As Low As 12.75%" (1980); "Jeannine No Female Impersonator" (1974); "Artifacts: Oak Hill Horse Show t-shirt" by Clinton J. Holloway; "Lockeland School Centers Around Its Cafeteria" (1941); "Mother Nature Aids Bootleggers" (1931); "Hot Rods" by Tom Henderson III; "Here We Go, Boys…" BGA tug-of-war (1965); "Milky Way Farms" by Larry Brinton; "Hospital Phones Busy, Of Corpse, But Operators Don't Buy Bodies" (1955); "'Operator Here,' He Said Huskily" (1974); "Joseph Brown, Part V: 'My Redeemer!'" by Paul Clements; Memorial Day at National Cemetery (1965); "First Nashville-Built Plane To Make Bow, Get Test Today" (1940); Sterchi's advertisement for clothes washing set (1950); "Drunkometer Goes In Operation Friday" (1958); "Heat Is Felt, But Hat Is Straw" photo for Straw Hat Days (1950); "Contract Near Original Offer" Firefighter's strike (1980); Swine Ball photo (1983); and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


April 2013

VOL. 4, No. 10--"Volunteers Treated In Shameful Manner" (1813); "Metro Government Inaugurated" (1963); "Deserves To Be Lynched" (1907); "Bachelor Falls Off Tower" (1958); "Even Honest Women Lie About Age" (1948); Civil War news form April 1863; "Teased Pedestrians" (1885); "Buffalo Bill at Belle Meade" (1885); "Nashville traffic gets breather as 1-440 opens" (1987); "Artifacts: Eddy Arnold record" by Clinton J. Holloway; "Pushbutton, Builtin Wonders Thrill Electric Show Crowds" (1956); "1969: From Viet Nam to Memphis" by Tom Henderson III; "Very Taciturn Prisoner" (1903); "Airphotos of Nashville" (1956); "The State House" (1845); "Improvements in Nashville" (1845); "Newspaper Enlargements" (1845); "Kerrick Majors" by Larry Brinton; "The Creation of Metropolitan Government" by John Egerton; "Joseph Brown, Part IV: The Nickajack Campaign" by Paul Clements; "Observes Good Friday and 93rd Birthday" (1941); Radio Schedule (1956); Union Hill Drag Strip photo (1963); "Opryland's '77 Opening Draws Thousands" (1977); Mule Day Queen (1941); Advertisements (1829); "Crystal Gayle No Longer Just 'Lorretta's Little Sister'" (1977); "Kenton Shrugs Off Visit To Opry; Still 'In Dutch'" (1977); Beesley Furniture Company advertisement (1941); and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


March 2013

VOL. 4, No. 9--"Troops Discharged" (1813); "What Next? A Young Lady Arrested in Male Attire" (1883); "Third Avenue Scene of Fire" (1911); "Opry's Fans, Stars Mourn For Its Dead; Jack Anglin Joins Friends In Death" (1963); "Lines Formed" around Court House for license renewal (1963); "Andy Griffith In Town For Recording Session" (1972); Civil War news from March 1863; "Brats at 5 Will Be Bums at 50" (1941); "Popcorn--Tarzan Too For 450" (1955); "They Can't Go On Meeting Like This!" (1972) "Artifacts: Charga-Plate" by Clinton J. Holloway; "Collection Of 'Funnies' Goes On Display" (1963); "The Local Drug Stores" Moon Drug, Hutcherson's, by Tom Henderson; "Bottomless Finisher Is Sensation In Music City Swim; Cornwell Ace" (1972); Ad for Cooper Martin Grocery Store (1963); "Anthony Darrell Hines" by Larry Brinton; "Clinics Vaccinate 1,592 Dogs" (1955); "19,000 of 25,770 Dwelling Units Described As Definite Menace to Health of Citizens" (1941); "Elks Manager Dahlman Has Built Life Of Service And Of Humor" (1955); "Joseph Brown, Part III: Deadly Encounters" by Paul Clements; "Today's Television Schedule, March 5, 1963"; "Hope Abandoned For Driver Ryan" (1914); "When The Chicago White Stockings Took On Nashville" by Bill Traughber; "Opening Playoff Loss Dims Flyers' Hopes To Flicker" (1963);"Some Bad Boys Put Large Boulders on the Car Track" (1883); and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


February 2013

VOL. 4, No. 8--"The Farewell," a poem from War of 1812; "Military Plane Crashes In Donelson" (1956); "Breaking The Jim Crow Law" (1907); "Nashville's First Taxicab Marriage" (1910); "Must a Women Be Beautiful to Be Loved"" (1933); "Banner Offers $500 Reward For Vandals" of Franklin Confederate Cemetery (1954); Civil War news form February 1863; "Park Board Opens Golf Links To All" (1956); "Everybody Ought To Try Chitlins" (1964); "Artifacts: Chas. P Ellis Clothing" by Clinton J. Holloway; "French Frightened at Hitler's Rise to Power" (1933); "Blaze Destroys Richland Fire Department" (1950); "Negro History Week Proclaimed" (1955); "Caster Knott" by Tom Henderson III; "David Carl Duncan" by Larry Brinton; "Coo Coo Marlin Gets Ready For Daytona Race" (1964); "Be My Valentine" photos of children (1955); "City Has New Air Express Service" (1936); "Bandages for United States Army and Britain" (1941); "'I Remember It Well,' Says T. Willie Connor" (1960); "Children's Theater To Present 'The Wizard of Oz'" (1950); "Ladies Day At Old Hickory Club" (1971); " Joseph Brown, Part II: A Prisoner of the Indians" by Paul Clements; "Memories Remain As Old Vanderbilt Court Razed" (1964); "Junior High Champions" Donelson Dons, Isaac Litton (1964); "Basket Ball" (1893); "The 1954 Battle of Franklin" by Mike Hudgins; "'Tips' Given To Police" (1954); "Reward In Cemetery Desecration Now $827" (1954); and "Poll Tax Should Be Enforced" (1946); and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


January 2013

VOL. 4, No. 7--"The Coldest We Have Ever Experienced" (1832); "Baby abuse suspect shot in hospital" (1986); Civil War news from January 1863, including the Battle of Murfreesboro; "Happy New Year 1967" photo (1966); "Wives Without Outside Interests Are Boring" (1936); "More Sore Toes Add To Foot-Stomper's Woes" (1974); "'Weather Treatment' For Sewers" moonshine (1962); "Citizens Sing During March Against Porno" (1978); "Girl, 10, Who Asked Santa Claus For Life, Dies Here" (1939); "The Last Skaters' Waltz" Hippodrome Roller Rink (1968); "Local Woman's 20th Child Arrives" (1947); "Tennessee Volunteers" (1813); "Gen. Jackson, and the Tennessee Patriots" (1813); "Our New Court-House" (1826); "Kidnap the Kaiser" by Tom Henderson III; "Charles Edward Jones" by Larry Brinton; "BGA Beats MBA, 43-27" photo (1962); "Play Pearl Tonight" Cameron High (1956); "Lavelle's Dean Of Machinists For NC&StL; Has Yen For Ponies" (1955); "Idle City Court Officials Take Up Bow Tie Whittling" (1955); "Recollections of Joseph Brown: Part 1: Attack On The Brown Family" by Paul Clements; "School Days More Like School Nights These Days" (1974); "Siren Signals New Emergency" General Hospital (1962); "Gene Autry Tells of His Movie Start During Stop in Nashville" (1938); and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


December 2012

VOL. 4, No. 6--"Drummed Out Of Camp" (1812); "Nashville's First Christmas Tree" (1914); "Girl Fighting for Life in Hospital Asks Blood Transfusions Instead of Dolls for Christmas" (1938); "'Giant Maniac' Jailed Here as Axe Murderer" (1934); "Letters to Old Kris Kringle" (1907); Civil War news from December 1862; "Street Beggars Seen as Fakes, Thriving on a Gullible Public" (1938); "If You Have Doubts on Being In Love, You're Not" (1933); "'Jesus People' Hold Jail Prayer Vigil" (1973); "Woman Doctor Given Greatest Gift Of All" (1957) Dr. Dorothy L. Brown ; "The War of 1812: Part III" by Dr. Tom Kanon; "Reflections On A Christmas Past" by Tom Henderson III; "John Kasper" by Larry Brinton; "Window Brings Message" (1957) Anitoch High School; "Chief Calls Police Dispatcher From Golden Gate Bridge" (1957); "Liquor Dealers Expect Big Christmas Sale; Prices 'Right'" (1938); "Poodles Are Her Pastime" (1969) Mrs. John. T. Lane; "Systems of Semisocialized Medicine Near Reality in 6 States" (1938); "Wife Says Mate Wouldn't Get Up, So She Shot Him" (1964); "Reigns Over 'Toys For Tots'" (1957); "No Waiting…No Divots…No Sweat…No Thirst…But No Partners" (1957) McCabe Golf Club; "Most of City's Police Cars Found Unsafe" (1941); "On The Significance Of Our City's Past" an interview with Paul Clements; and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


November 2012

VOL. 4, No. 5--"Supreme Court Rejects Nashville Busing Appeal" (1972); "Fifteen Hundred Volunteers" War of 1812; "Smoke [Smog] Blamed For Accidents Injuring Four" (1941); "Mother-In-Law Finds Son's Home Is Closed" (1952); "3 Stooges Stage Impromptu Act" (1962); Civil War news from November 1962; "Te Ata Stresses Respect Between Indians, Whites" (1964); "Negro Radio Station Debut Scheduled Around Dec. 1" (1951); "Stokes School Progresses In Beautification Projects" (1959); "In The Mood: Own Bradley" by Tom Hendreson III; "New Look Marks Harvey Centennial Yule Scene" (1964); "Judge Andrew Doyle" by Larry Brinton; "Local Backers Hold Rousing Rally For Ike" (1952); "Polk's First Grave In City Cemetery" (1952); "Stones River Bridge" (1831); "Dinah Shore" by Jean Roseman; "Chronicles of the Cumberland Settlements" book review by John Edgerton; "Glenncliff's 1964 Big Nine Champs" (1964); "Look Out, Wild Blue Wonder" photo (1951); "First Objection Over Vaccination" (1952); "Halloween Convinced Him He Had 'D.T.'s'" (1925);; and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


October 2012

VOL. 4, No. 4--"Carter Smile Beams At City's Welcome" (1978); "The the Marshal of West Tennessee" (1812); "CMA [Awards]: Denver, Dolly, Wayton, Minne (1975); Civil War articles from October 1861; "A White Rape Fiend—A Picture Agent" (1907); "Girls in Early Teens Grave Problem to Parents Today" (1937); "Shocking Outrage" double murder in Columbia (1825); "Goblins, Take Over Town, But—Please—Let's Do It Mildy" (1952); "Hillsboro High Blaze Leaves School Shambles" (1952); "108, Has Single Problem; Needs New Pair of Specs" (1952); "What It Was, Was Football" by Tom Henderson III; "David Williams" by Larry Brinton; "Cuban Missile Crisis" by Paul Clements; "Keith-Simmons Gun Club" by John Zucarrello, Jr.; "Woman Dies After Auto Operation; Two Held" (1952); "[Baptist] Children's Home Reunion Brings Fond Memories" (1975); "New York Congressman Calls Upon Teachers To Play Integration Roles" (1955); "One Century at Shelby Park" by Todd Camp, Jr.; and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


September 2012

VOL. 4, No. 3-- "Citizens! Soldiers of second division!" by Andrew Jackson (1812); "An Unfortunate Affair" about street car segregation (1912); "Siren Blast Sends Officials Scurrying In Mock Air Attack" (1956); "Stadium Named Dudley Field" (1922); "Memorial Services Set For Slain Olympians" (1972); "Education Telecasting Begun Here" WDCN-TV/NPT (1962); "All Girls Need A Year In Business Before Marriage" (1936); Civil War articles from Sept. 1862; "Striking Photo Stops (Horse) Jumper In Mid-Air" (1946); "Despite Retirement, Accident, Mrs. Mayfield Aids Her Students" Hillsboro High School (1956); "Weber Discusses All-Year School" (1928); "Fun Times at Centennial" by Tom Henderson III; "Hugh Rogan" by Paul Clements; "Parents Plan To Sue Faron Young" (1972); "John Porter" by Larry Brinton; "City Firemen Demonstrate Use of New 2-Way Radio Equipment" (1956); "Tennessee Emergency Medical Courses Begin" (1972); "Police Recruits Welcomed" (1972); "Buchanan's Station Cemetery" by Mike Slate; "Aged Patriots" (1812); "Recommends Black Bottom" Pearl High School (1912); "Hydrophobia" (1846); "Fall Fashion Finery" (1956);; and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


August 2012

VOL. 4, No. 2--"Elvis Presley Dies" (1977); "Fleeting Glimpse of 'King' Comes Too Late" (1977); "Blaze Destroys Loew's Theater" (1967); "Lights Still Burn Bright In Memories Of Vendome" (1967); "Nashville Women" (1891); Civil War articles from August 1862; "Will TV Make Us Obese?" (1950); "V.U. Professor Sets Test For 'Gliding Wing'" (1950); "Daughters Shouldn't Let Aged Parents Enslave Them" (1941); "Julia Green Most Overcrowded" (1956); "The War of 1812: Part II Tennessee and the Declaration of War" by Dr. Tom Kanon; "'Military Ardor'" (1812); "Tennessee Patriotism" (1812); "Cruising" by Tom Henderson III; "George William Hicks" by Larry Brinton; "History Lost & Found; The Recollections of Edward Swanson" by Paul Clements; "Youngsters Complete Swimming Instruction At Belle Meade" (1950); "46 Pools in County Kept Safe for Swimmers" (1957); "Bulldozing Tennis Crew" Maryland Farms Racquet and Country Club (1977); "Murder" (1837); "Opryland Wedding" (1972); "Ready To Go On The Back-To-School Tow" photo (1968); "Cumberland Commotion" Ramblin' Raft Race (1977); and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


July 2012

VOL. 4, No. 1--"WAR" (1812); Civil War articles from July 1862; "The Mob Method" (1911); "Vacation for All But the One Who Needs It the Most--Mother" by Dorothy Dix (1937) "Walls Tumble Down" (1965) photo of NC&StL Railway building demolition; "'Even More Horrible Than Marie Price Case'--Loser" (1956); "Patrolmen Fire On Driver In 100 MPH Chase" (1951); "Cheering Their NIL Teams" (1965); "[Harry] Lester Lambasts Form Ledge" (1950); "Army Nurse, Cousin Meet on Return From ETO" (1945) Lt. Dorothy Wooten; "The Irish Voters" (1878); "Summer Camp: Park View Farm Day Camp" by Tom Henderson III; "Library Contestants Treated to Picnic" Hadley Park (1950); "'Heartbreak Hotel' Inspired by Suicide Note, Written in 22 Minutes" (1956); "Milton Alred" by Larry Brinton; "Prehistory: Life and Death in the Cumberland River Region" by Paul Clements; "Hermitage Landing Beach Opens on Priest Lake" (1971); "Rich-Schwartz: The World's First 'Ready-To-Wear" Women's Store" by Jean Roseman; "Loss Of Life By Steamboat Accidents" (1838); "The Triumph and Tragedy of Tom Rogers" by Bill Traughber; and"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.




June 2012

VOL. 3, No. 12--"Madison Blast Injures 4" exploding water heater (1963); "Communication" about Indians sold into slavery (1814); Civil War articles from June 1862; "White Men and Negro Women Nabbed by Police Officers" (1907); "$2,000 Reward In Knife Slaying" (1973); "Fan Fair Followers Spent $1 Million" (1975); "Yorks Center of Attraction" Alvin C. York (1919); "Mother Who Dominated Son Says She Ruined His Life" (1937): "Coronation Chills Children" Veterans of Foreign Wars Better Baby Pageant (1950); "The War of 1812, 200th Anniversary, Part I, Why Tennesseans Should Remember the 'Forgotten Conflict'" by Dr. Tom Kanon; "The Green Door Theater" by Tom Henderson III; "KKK Titan 'Disappointed' With 'Only 150' At Rally" (1957); "McCartneys Draw Squeals At Opryland" (1974); "Mollie's Murder" about Mollie Rothberg by Larry Brinton; "Nashville's First Auto Race, 1904" by Bill Traughber; "Speed Merchant" photo Darrell Waltrip (1975); "Gant Surge Captures 200-Lap Spirit of 76" (1975); "William Hall, Part II" by Paul Clements; "Warner Park Drive-In" by John Zuccarello, Jr.; "Old Hickory Boy Wins National Marble Crown" (1947); "Sevier Park Presented To City" (1948); "This Is Nashville" about Pirtle station wagon/bus (1950); "Baths" and "'Shade Trees'" (1825); ;"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


May 2012

VOL. 3, No. 11--; "Shocking Murder!" (1818); "Meigs School Marks May Day" photo (1959); "Thousand Enjoy Opryland Preview" (1972); "'Nashvillian' Buys 1st Opryland Ticket" (1972); Civil War articles from May 1862, including "Fight at Lebanon"; "Passenger On Ill-Fated Boat" Wreck of the City of Saltillo steamer (1910); "Hard To Boss Modern Wife But Easy To Manager Her" (1931); "Phantom Thief Spirits Away Morbid Display" (1959); "Thousands At Hatton Statue" Confederate monument unveiling (1912); "Startling Gloria Gets Tan" Paramount Theater (1955); "William Hall" by Paul Clements; "Baseball in My Youth" by Tom Henderson III; "James Thomas Jefferson" by Larry Brinton; "Edgefield" (1876); "Black Bottom" by George Zepp; Plate 3 of 1908 map of Nashville; "'Junior Eagles' Have Big Role in East 'Y'" (1950); "Tornado Alert Observed at Baptist" (1959);"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


April 2012

VOL. 3, No. 10--"Flyers Celebrate After Fantastic 11-Game Sweep To EHL Title" (1966); "Attempted Suided" (1857): "Human Spider Gives Thrilling Exhibitiobn" (1918); Civil War articles from April 1862; "Flying Saucers Buzz City" (1957); "'Plain Speaking'" Is The One Unforgivable Social Sin" (1948); "Police Get Auto Data TV Set" (1970); "Six Leaf Clover" (1957); "The Wash-Tub Excitement" (1860); "’Tis The Season For A Friendly Bunny" (1973); "Two Young Ladies Hurt In Runaway" (1905); "Radio Daze" by Tom Henderson III; "Bones In Inglewood Hint Of Murder--About 1770" (1970); "Five Little Mules" Columbia Mule Day (1941); "Old Hickory's Stock Racing Begins Friday" (1959); "John David Terry" by Larry Brinton; "Top Hats (At Least Two) Dazzle Eyes in Nashville's Easter Parade" (1936); "A Suspicious Character" Jesse James gang (1881); "Child Beating" (1881); Tennessean annual baby photo contest (1939); "Hook and Ladder Company" (1857); "'Satan' Coming To Nashville" (1905); "Girl Tells Doctors Algae Future Food" (1960); "Timothy Deomonbreun & His Cave" by Paul Clements; "Police Court" (1857); Capitol Lamp Post Statues (1864, c1926, 1959); "Lyndon Johnson at Sulphur Dell" by Bill Traughber;"Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


March 2012

VOL. 3, No. 9--"Bandit Kills Policeman Sanders" Blue Sedan Gang (1934); "Dreadful Fire!!!" (1814) "Nashville's Greatest War Hero Back From Overseas" Capt. Edward Buford Jr. (1919); "With the Sun Behind Him" by Terry Baker; "Hitler Hiding for Fall When He Dictates Dress" (1934); "Visits Elvis" (1960); "Record-Breaking" snow season (1960); "West End Methodist Church Completed" (1940); "Nashville Man Quizzed, Freed Over Booklets" (1941); "The Golden Age of Kid's TV" by Tom Henderson III; "The Lived In Inglewood" by Todd Camp Jr.; "Psychopathic Pooch Has Taking Ways" (1960); "A Fearful Jump" railroad repairman accident (1889); Civil War articles from March 1862; "North Town Big Star Supermarket Is Pacesetter For Negro Businessess" (1969); "Setting The Pace; Gary & Caruthers Open New Grocery Store on Cedar Street" (1907); "Ridgetop" by Larry Brinton; "Ridgetop Gambling Equipment Destroyed; Operator Sought" (1950); "For Nashville, A Year Of Decision" about Vols baseball by Fred Russell (1955); "Rock Island; The Civil War Drama of John Brown Rodgers" by Paul Clements; 1908 Map of West End and Broadway; "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach; And More.


February 2012

VOL. 3, No. 8--"Fort Donelson Falls-City In Panic" (1862); "Alligator Found In Brown's Creek" (1916); "Women Get More Benefits Than Men From Marriage" (1938); "Small Girl Falls In Pot of Beans, Fatally Burned" (1936); "Smogbound Downtown" (1958); "Ike Urges Immigration Quota Hike" (1956); "Satan's Burial In Auditorium Draws Throng" (1979); "Red Cross Motor Corps" (1941); "All Ducky At Park As Iceman Cometh" (1958); "Lush Lovelies Seek Crown" (1957); "Learning to Dance; Hank Fort and Fortnightly Set the Tone" by Tom Henderson; "'Raised In The Family'; Frank Parrish" by Paul Clements; "Singing As Americans Vital: Ross" Negro History Week (1969); "That Word Mendicant" (1940); "Grave Crimes: Robert Wilks" by Larry Brinton; "Gun Collecting Fever Wings Robert Roddy And Rest Of U.S." (1956); "The New Madrid Earthquakes: Part II" by George Zepp; "Earthquakes Continue" (1812); "New Stewardess Fashions Go Colonial American" (1969); "Belmont Theater" by Stanley E. Hime; "Overton, Litton, Hillsboro Fight For 2-3-4 Spots" Girls basketball (1969;; "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" by Phila Hach; And More.


January 2012

VOL. 3, No. 7--"Cut Spending; Not Hike Taxes: Fulton" (1966); "Nashville Market House" (1829); Civil War articles from January 1862, including the death of Gen. Zollicoffer; "Cave-Trapped Boy Freed Amid Cheers" (1966); "Amelia Earhart Comes Ahead of Time for Lecture" (1936); "Hindsight And Foresight Usher In Decade" Hudgins twins (1970); "Black Bottom Again" (1887); "No Virtue In Keeping Family Parasites In Your Home" by Dorothy Dix (1936); "Nashville Ambulance Drivers Tell of Sudden Death" (1936); "Donelson Eskimos" (1968); "Man Gives Recipe For Long Life" Phil Bennett (1980); "Mose Walton, of Hartsville, Wins Crow Killing Contest" (1936); "Fires, Fire-Companies, &c." (1826); "Going to the Hop" by Tom Henderson; "William Blount" by Paul Clements; "A&I Boasts Winning [Basketball] Squad" (1950); "Girls, Read This" (1848); "You Think You've Got Troubles?" (1966); "Beat To Wrestle Here Thursday" (1950); "Odds & Ends" by Larry Brinton; "The 200th Anniversary of The New Madrid Earthquakes: Part I" by George Zepp; "Earthquake Christians" by Tom Kanon; "Firecrackers On Dry Grass" by Mike Hudgins; "Nashville's 1909 Indoor Baseball League" by Bill Traughber; "From Rival Churches" (1893); "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" by Phila Hach; And More.


December 2011

VOL. 3, No. 6--"Dives In River With Baby; Rescued" (1956); The New Madrid Earthquake (1811); Reminiscences about Andrew Jackson (1889); "Little Folks Write Letters To Patron Saint" (1910); "A Woman Has Same Right To Paying Job As A Man Does" (1933); Civil War articles from December 1861; "Pearl Harbor Survivors Given Proclamation" (1967); "Lights Go On" photo of Fred Harvey at Parthenon Nativity scene (1959); "Street Car Manners" (1911); "The Weather" (1830); "Yule Shoppers Crowd City" (1957); "December 1970; 13 Christmas Puppies" by Tom Henderson; "A Perfect Christmas Day's End" (1969); "Housewife Plucks Diamond From Garbage Heap" (1973); "Nashvillian Johnny Wills Enters Car in '500' Race" (1957); "NFL Making Fan Inroads Into College Football, But Not Serious Threat Yet" (1957); "The Part of The Onlooker; Mary Northern" by Larry Brinton; "Love Gives Itself: Jack Knox III And His Heroic Christmas Eve Rescue" by Mike Hudgins; "Food For Needy Families" (1977); "Edmund Jennings: Frontiersman, Indian Fighter" by Paul Clements; "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954); 1908 Map of Nashville, Plate 1; Ad for P. Negrin "superb assortment of goods" (1829).; And More.


November 2011

VOL. 3, No. 5-- ";"Dynamite Shakes [Percy Priest] Dam" (1978); "Foot-Ball" (1885); Civil War articles from November 1861; "Pearl High vs. Burrell" (1907); "No Modern Woman Willing To Be Slave to Marriage" (1937); "Slavery in Tennessee" (1834); "A Cherry Street Episode" (1885); "Hijacker Profile, Metal Detector Determine Searches At Airport" (1972); "Performs Annual Headstand" Lud (Doc) Gordon (1955); "Tradition Feats Table Welds Ties" Thanksgiving and Viet Nam war (1967); "All Aboard for Night Train" by Tom Henderson; "James Fahey, Sr. 'Sheperds' Iron Horse At Centennial Park" (1955); "Police Hunting Owners of 50 Recovered Bikes" (1959); "Country Music Festivial Gala Close Tonight" Gene Autry, Tex Ritter, Roy Acuff, Librace (1963); "Outdoors With John Steen" (1955); "Rock, Roll Bumps Start Sock Hop" (1959); "Who Will Weep For Me?" Ada Whittenmyer by Larry Brinton; "The Assualt on Buchanan's Station: Part II" by Paul Clements; "The Honorable James K. Polk; Supposed Incendiary Taken; Phrenology; and the Weather" (1834); "The Merchant Prince of Nashville" Samuel D. Morgan by George Zepp; "Vandy's 1899 Football Game Controversy" by Bill Traughber; "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" by Phila Rawlings Hach (1954); And More.


October 2011

VOL. 3, No. 4-- "; "The Hotel Tulane Bows To Jet Age" (1956); "Man Survives 90-Foot Fall Off Victory Memorial Bridge" (1966); "Nashville Circus" (1814); Civil War articles from October 1861; "Outlook Bright In Nashville" -- Negro businesses (1911); "Women Clad In Shorts Hard On The Eyes" by Dorothy Dix (1936); "Public Aid Asked In Police Drive Against Beggars" (1936); "15,000 First And Second Graders To Get Polio Shots" (1955); "Murder" -- the death of Isaac H. Davis (1847); "Caution" -- the robbery of Elisha Gower (1810); "The Monsters & Dr. Lucifur" by Tom Henderson III; "For The Birds: The Tenn. Ornithological Society" by George Zepp; "Thomas 'Sonny Boy' Sircy" by Larry Brinton; "Little Audie: A Story of Polio In The Projects" by Jerry Perella; "The Assault on Buchanan's Station: Part I" by Paul Clements; "Nashvillians Take Celestial 'Tour' To Farthest Planet" (1955); "Labor Pneumonia Cause Of Death Of Polio Victim" (1965); "High Atop Nine Mile Hill" by John W. Zuccarello, Jr.; "200 Civilians, Police To Haunt Deviish Spoilers Of Halloween" (1978); "Fire-Works" (1849); "An Unlikely Accident" at Tennessee Historical Society Museum (1861); "Permanent Board of Health" (1861); "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" by Philla Hach (1954).; And More.


September 2011

VOL. 3, No. 3-- "Nixons Win Hearts Of Nashvillians" (1952); Rules and Regulations of the City of Nashville (1802); Civil War articles from September 1861; "Don't Marry A Woman Because She's Wealthy" (1940); "8 Hurt In Toy Train Wreck At Fair Park" (1956); "Fisk Jubilee Singers Ready For Third European Tour" (1956); "Desperate Fight In Maxwell Lobby" (1910); "Difference of Opinion" about Moon (1846); "An Unnatural Occurrence and A Fatal Tragedy" in Franklin (1846); "Columbia Improving Rapidly" (1846); "Notice" of the death of a young man (1814); "Willow Plunge" by Tom Henderson; "The Conquest of the Old Southwest" book review by Mike Slate; "The Chickasaw Attack on Renfroe's Station" by Paul Clements; "Cash For Clemency" by Larry Brinton; "East Nashville's Riverside Drive" by Debie Cox; "New Depot At West Nashville" Tennessee Central Railroad (1903); "Submarine Chaser launched" (1942); "Ernest Pickup's Woodcuts" (1945); "Watch Those Blue Raiders!" by Fred Russell (1936); and "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" by Phila Hach (1954); And More.


August 2011

VOL. 3, No. 2-- "Shower of Flesh and Blood" (1841); "Policemen and Civilians" (1907); Civil Articles from August 1861; "Just Because You're Old Doesn't Mean You're Wise" (1941); "Debt Limit Action Postponed" (1953); "Officers End Riot At Hospital's Criminally Insane Division" (1955); "Craig's 'Near You' Tops Hit Parade" (1947); "Campus Fashions" photo (1966); "Our Streets and Pavements" (1853); "Humbug" Letter from doctor (1853); "The Public Schools" James L. Meigs (1861); "Trips, Signs & Automobiles" by Tom Henderson III; "Blonde, Bruent Win Trophies" Misses Nashville and Davidson Co. (1953); "Teen Outburst Ended By Police" The Sweet Shop (1957); "Boa Constrictor Wrapped Up In Job At Children's Museum" (1957); "Before Marcia Trimble: Wanda June Anderson and Reba Kay Green" by Larry Brinton; "Piomingo: Chickasaw Chief" by Paul Clements; "Colored Fireman Retired From Force" (1931); "East Nashville Landmark, Historic Log House, Burns" (1928); "William R. Cornelius: Civil War Undertaker" by Debie Cox; "Couple TO Tie Knot On Opry House STate" (1973); "Horrible Affair"in Franklin (1857); "Throng Of 500 Greets Judy [Eller] At Berry Field Homecoming" (1957); "Banner Finds Girl Bitten By Rabid Skunk" (1953): andand "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" by Phila Hach (1954); And More.


July 2011

VOL. 3, No. 1--"31 Guardsman Die In Crash" (1950); "Periodical Appearance of the Locusts" (1868) cicadas; Civil War articles from June 1861; "Takes at Least A Miracle to Cure Nagging Woman" (1937); "Gasoline Price War Geyser; 16.9 Cents ..." (1955); "Local Kidnaping Suspect Caught" (1963); "Job Seeker Leaps From Bridge" (1937); "Opry-ation Vote Getting!" (1966) Bill Anderson; "Wife Hath Eloped" (1801); "Affray" and other stories (1855); "A Lost Boy" (1857); "'Volunteer State' Named In 1812" (1955); "Combo Crazy, Part II" by Tom Henderson III; "Mistaken Identity" by Larry Brinton; "One Nashville Neighborhood" Green Hills History by Paul Clements; "Coney Island Park" by George Zepp; "Negro Preached Social Equality" (1903); "VA Hospital, VU Seeking Shortness Of Breath Cause" (1959); "Welcome Mat Out For Journey II" (1976); "Tenn. Valley Lakes Would Be Ideal Site For Crew Races" (1950) by Fred Russell; "Blackberry and Wine Cordial" (1855); and "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" (1954) by Phila Hach.; And More.




June 2011

VOL. 2, No. 12--"Mother, 2 Daughters Hurt In Bomb Blast" (1960); Nashvillle's first bridge over the Cumberland (1823); "Robbery Of The Express Mail" (1838); "Young People Running Amuck" (1912); "Mistake To Marry Only For Looks" (1937); Andrew Jackson Hotel's "One Last Moment Of Honor" (1971); Civil War articles from June 1861; "Wail Form A Community Of Poor White People" (1911); Six-Toed Kitten (1957); "First In U.S. WIth Hospital Fire Prevention Plan" St. Thomas (1955); "Combo Crazy" by Tom Henderson III; "Remnant of Gray Line Off for Reunion" Confederate veterans (1937); "Sulphur Dell Speedways" by Bill Traughber; "Jewelry Box Bomb" by Larry Brinton; "There's Shock And Sorrow In Church Defacement" Downtown Presbyterian Church (1955); "Mellow Days Of Filmdom's Past Recalled" by Red O'Donnell (1965); "The Strategy in the Jackson-Dickinson Duel" by Paul Clements; "Old Elks Club Stirs Nostalgia" (1971); "The Water's Not So Fine" Red Cross swimming instruction (1955); "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" by Phila Hach; And More.


May 2011

VOL. 2, No. 11--"The Jackson-Dickinson Duel Revisited: Part I" by Paul Clements; Civil War articles from May 1861; "His Life For A Horse; The Fate A Tramp Met At Franklin" (1876); "Two Drunken White Rowdies" (1907); "Men Shouldn't Wear Fancy Lace Things" (1932); "Al Capone in Nashville on Way to Prison" (1932); "Parthenon Now Open To Public" (1931); "'Davy Crockett' Mobbed in Nashville" (1955); "Stripper Stripped: G-String Stolen, Ora Unstrung" (1956); "Ice Cream Festival At Fair Park" (1956); "Negro Patrolmen Assigned" (1948); "East High Alumni Recall 'Good Times'" (1978); "Edgefield Historic Zone Posses 2nd Reading" (1978); "J. Percy Priest and His Amazing Race" book review by Mike Slate; "When Davy Crockett Came Back To Nashville" by Stanley E. Hime; "'The G.I.'s Champion': The Life of Wilson 'Bud' Lynch" by Tom Henderson III; "Snow Falling Here Wednesday Breaks Record" (1931); "'Diamond Betsy'" by Larry Brinton; "Colonial Dinner Club" by John W. Zuccarello, Jr.; "Night Baseball Makes Bow In Sulphur Dell" by Bill Traughber; and "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" by Phila Hach.; And More.


April 2011

VOL. 2, No. 10--"Babe Ruth Hits No Homers But Wins Nashville's Boys" (1924); "Legislators Come To Blows" (1905); "Police Called To Quell Rock'n Rollers In Dell" (1959); "Best Part Of Every Woman's Life is Gone When She Is 38" (1941); "Sabbath Breaking" (1804); Civil War articles from April 1861: "Minor Clashes Reported as Maneuvers Open" (1943); "Wind Damage Over City Widespread" Vine Street Temple (1955); "Figure-atively Working" Country Music wax figures (1970); "Twins Deposited" (1838); "5,000 Colored Children and Adults Take Part In Banner Easter Egg Hunt" (1950);"Egg Art" (1973); "Asks Banner To Find Him Good Wife" (1924); "Leap Year" (1804); "The Great San Francisco Quake" by George Zepp; "Coin-Flip Execution" by Larry Brinton; "What's The Matter With The Boat Club?" (1919); "The Early History of Baseball in Nashville" by Paul Clements; "Man's Best Friend" by Tom Henderson III; "30-Story, $12,000,000 Co-Ed Dormitory To Be Built At South End Of Dudley Field" (1966); "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" by Phila Rawlings Hach.; And More.


March 2011

VOL. 2, No. 9--"'We Made It, Doc, 42 To 40'"; West High basketball wins state championship (1954); "'All The Way For Doc!'" by Paul Clements; "Our Egyptian Mummy" by Tom Kanon; "Skate, Wrestle, & Rock; Remembering The Hippodrome" by Tom Henderson; "'Sing-Out South' Premiere Ignites Audience Approval" (1966); "Fun On Wheels" Roller Skating In East Nashville (1885); Civil War Articles (1861); "'Do Nothing' Constables" by Larry Brinton; "First Lady Stops Here To Tell Husband 'All's Well" On Trip" Eleanor Roosevelt (1938); "Moderate Tremor Rolls Across State" (1976); "State's jobless rate sets records of 12.3% (1982); "New look" at Fairgrounds Speedway (1966); "Former Route Boy Brings Old Extra To Banner Office" (1939); "Blouse Is Found; Dead Woman's?" Drowning victim still unidentified (1976); "VU's 'Babies Under Glass' Wage Easy War On Germs" (1964); "West's Extra Urge" by Fred Russell (1954); "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" by Phila Hach (1954); And More.


February 2011

VOL. 2, No. 8--"TV Transmission Tower Collapses; 4 Killed" (1957); "Earthquake" (1861); "Roger Williams University" by George Zepp; "Blacks of the Frontier" by Paul Clements; "Saturday at the Y" by Tom Henderson; "The Rabbit" by Larry Brinton; "'Gratitude Train' Accepted By Grateful Tennesseans" (1949); "Wives of 2 City Officials Die In Truck, Train Crash" (1942); "St. Valentine's Day" (1861); "How To Put On Weight, If Desired" (1957); "An Abuse" about kids growing up to quickly in this "fast age" (1857); Civil War Articles (1861); "Party-Goers Enjoy Afternoon At Hippodrome" (1956); "Negro New Reporter Joins Banner" about Robert Churchwell (1950); "Sugar And Spice...Murder And Vice" (1976); Dupont Girls NIL Champions (1956); "An Open Letter" about out-of-shape umpires, by Fred Russell (1936); "City's First All-Pro Basketball Game" (1936); Tennessee State Bowling Tournament (1973); "Kitchen Kollege Recipes" by Phila Hach (1954); And More.


January 2011

VOL. 2, No. 7-- "The Frozen Cumberland" (1893); "2 Sought In Officer Slaying; Prime Suspects Believed Black Power Advocates" (1968); "Flat Rock Votes To Change Name to 'Woodbine'" (1939); "Coonskin Cap On Capitol For 'Favorite Son' Kefauver" (1952); Civil War Sesquicentennial (1861): "Coercion," "Prices of Negroes," "The Attack on teh Sart of the West," "Southern Rights," "The Banner and Lincoln, Negro Equality and the Cincinnati Gazette"; "The Devil" (1845); "Kisses Are Valuable in Proportion To Their Rarity" (1939); Presbyterian Church fire (1832); "Fathers-To-Be Get Baby Care Training" (1955); "The Tennessee River" by Paul Clements; "Officers Down" by Larry Brinton; "The Soldier and The Coed" by Tom Henderson; "Franklin High School Gutted By Fire" (1956); Television Schedule (1955); "Edgehill Homes X-Ray Project Pays Off" (1955); "Heartfelt Memories of the High Church" by Robert Rogers Chaffin; East vs. Father Ryan basketball (1956); "A Cinch For Extra Thrills" by Fred Russell (1952); And More.


December 2010

VOL. 2, No. 6-- “Appeals To Old Kriss From Little Folks" (1908); "Teen Rescued From Higgenbotham Cave" (1950); National Negro Doll Company: an editorial exchange (1908); Civil War Sesquicentennial: "To His Excellency, [Gov.] I.G. Harris" (1860); "Accident To The Mail Stage" (1823); "The French and Indian War...In Middle Tennessee?" by Paul Clements; "Uncharitable Behavior" by Larry Brinton; "The Strange Case of Colonel William Shy" by Terry Baker; "Cain-Sloan Co." by George Zepp; "Christmas Mirror" by Tom Henderson, about the Plantation Club and downtown shopping; "Judge a Man's Traits by Way He Drives Car" (1936); "Youngster's Heart Helps Ole Santa" (1957); Litton Lionesses (1964); "Christmas Party Is Event For Stokes School Set" (1955); "Another Christmas 'Miracle'" (1963), Fish University doll refurbishing; Santa's Party at Paramount Theater (1955); "Differences in Customs of the North and South" (1908); "Narcotic Arrests May Reach 1,000" (1934); Downtown Christmas Parade (1955); Dolly and Stella Parton (1973); And more.


November 2010

VOL. 2, No. 5-- “Vanderbilt Bests Tennessee, 13-7” (1937); “Police Push For Killers Of Stringbean, Wife” (1973); “The Stringbean Murders” by Larry Brinton; “James Robertson: Nashville’s Undersung Hero” by Paul Clements; “The Wagon Wheel” by John Zucarello, Jr., about a 1930s Belle Meade nightclub; “Bus Rides & B-Movies” by Tom Henderson; “Relocation of Metro Archives Will Curtail Its History-Gathering Mission” by Paul Clements; “Modern Diet Maniacs Are Causing Many Divorces” by Dorothy Dix (1936); Railroad bridge accident (1861); Military Police Cases (1864); “Day of Thanksgiving” (1820); “Aeronaut Asphyxiated Beyond The Clouds” (1927) about a fatal altitude record attempt in a balloon that ended up in Sparta; “Franklin Elementary School & Coach L.I. Mills” by Mike Hudgins; Donelson vs. Bellevue in Basketball (1959); Richland Community Bus Line Extension (1941); Kiwanis Armistice Day Ceremony in Centennial Park (1941); And more.


October 2010

VOL. 2, No. 4-- Sinister Cave Recalls Tales of Bell Witch (1959); Fun Without Destruction Halloween Warning (1938); Tom Robinson, Jr (Larry Brinton) (plus a 1934 article about Robinson’s kidnapping of Alice Speed Stoll); Our Frontier Heritage & Why It Matters (Paul Clements) (The Battle of the Bluff); An 1810 ad for a runaway slave; The Classification-Separation Center (George Zepp) (about the WWII-era housing complex on Thompson Lane); The City’s History & Its Archives Deserve Better (an opinion column by Paul Clements); A Neighborhood School (Tom Henderson) (Woodmont School, Part II); The Paramount Theater (Stanley H. Hime); Shalom Nashville: A Jewish History (book review by Mike Slate); The History of The Tennessee State Fair (Deborah Oeser Cox); Pearl High Tigers football team photo (1959); Father Should Advise Bride On How To Please Husband (1939, Dorothy Dix); Beverly Green obituary (1962); Green Hills Enlargement Protested (1956); Tom Tichenor and Poindexter photo (1954); American Legion Auxiliary Gives Annual Harvest Ball (1937) Starving A Snake Out Of A Man’s Stomach (1858); and more.


September 2010

VOL. 2, No. 3 -- The 100th anniversary of the Hermitage Hotel; JFK's visit (1960); Police Blotter (Larry Brinton); Freeland's Station (Paul Clements); A Neighborhood School, Part I (Tom Henderson); The Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway (Terry Coats); Hillbilly Day in Madison (1956); Tremendous Fire! (1848); Princess Grace performs at TPAC opening (1980); The death of a fireman (1903); Nashville Globe editorials about black schools and Glendale Park (1907); The obituary of former slave Marshall Thompson (1938); Broom Vendor's Death Cleared (1929); Bob's Bike Shop; MBA routs Goolettsville in football (1956); and more.


August 2010

VOL. 2, No. 2 -- Women's suffrage ratification (1920); WSM Carnival TV (1950); Classic Cat II bomb (1979); Ted Rhodes golf Tournament (1968); New and Destructive Gun (1842); Perry March (by Larry Brinton); St. Cecilia Academy (by George Zepp); Riding Bikes (by Tom Henderson); Velocipedes (by Paul Clements); Fred Russell on UT and Vanderbilt football (1950), recipes from Phila Hach; and more.


July 2010

VOL. 2, No. 1 -- Dutchman's Curve train accident (1918); "Still The Deadliest Train Wreck In American History" (by Betsy Thorpe); Fourth of July At Greenwood Park (1907); "Gray Veterans' Ranks Thinned To 31 in State" (1941); photo of Confederate Soldiers Home; "City's Bathing Pools Closed" (1961); "Central High Alumni Decry Its Demise" (1971); "Child Beggars To Be Checked" (1938); "Boys Require Fight Tactics For Protection" (1950); Union Strike at Se-Ling Hosiery Mill (1941); The Last Will & Testament of Jonathan Jennings (by Paul Clements); Tales From Printers Alley (by George Zepp); The case of Katie Browder Stricklin (by Larry Brinton); Hijinks at the Green Hills Theater (by Tom Henderson); and more.




June 2010

VOL. 1, No. 12 -- Special coverage of floods in Nashville’s past, from 1793 to 1975 (old articles and an essay by Paul Clements); Morris Frank and the first Seeing Eye dog (1928); Child labor in Nashville (by George Zepp); a trip to Berry Field (by Tom Henderson); the 1977 Maury County Jail fire (by Larry Brinton); “Some Summer Hints” (1889); the city’s first “Gay Pride” demonstration (1977); “Theater Owner Warns of Danger in Pay-To-See-TV” (1955); the Omohundro Water Filter Building (by Bob Allen); Candyland damaged by fire (1957); a 1957 Father’s Day photograph of Vols baseball players and their children; review of Bill Traughber's "Nashville Sports History" (by Mike Slate); and more.

May 2010

VOL. 1, No. 11 -- "Vanderbilt Boys Stage Tumultuous Scanty Raids" (1952); "A Murder Of The Olden Times" in Franklin (1879); "Two Long Trips Awheel" (bicycling in 1889); "Glendale Elementary's 'May Day' Set (1965); "Potters' Field Claims Another Mary Doe" (1976); Nashville inventor Beverly Gooch "records" picture and sound on plastic tape (1957); "Jarrin John Wins 11th Iroqois" (1952); A Packard Man (by Mark Lambert); Clover Bottom Developmental Center (by George Zepp); The Happiness Club at Belle Meade Theater (by Tom Henderson); Centennial Park Land (by Paul Clements); State Executions (by Larry Brinton); "Meigs Gets Banner Trouphy" (1957); "Council of Jewish Women Elects New Officers" (1957); the closing of the Woodmont golf course; and more.

April 2010

VOL. 1, No. 10 -- Electric Street Cars Debut (1889); Jesse James in Nashville (1882); "Advice to Girls" (1919); L&C Tower Opens (1957); "Uranium Discovered at Sulphur Dell" (1955); Samurai Sword Death (by Larry Brinton); The Upper Room (by George Zepp); Drive-Ins (by Tom Henderson); The Location of "Fort Nashborough" (by Paul Clements); Colemere Easter Egg Hunt (1956); the Old Hickory "Swinging Bridge" (1919); the Barrow Hill Ghost (1884); picnic at Ward's Seminary (1881); Howard High School bell (1956); Mule Day on the Lebanon Public Square (1919); and more.

March 2010

VOL. 1, No. 9 -- The 1963 plane crash that killed Patsy Cline and three other Opry stars; “The Hasheesh Eaters,” an 1888 article about opium use in the city; an 1802 article the repeal of “all internal taxes”; 1848 reviews of the model for the Andrew Jackson equestrian statue at the Capitol; “Our Colored Soldiers,” an 1866 editorial about the mistreatment of black Civil Soldiers; last telegraph wires and poles removed (1912); Reminiscence of Demoss Mill in Bellevue (1885); the location of Fort Union (by Paul Clements); St. Thomas Hospital (1957); "Central High School Presents Musical Program" (1941); The Night Asa Brown was Killed (by Andrew J. Farrall); Comic Strip Party at Belle Meade Country Club (1957); Du Pont Elementary and Old Hickory Fire Dept. (1957); Capt. Campbell retires from fire dept. (1956); "Baseball World Mourns Passing of Fay Murray (1941); Charater Witnesses, including Ira North and Arnold Palmer (by Larry Brinton); Kite flying (by Tom Henderson); Gower's General Store (by Herschel Gower); Tennessee State Library and Archives in the Capitol (1940); and more.

February 2010

VOL. 1, No. 8 -- The Blizzard of '51; the 1960 sit-in demonstrations at downtown lunch counters; Ray Patton relates his experience as a participant; Larry Brinton tells why the Nashville Banner's coverage was scant (and recalls the three Civil Rights-era bombings); the abandonement of Tarbox school in 1960; the 1851 execution of two slaves; a report on Nashville's 1935 crime rate (which was highest in the nation); the 1956 desegragation of city golf courses; a circa 1855 Valentine love letter; The Little Sisters of the Poor, Home for the Aged (by George Zepp); the 1936 razing of Everbright mansion in Franklin; Johnny and Vivian Cash (1957); Carter-Lawrence and Negro History Week (1957); Pioneer medical care (by Paul Clements); a 1957 Fred Russell column; "Kitchen Kollege" recipes; and more.

January 2010

VOL. 1, No. 7 --The 1957 tornado that struck Belle Meade, Green Hills, Woodbine and Donelson; the “perfect wife” of 1950; the death of Judge Haywood, father of Tennessee history (1827); the death of Hank Williams, “the king of the hillbillies” (1953); Home coal furnaces (by Tom Henderson); Claude Smith, 83-year-old stone mason (1956); a woman “working the beggar racket” in 1889; John Montgomery’s "Nashville Nap" in 1771" (by Mike Slate); Nashville’s first hockey team, the Dixie Flyers (by Bill Traugher); the lost community of Mud Tavern (by Richard R. Neil); Daniel Boone at French Lick (by Paul Clements); Lipscomb vs. Tenn. Tech (1956); the Hermitage Hotel in the late ’60s; and more.

December 2009

VOL. 1, No. 6 -- The Nativity Scene at the Parthenon (1950s); U.T. Football Blacklisted (1896); Maxwell House Hotel Burns (1961);"Red Grange and Nashville's Frist Pro Football Game (by Bill Traughber); City Symphony Orchestra Debuts (1946); Christmas in Nashville in the 1820s; Spice Round recipe; Courthouse Stories (by Larry Brinton); Fort Negley and St. Cloud Hill (by Terry Baker); Christmas at Stokes and Napier schools in the '50s; Nashville's first Christmas (by Paul Clements); and more.

November 2009

VOL. 1, No. 5 --The 40th anniversary of the Kathy Jones murder; the 1912 city reservoir break that flooded 8th Ave. South; Z. Alexander Looby criticizes segregated education in 1950; a brief history of “Ham” and other historical labels for blacks by TSU professor Dr. Bobby Lovett; Nashville Characters (by Larry Brinton) -- including “Little Evil” Jacobs, “Big Tussie” Jackson, or “The Foot Stomper”; the lost tradition of burning leaves (by Tom Henderson); the Tennessee Central Railroad (by George Zepp); Daniel Boone, a founding father? (by Mike Slate); Armistice Day 1950; "Teen Etiquette" (1950); A review of George Zepp's "Hidden History of Nashville" (by Mike Slate); Portraits of James Robertson (by Paul Clements); Roy Orbison finishes world tour (1972); the entire Nashville Banner front page from Nov. 22, 1963, with the headline: “President Kennedy Murdered In Texas”; and more.

October 2009

VOL. 1, No. 4 -- The rare 1833 J. P. Ayres map of Nashville in the centerfold, including engravings of buildings and an essay by James A. Hoobler; the 1847 downtown explosion of a gun powder magazine that damaged the whole city; Belmont Mansion described in 1863 by a 'Yankee scribbler'; Dudley Field's opening day in 1922 (by Bill Traughber), a prison mystery (by Larry Brinton); sculptor William Edmondson (1937); Francis Craig plays WSM opening night in 1925; the Onion Bowl in Belle Meade (by Tom Henderson); Halloween photos from 1968 and 1951; The Blind Builder of Nashville, E.C. Scruggss (1926); Lost Nashville, the Second Presbyterian Church (by Kathy Lauder); Architect Henry C. Hibbs (by Tracey Howerton); Nashborough, French Lick Station, and Bluff Station (by Paul Clements); and more.

September 2009

VOL. 1, No. 3 -- State Fairgrounds fire (1965); Nashville's first telephone call (1877); Edgefield named (1849); "State To Check Length of Bed Sheets" (1940); "Senator Kennedy Visits State Fair" (1960); 106-year-old ex-slave dies (1950); Nashville's Rebirth and 20th Century Modernization (by John Egerton); the 203-year-old grave of Charles Dickinson, who died in a duel with Andrew Jackson, is located; Claude Jarmen, Jr. and Eakin School (1946); Mother Lost at 1954 State Fair (by Tom Henderson); Fred Russell on the fairgrounds fire (1965); The Jackson-Dickinson Duel (by Paul Clements); Why is Nashville located where it is today? (by Mike Slate); and more.

August 2009

VOL. 1, No. 2 -- Child Falls Form 7th Floor Window of Hermitage Hotel (1927); enforcing prohibition laws in 1909 (by George Zepp); the 1852 street gunfight of Felix K. Zollicofer and John L. Marling (by Allen Forkum); "Parents Corner Supt. Bass At Glenn School As Negro, White Pupils Talk" (1957); Nashvillian battled Indians, floods, bears in Black Hills (1879); Nashville's Growth, Slavery and Devastation of War (by John Edgerton); "East High Holds Summer Carnival" (1936); the car vandalism of "Zorro" (1959); "Fighting on Gaudalcanal Described by Local Marine" (1943); Francis Baily's 1797 visit to Nashville (by Mike Slate); The Donelson Journal (by Paul Clements); Mrs. Gossett's Kindergarten (by Tom Henderson); "Cause of 'Gentleman Jim Reeves' Plane Crash Sought" (1964); 1925 aerial view of Capitol and downtown Nashville; and more.

July 2009

VOL. 1, No. 1 -- Premiere Issue; "Time Capsule Placed In Capitol Corner Stone by Freemasons" (1845); "Awe, Disbelief, Joy Mark City's Reaction to Moon Landing" (1969); "'Proud of It': First Colored Drug Store In City Opens" (1866); Report on 1801 Forth of July Celebration on Public Square, attended by James Robertson; The Cumberland Settlements And The Birth of Nashville (by John Edgerton); "July 4th Swimmin' at Cascade Plunge" (1957); "An Eerie Street, An Ancient Creek, An Old Log Home" (by Mike Slate); "Theatrical Adelphi Ended 107-Year Run as Bijou" (by George Zepp); Herbert's Field and Knothole baseball (by Tom Henderson); Fred Russell column (1947); State Capitol Celbrates 150 Years (by James A. Hoobler); Jack Knox cartoon about moon landing (1969); the entire front page of the Nashville Banner on July 21, 1969, featuring the moon landing; and more.